Blue Skies and Apple Pies

January 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have a suspicion that Maple believes she is human, as she absolutely loves socializing with people. When it comes to her fellow canine compadres, however, Maple is rather shy and would scurry into the arms of Momsy and Popsy. MM and I are attempting to show Maple that she belongs to a special group of domesticated Canidae by bringing her out to meet other four-legged family pets that she can associate with. As a starting point, we decided to explore ‘K9 Kulture’ located at Turf City in Bukit Timah.

The rustic setting of K9 Kulture provides a tranquil environment for dog owners and their furry friends to slip away from the urban jungle and play under the shady trees, cool down with a swim in the doggie pool, or share a snack at the dog-friendly cafe. Since it was a sunny day with blue skies, MM and I went with Maple to explore the off-leash dog run, which has agility equipment such as a bar jump, seesaw, A-frame, and weave poles. Maple was not at all interested in the agility equipment—she was busy sniffing the grass.

Alas, when MM and I inspected the spot that was pre-occupying Maple’s little nose, we finally understood her amusement. It was poop that had fossilized! After taking a few more steps in another direction, Maple’s nose detected yet another piece of fossilized poop. It was a bit un-nerving that those owners did not pick-up after their dogs; yet, more un-nerving still was that the management at K9 Kulture seemed to have allowed the poop to remain there for days on end. I wonder how often the dog run is maintained.

Not wanting to risk it any further, MM and I escaped the dog run and carried Maple out to the kennel where Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf got to meet some pretty big fellas. 

We ended our afternoon with dessert at K9 Kafe, where Maple had the chance to play with dogs her own size. Maple was timid at first, but she soon warmed up to Caesar (Yorkshire Terrier?) and Mocha (Toy Poodle). MM and I orderd an Apple Pie & Ice-cream from the human menu, while Mocha kindly treated Maple to one of his cupcakes. Thanks Mocha!

I quite like the ambience of K9 Kafe with its casual chic decor, and the service staff are considerate and mindful of closing the front door carefully so as to prevent any dogs from zipping right out off the cafe. The Apple Pie & Ice-cream (S$6.80) was very palatable—it had just the right amount of sweetness from the ice-cream and tartness from the apples. I will most certainly make another trip to K9 Kafe, and I am sure Maple is looking forward to a future visit as well.

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§ 2 Responses to Blue Skies and Apple Pies

  • Doyo says:

    I had no idea they had these sorts of canine-friendly cafes in Singapore!

    • Yes, the canine-friendly cafes are gaining popularity here in Singapore and they’re a great place to meet new friends. What I’ve seen so far, though, is that these cafes tend to cater to smaller dogs. Maybe you can smuggle Nasa on your next visit here, then he and Maple can chill out over a dish of doggielicious biscuits!

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