Rain Drops Go Pitter Patter

January 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is something about a rainy afternoon that puts me in a relaxed mood—perhaps it’s the hypnotic sound of rain drops pittering and pattering on the rooftop that lulls me into a calm state-of-mind. Maple seems to enjoy the same pleasure I get out of cozying-up in the apartment while watching the rain cast a misty glow outside. Maple’s favourite spot to unwind is on our shaggy rug in the living room, which looks out into the balcony and garden below. As for me, well, I prefer to lounge on the sofa, and Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf is slowly learning not to jump on the sofa unless we invite her to join us there (yes, some progress is being made on Maple’s New Year’s Resolution #3).

As Maple gazes out into the garden and twitches her nose at every slight breeze of fresh air that fills our living room, I wonder to myself: ‘What is going through her puppy mind—she seems so contemplative’.

I am by no means an expert of animal psychology, but I do hope to gain an understanding of the workings of a dog’s mind so that I can better interpret Maple’s body language and, thereafter, also better communicate with her. While browsing Amazon for books on this subject, I came across an interesting title: Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz. I am eager to grab a copy of this book from the local library and will review it as soon as I have it read, so do watch out for it in a future post!  

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