Bon Appétit

February 18, 2011 § 13 Comments

Maple has a ferocious appetite so when she began losing interest in her kibbles, MM and I thought “Oh no… we have a fussy lil’ eater on our hands!” I have read and been told how poodles, in general, can be very picky eaters. And, now, we might have just found one in Maple. We weren’t about to switch Maple to another brand of kibbles—in case that might exacerbate the problem—so we tried different means of making breakfast and dinner more fun and engaging. We would play games with the kibbles: sprinkling them about on the floor, stuffing them in a KONG toy, hiding them for Maple to find, etc. Nothing seemed to work.

MM and I were really puzzled with Maple’s odd attitude towards her kibbles. It wasn’t until I found some advice from two pet forums that the discovery was made! The advice given was actually intended for young puppies, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Here’s how it goes: (1) pound the kibbles into pieces, (2) rehydrate the kibbles in hot water, (3) allow the mixture to cool before feeding. Sounds simple enough. Low and behold, Maple gobbled every last morsel in her food bowl!

We have been rehydrating Maple’s kibbles for the past two weeks, and have had only the sheer pleasure of watching her finish all her meals. Preparing Maple’s kibbles this way takes a bit more time; however, now that we can forego using a mallet on the kibbles, the whole process doesn’t require much effort at all. 

We begin by scooping 40g of kibbles (2/3 Orijen Puppy Formula + 1/3 Canine Caviar Adult Formula) into Maple’s food bowl. [Note: I’ll be reviewing both Orijen and Canine Caviar in a future post, so do look out for it!] Boil a kettle of water and, once ready, pour just enough water to cover the kibbles. A little warning here: your kitchen may smell of wet dog food for a while—it takes a bit of getting used to. I give the kibbles approximately ten minutes to rehydrate and cool down.

At long last, the kibbles are served and Maple is one happy pup!

Looking at Maple’s delicate little teeth, I can only hypothesize that dry kibbles (Orijen in particular) may just be too hard for her. Wet kibbles, on the other hand, are softer and easier to chomp on. I have also noticed that Maple burps far less often, now that she’s on wet kibbles. Dry kibbles, I have read, will expand once in contact with the moist environment of a small dog’s tummy, and this could lead to indigestion and belching. All in all, Maple seems so much happier now that the mystery has been solved. *sigh* It’s a relief to see Maple enjoying her food again!


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  • S says:

    Suri has the same issue! We will need to coax her into eating her kibble. She usually does only a few mouthfuls and walk away.
    We will have to:
    – hand-feed her
    – make her do tricks and she will eat them as rewards.
    – do the Hansel and Gretel trail with the kibble to her bowl
    – mix fruit cubes in on fruit days
    – pretend to be snatching food from her and she will come running(sometimes) to grab her share

    I’m so tempted to rehydrate the kibble but from what I heard our fur kids need to have their kibble hard, it’s supposed to be good for their teeth? I’m no expert though!

    • Hi S! Lol, ah yes, MM and I have been down that same road! As for the dental benefits of dry kibbles, I did some preliminary reading prior to making the switch and was influenced by a recent article written by Dr Jean Hofve (Feline Veterinarian). Here’s the link:

      Although the article is specifically targeting cats, there are useful references that apply to dogs as well. It seems that dry kibbles (or any other diet, hard or soft, for that matter), by itself, will not promote healthy teeth and gums. I suppose routine teeth-brushing at home and regular vet check-ups are part of the holistic care. Whether you decide to stay with dry kibbles or try rehydrating them, I hope you find a solution that Suri will be happy with. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

      • Sandy Lim says:

        thanks for the article, it’s really helpful!
        Will be rehydrating the kibble if the situation gets worse, at least she’s eating now!

  • baub&coff says:

    hello there! very nice blog you have & i really love that spoon in the bowl! can you share where you got that from? :p

    • Hi, Baub&Coff! Welcome and thanks for visiting Happy.Bark.Days! Ah, yes, the spoon was a lucky find. It’s actually a feeding spoon for (human) babies and I found it while browsing the kitchen section of Daiso. Hope there’s one near you. On a side note, I enjoyed reading your “familyofpaws” blog—what a great title!

  • TOto's mommy says:

    Hi Maple’s mommy,

    If you soften the kibbles, I think you have to brush the teeth more often to prevent plague or food stuck btw teeth.

    There was a period of time, TOto is so choosy, we got fedup. We brought him OUT the whole day without food, and by the time we are home, he was so hungry, he gobbled everything down. SO CRUEL, hahaha ~

    And the other things we tried are adding; greek yoghurt and flaxseed.


    • Hi TOto’s mommy! Oh, we’ve tried removing Maple’s food after 15 minutes of her not touching it and fed her only at her next meal time but, even so, she would only take a few bites and that would be it. Maple can be really hardheaded at times… We will definitely keep an eye on her teeth 🙂 I’ve heard good things about supplementing a dog’s diet with yogurt and hope to try it out—thanks for the reminder!

  • Muffin_mint says:

    Oh, Muffin has the same problem previously. Until my friend taught me a homemade meal for Fido. Add finely chopped chicken, carrot, sweet potato to brown rice and boil. I’ll pour the soften food with the ‘gravy’ over Muffin’s Orijen and wait for it to cool. Muffin will wag his tail non-stop each time he sees me preparing his food. And he will finish everything except the last kibble. =)

    • Hi Muffin’s momsy. Hey, that’s a great tip! Muffin is a lucky boy to have a lovingly-prepared homemade meal together with his staple food of Orijen. It’s no wonder he looks forward to meal times everyday. Thumbs up!

  • FatLarrySlim says:

    Hi Maple mum…
    My Mocha is having this problem too. At times, he would finish his kibbles till the last peck of seameal. But some other time he went over to have a sniff and walked away… maybe it time to change his orijen to something else…
    Nevertheless the soaking with hot water is effective, initially. I got a tough nut to crack here…

    • Hi FatLarrySlim! Actually, I owe you a BIG thank you because you were one of the folks who wrote about soaking the kibbles in hot water. After reading about it, I just had to try it out. And it worked! But, you’ve got a point there, I think it may be too early to tell if Maple will continue with this feeding regiment. I guess all of us toy poodle owners are in this same predicament together *sigh*

      • FatLarrySlim says:

        *cross finger*
        I’m actually waiting for your reviews on the different brand of kibbles maple is on… maybe should try acana…
        Anyway anyone going to sentosa wave house this Sunday??? I’m bringing Mocha over. (Pardon me for being off topic)

        • Oh, good timing! I just purchased Acana and will be slowly introducing it into Maple’s food bowl this week. Look out for the review shortly 🙂 Yes, we’re excited about the Pooch Party at Sentosa this Sunday! It’ll be a first for Maple (and us). You’ll also get to see Maple’s new hairdo before the pictures get published via this blog on Monday. It’s a real shocker, I tell you…

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