O Romeo, Romeo, Where For Art Thou?

January 18, 2011 § 10 Comments

This past weekend, Maple had a blind date with two very handsome eligible bachelors named Brownie (left) and Cabbage (right). Brownie’s mom kindly organized the meet-up and Cabbage’s parents also turned up for the fun. We were all meeting one another for the first time and I think everybody enjoyed exchanging ‘parenting’ tips and stories.

The venue of choice was Doggie Style Cafe, situated on Level 4R (accessible via the designated ‘Pet Lift’) of the newly constructed NEX shopping mall in Serangoon. As it was a Sunday afternoon, the cafe was bustling with people and their canines. Fortunately, our group managed to find enough seats and spent a good hour or so chatting and gushing over one another’s furkids within the airy and brightly-lit cafe. I found the eclectic mix of furnishings very charming and the publicly available doggie litter box (to be used for emergencies) amusing. There is also an enclosed grooming salon within the cafe; several owners could be seen enjoying their meals while their pooches got trimmed.

Doggie Style Cafe offers quite an extensive human menu, but a surprisingly limited mutts menu. MM and I tried out the Rootbeer Float (S$5.50) and ordered the Doggie Siew Mai (S$5.90 for 5 pcs) to share with Brownie and Cabbage. The Rootbeer Float was a big miss—I don’t think we would order that again on our next visit. The Doggie Siew Mai was served piping hot, so it is advisable to let it cool down before feeding it to your dogs. Maple gobbled every last bit of the Siew Mai! [Note: Poor Maple had diarrhea the morning after and pieces of undigested Siew Mai passed through. We certainly won’t be trying the Siew Mai again either. I hope Brownie and Cabbage had a better experience with their treats.]

As for the level of customer service at Doggie Style Cafe, I felt there could be improvement given the lack of attention paid towards pee and poo accidents on the floor as well as runaway dogs that escaped from the grooming salon and almost made a break for freedom. In this case, however, I’ll give the staff some benefit of the doubt, granted that it was a busy Sunday afternoon.

After the snack we all decided to let our poodles burn off some calories at the doggie agility playground, which is conveniently located just steps away from the cafe. Maple, Brownie, and Cabbage had a wild time testing out the various equipment and making a spectacle of themselves in front of curious bystanders. [Note: There will be a separate post in which I will review this doggie agility playground, so do look out for it.]

During the car ride home, Maple slept like a newborn pup—she was probably dreaming of her two ‘Romeos’!

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§ 10 Responses to O Romeo, Romeo, Where For Art Thou?

  • Lynn says:

    Hi there Maple’s momsy! I’m Cabbage’s mum here. Thanks for uploading the beautiful photos! Will be keep tracking for the next post 🙂

  • swoolard says:

    This was delightful to read…So cute!

  • Ivy says:

    Hi! I am Ivy from Doggiestyle Cafe 🙂 glad to know that you liked our decor 🙂 We always love to hear feedback from our customers and hope you can contact us ivy@doggiestylecafe.com.

    We apologize for the pees and poos as we were only three weeks old then and the weekend crowd kept us really busy. We always try to help our customers keep the place clean by mopping up after the dogs. 🙂 Very often pet cafes leave it to the owners but we try our best not to, though most customers do not mind cleaning after their dogs 🙂

    We have introduced some new dog dishes and very soon more human dishes as well 🙂 in the first month of operation, the dog food menu was more limited as we were very new, so we had to take baby paw steps 🙂

    Do give me a call if you visit again :)) 81133561. Will be most glad to introduce to you some of our new items and chat over coffee 😉

    Doggiestyle Cafe

    • Hello Ivy!

      Thank you so much for visiting Happy.Bark.Days and reading our write-up about Doggiestyle Cafe. It’s really gracious of you to address our concerns and I’m sure readers of Happy.Bark.Days would appreciate learning about the steps Doggiestyle Cafe has taken to make improvements in areas of service and menu selection. We can understand the growing pains of setting up a new establishment from scratch, and it’s nice to hear that Doggiestyle Cafe has taken off since it’s opening—it must be a pretty popular hangout for social groups and weekend warriors!

      We certainly hope to make another visit soon. Many thanks for the invite to join you for a chat over coffee and to check out some of your new menu items. Miss Maple is never one to pass up on good food! We’ll be sure to look out for you the next time we’re there 😀


      • Ivy says:

        Hi hi i thought i would get email notification if u replied :p

        Yes sure hope to see u soon! Please give me a call so that i can make sure i will be there ^_^

        • Thank you, Ivy! Sorry you didn’t receive my earlier reply to your post. I think it’s the WordPress platform I’m using… it doesn’t automatically notify commenters of subsequent posts. In any case, it is most gracious of you to invite me for a chat at DoggiStyle Cafe. Will most definitely call you before our next visit!


  • jolee says:


    I am thinking of getting a miniature poodle. Do you, by any chance, know of any reliable home breeders? 🙂

    I have been searching the net for a miniature poodle but most breeders are selling toy poodles currently :/

    Thanks for you time!

  • Fluffy Tufts says:

    That is brilliant! I wish they had places like that here in Dublin, but unfortunately Ireland is not very dog friendly. We are lucky if we can find places where we are allowed to let them off the lead.

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