Sun, Sand & Sea

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

The sun could not have been shining more brilliantly and the sea breeze could not have been more balmy for the dog event of the year—Pooch Party 2011! While bikini babes and surfer hunks strolled through the event venue like a scene out of Baywatch, only Miss Little Red Maple Leaf could proudly take home the trophy for being the most scantily clad beauty on the beach.

Pooch Party 2011 was held at Wave House—Sentosa’s newest attraction along Siloso Beach. The main feature of Wave House is the flowboarding ride, which takes surfers on a simulated boarding experience with perfectly generated curls and waves. I have terrible sea legs so trying to balance on an itty bitty board while negotiating the ‘waves’ was out of the question—it would be much safer for me to sit back on a lounge chair with a glass of Long Island Tea and watch as others wipeout!

Speaking of wipeout, we arrived at about 1:00pm and decided to have lunch at the Beach Bar—an outdoor kitchen/bar with a rustic tropical decor that looks like it came out of a Gilligan’s Island stage set. We ordered the ‘Wipeout’ Pizza (S$17.80) which is a thin-crust oven pizza with toppings that include pepperoni, ham, bratwurst, and an assortment of veggies. MM and I had mixed reviews: MM didn’t think very highly of the ‘Wipeout’ Pizza, while I found it to be quite tasty (then again, I was feeling ravenous so even an olive on a toothpick would have sent my taste buds into overdrive). 

After lunch, we mingled around and spotted a number of tail-wagging pooches soaking up the atmosphere. There were Jack Russell Terriers digging up sand, Golden Retrievers plunging in the pool, and Chihuahuas relaxing under the palm trees. It was definitely a day out for the dogs!  

Maple also ran into her good buddy, Mocha, whom we met at K9 Kafe some few months ago. Mocha has grown into a really fine looking fella! Hmm, it won’t be easy getting Mocha out of Maple’s mind now…

The event was to conclude with Singapore’s ‘Longest Buffet Line for Dogs’.  We would have loved to join the food fest, but MM and I decided to leave early because Maple was clearly showing signs of fatigue (as were we). I guess there is such a thing as having too much sun, sand, and sea. Looks like it has to be the urban jungle for this little city slicker!

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