I Woof You

February 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

MM and I think Maple is too young to be dating, let alone having crushes on perfect strangers. Nevertheless, we suspect Maple has, indeed, developed an ‘interest’ for one of the Golden Retrievers living in our neighbourhood. Maple is often hesistant when approached by a big dog and will usually avoid any encounters if possible.

But, with this particular Golden Retriever (aka ‘Mr. Handsome Dude’), Maple greets him like an old chum. We have not formally introduced ourselves to Mr. Handsome Dude and his owner, as Mr. Handsome Dude is often out with his walker. Maybe one day, Maple will build enough courage to say ‘Hello’. Until then, Maple can only fantasize of Mr. Handsome Dude and dream of little Goldendoodles!

This Valentine’s Day, shower your Fido with love. Here are a few ways you can express to your Fido just how much you woof them:

1.) Give Fido a belly rub. Discover their ‘pleasure’ zones.

2.) Treat Fido to a relaxing at-home massage.

3.) Whisper words of adoration into Fido’s ears.

4.) Go on a romantic walk in the park with Fido.

5.) Invite Fido to a candle-lit homemade dinner.

6.) Send Fido a Valentine’s Day e-greeting.

7.) Surprise Fido with a delectable treat.

8.) Cuddle up with Fido and watch a romantic comedy.

9.) Set-up Mr Fido on a blind playdate with Miss Fido. 

10.) Give Fido a big kiss (make it a sloppy one, if you so desire)!

However you spend Valentine’s Day with Fido, just remember that Fido’s loyalty and affection for you is 24/7 and spans 365 days of the year. Take a little time out and re-kindle the spark that made you fall madly in love with Fido. Happy Valentine’s Day!  

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