A New Year, A New “Leash” on Life

January 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

In years past, I used to make a habitual practice of writing resolutions for the upcoming new year. The list would almost always include items such as: keep fit; sleep and rise early; improve time management; and reduce procrastination. Little did I know that having a puppy was the answer towards achieving these personal goals.

Now that Maple has entered our lives, MM and I go out for thirty-minute walks twice a day with Maple. We are also more committed to sleeping in at 11:00pm so that we can rise early at 7:00am to walk Maple. Maple has also taught us to follow a structured regime, which has proven to be a bit taxing but I’m hoping it will get easier as time passes and Maple reaches adulthood. Finally, with Maple, there cannot be any procrastination—if we fail to take her out on a walk, there will be messy consequences later at home!

All in all, for the past seventeen days that Maple has been with us since we adopted her, we have seen tremendous progress in her training and behavioural well-being. We still have a ways to go in breaking some of her bad habits, and her adolescent rebellious streak doesn’t make this task very easy for us. Maple knows that she has a few issues to work out and so she has come up with her own list of new year’s resolutions.

Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf’s 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I will play gently with Momsy and Popsy without nipping at their fingers.
  2. I will head straight to my ‘outhouse’ when the urge comes while playing in Momsy and Popsy’s living room.
  3. I will resist the temptation to jump on sofas, chairs, and tables.
  4. I will remain calm while being groomed by Momsy and Popsy.
  5. I will learn to socialize with humans and my fellow canines so that I can make new friends.

Do come back regularly to visit Maple’s blog and see how many of her new year’s resolutions have been successfully implemented. Until then, Maple wishes her readers a very Happy New Year!

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§ 2 Responses to A New Year, A New “Leash” on Life

  • Doyo says:

    Maple is so lucky to have Momsy and Popsy help her with her resolutions! You two are like her “Dog Whisperers”. =)

    • Lol… Oh no, we’re far from being “Dog Whisperers”! Maple has only been with us for a little over a month, so we still have a long ways to go in training her to be a good canine citizen.

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