Going Bonkers for KONG

January 4, 2011 § Leave a comment


It amuses me how a simply-designed, rubber, cone-like object can provide Maple with hours of entertainment. The KONG Company, which manufactures these rubber chew toys, has been in business since 1976 according to its website. Most pet shops in Singapore are bound to stock a range of KONG toys on their shelves, as discerning consumers are more likely to choose the USA-made KONG toys over the China-made alternatives. What makes the KONG toy so popular?

The ingenuity behind the KONG toy is twofold. First, there is a compartment in which to stuff treats. Second, the durable rubber material is hard to resist for dogs that love to chew. Applying both strength and intellect, a dog will naturally try to remove the treats from inside the KONG toy. It took Maple a while to get the hang of it, but eventually she managed to figure it out and now loves tackling her KONG toy.

MM and I, however, made the initial mistake of buying Maple the wrong sized KONG toy for her breed—we bought the medium-sized ‘Classic KONG’, which proved to be too large and non-malleable for Maple’s petite frame. She became frustrated that she could not retrieve the treat from inside the KONG toy and soon lost interest in it altogether. The second time around, MM and I sought the advice of our friendly neighbourhood pet shop and the staff there recommended that we try out the small-sized ‘Senior KONG’. Low and behold, Maple instantly fell in love with it and it is currently Maple’s favourite toy. Perhaps one day, when Maple grows older, we can upgrade her back to the ‘Classic KONG’. As a helpful tip, Maple’s readers may wish to refer to this handy size chart before purchasing a KONG toy for their furkids.

Given the popularity of the KONG toy, it doesn’t surprise me that the KONG Company has branched out by producing an assortment of their own branded treats for stuffing into the KONG toy. After checking out the ingredients listing, however, I prefer not to use the ‘KONG Stuff’N Treats‘. The ‘KONG Ziggies‘, for example, are made predominantly of crude protein followed by crude fat.

I would rather be more selective and choose a healthier and more natural treat for Maple. In any case, MM and I don’t even have to stuff any goodies into Maple’s KONG toy—Maple will happily play with it either way. That’s how much she loves her KONG!

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