It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

January 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

The early mornings are dewy and cool during this time of the year, thanks to the monsoon season which will likely continue until February. Since I have a strong dislike for humidity (and I think Maple, too, appreciates cooler weather), our aim has been to head out of the house by 7:30am before the sun has a chance to sear the pavements and create a heat island effect all over Singapore.

Maple looks forward to the morning walks and knows to expect it when we hold out her harness and leash. Fitting Maple into her harness, however, is a test of true patience. I don’t quite understand why Maple has to put up such a fight everytime MM and I help her into her harness—she will protest by squirming around, nipping our fingers, and tugging at the leash. I estimate this pre-walk ritual to take approximately three minutes to complete! Once leashed up, however, Maple will enthusiastically obey the ‘Sit’ command before being led out the door. 

MM and I live in a neighbourhood with many dog owners, some of whom we see walking their pooches at about the same time everyday. These ‘regulars’ include a Husky, Boxer, Bichon Frise, Jack Russell Terrier, and a few Basset Hounds. Maple is still shy towards other dogs and would sit demurely as they pass on by. Over time, we hope Maple will gather enough courage to say ‘Hello’.

MM and I take the opportunity during these walks to apply the ‘Heel’ command on Maple. Maple will ‘Heel’ almost perfectly along the routes that she is familiar with but, when approaching new territory, she will stop every metre to sniff the ground. Maple can become so relentless in her sniffing that she would dismiss our commands—it’s as if though she is lost in her own little world. MM and I  try to discourage Maple from halting by maintaining a comfortable pace, yet every so often we will feel tension and a jerk on the leash when she suddenly stops in her tracks after finding an enticing spot to sniff. *sigh* Puppies will be puppies.



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§ 2 Responses to It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

  • Karen Easton says:

    Hello. I am so pleased you adopted Maple and she is fitting into your life so well; she is a beautiful little puppy. Your blog is great. All Westie’s are doing really well and most will go to their new homes this weekend. A couple of them are here till mid January when the new owners come back from holidays. Yes Queensland is covered in water, it is pretty bad, thank heavens we live 12 hours away from it all. Here in the Blue Mountains we are very high up and there is no threat of flood, but we do have to take care not to experience bush fires. Singapore is a lovey place, I have passed through your country several times and stayed overnight. I really loved it and enjoyed the hotel Raffles. It was really great to hear from you and I wish you and your family and fantastic New Year. Karen Westkarven Breeder of Westhighland Terriers

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