Flying on a Jet Plane

January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

MM and I had to make a short trip into Malaysia for a couple of days (hence, the recent irregularity of postings on Maple’s blog). Prior to the trip, I researched a few options of places where Maple could board for two days and one night. Some of the options included dog kennels, dog hotels, and home sitting. 

My initial preference was to go with home sitting, that is, to leave our apartment keys with a trusted friend or family member who could drop by to feed, walk, and play with Maple twice a day. Realistically speaking, however, there are few people we know who are comfortable with dogs much less have the time to check on Maple. As for dog kennels, well, I hesitated at the thought of leaving Maple in an environment over-populated with dogs and where undesirable incidents may go unnoticed.

In the end, boarding Maple at a home-run dog hotel was my last and only option. I was a bit skeptical at first; however, after looking further into it, I soon became convinced by the reputability of one particular doggie daycare/hotel establishment. I stumbled upon a review for ‘Super Cuddles’ in an online pet forum and decided to check out the website. The owner, Rosalind, keeps a blog of her doggie clients and fills the site with commentary and videos. I felt a sense of comfort and reassurance after reviewing her blog and, thereafter, called Rosalind for an appointment.

When we first brought Maple over to Rosalind’s home for an orientation, Maple had neither been in the company  nor been the centre of attention of so many dogs (at least 10, if I can recall). There was some nervousness as Maple scampered away from the inquisitive noses of potential new friends—it is a really good thing, though, that Rosalind does not take in aggressive Alpha dogs. After our visit to Super Cuddles, MM and I felt we found the right person and the right place for Maple during our time away from her.

Upon our return to Singapore, we picked Maple up from Super Cuddles. I was anxious to be reunited with Maple, but even more anxious about the feedback I would receive about Maple’s conduct during our absence, as I didn’t know how Maple coped with being away from home. I think if Super Cuddles were to issue Maple a report card, she would have been given a grade of B-. Maple was a mischievous furball—she didn’t use her litter box, she didn’t finish her meals, she chewed up newspaper and slippers, and she went on a nipping spree. *sigh* How embarrassing! On the plus side, Maple socialized well with the other dogs and hopefully has made some new buddies (this is definite improvement on Maple’s New Year’s Resolution #5).

Now that Maple is back home with us, MM and I have noticed how much calmer she is around the apartment. I think the two days of dog-play at Super Cuddles did Maple a huge amount of good. Maple has been sleeping like a log (or dog?) all day today. Moreover, MM and I have managed to train Maple not to nip by applying Rosalind’s advice, which is to tap Maple’s cheek the moment she nips. This technique is sort of working on Maple and I am sure, with repeated training, Maple will learn. Now, if only we can train our slow eater, Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf, to finish her meals!

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