I Spy With My Little Eye

January 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

Maple has developed a curiosity for certain items around the apartment. She would gaze so intensively at these items as if, by staring long enough at them with the power of her round brown eyes, they would magically disappear. If we were to capture these items on camera, this is what we would see through the eyes of Maple.

The ties of the cushion, which are secured to the crate, make for an enticing chew toy. Grabbing the ends of the ties with her incisors, Maple would gnaw and tug at them. The knot is especially puzzling and complex, and Maple would try desperately to un-tie it. I think, at times like this, Maple wishes she were equipped with the dexterity of human fingers.

The door stopper, on the other hand, is a much simpler item to tackle. However, as Maple has plenty of other toys to play with, MM and I aren’t about to spoil her with yet another one! She knows not to lay a paw on the door stopper and, on her good days, would let it be. On other days, when she chooses to act like a rebel, Maple would pounce on the door stopper and run away with it for dear life.

There is a plant growing on the parapet wall along our balcony. This plant has miraculously found itself a niche in which to germinate without soil. When Maple looks out into the balcony, she is probably wondering how this plant came to be—how odd that it would survive even in the most unusual of environments. I suppose the plant could be a metaphor for Maple’s life and how she has curiously found her way into the unorthodox lives of two roaming nomads.

The view of our shaggy rug from under the coffee table is a mundane sight, but for Maple it represents a world of sniffing opportunities. I’m not sure what sorts of pleasant (or unpleasant) scents have embedded themselves into the weaves of this rug over the past few years—perhaps it is best not knowing. Nevertheless, until the time comes for a replacement rug, Maple will continue to have her eyes (and nose) glued to this one.

Last but not least, the kitchen drawer that contains all of Maple’s food and goodies is in plain sight every time she walks by the kitchen. It’s no wonder she will stop and glare in the direction of this drawer whenever MM and I are preparing a meal. Maple literally salivates at the sight of the drawer being opened—the whiff of her kibbles and treats is just too much to bear, even for someone with such a tiny tummy.

Well, this was certainly an interesting experiment. Now, if only we can mount a little webcam on the top of Maple’s head. That way, we can get a realistic Toy Poodle’s eye view of the world… I can already imagine the havoc Maple would get herself into!

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