Wednesday Woofs {No. 01}

March 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

These days, it seems that everyone has a personal weblog—a place in which to rant, rave, and review everything under the sun. Who can you find inhabiting the blogosphere? Well, there are angst-ridden teenagers huffing and puffing about the unfairness of life; caffeine-addicted college students philosophizing about worldly affairs; fledgling writers waiting for their big break; globe-trotting foodies eating their way around the world; and the list goes on.  
Even more amusing, however, is that pets are now bloggers, too! Yes—dogs, cats, birds, and hamsters have found their voices in cyberspace. When I first began blogging about The Adventures of Miss Little Red Maple Leaf, I thought I would be treading in deep waters. After all, who blogs about their dogs? 
Apparently, many do! There is a vast community of dog bloggers and it is my pleasure to introduce you to three weblogs that have caught my eye. The first (alphabetically) in this series is Coff&Baub Co.

Coff&Baub Co

Coffee’s Bio-Data

Nicknames: Kopi, Kopi O, Koh Hee, pweety girl, fatty bom bom

DOB: 28 Oct 2007

Breed: Toy Schnoodle (Mum is a Black & Silver Mini Schnauzer, Father is a Red Toy Poodle)

Favourite Food: Raw Meats

Favourite Toy: Soft Toy Ball & Rat

Favourite Activity: Loves to play chase and hide & seek

Hidden Talents: None. Haha.


Baubles’ Bio-Data

Nicknames: Babu..Babu Singh

DOB: 25 Dec 2007

Breed: Mini Schnauzer

Favourite Food: Raw Meats

Favourite Toy: None

Favourite Activity: Sleeping

Hidden Talents: None


You have taken such great strides to provide Coff & Baub with nutritious wholesome meals, which you detail in your blog. What exactly is a BARF diet and why did you decide to go this route?

BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods or it can also mean Bones And Raw Foods. Basically, all the meats, organs and bones are fed fresh and raw to the dogs. Vegetables, fruits & supplements are also included in the diet.

I can’t really recall what made me switch their diets to BARF. As a new and first time dog owner, I was always keen to learn more about dog care so I signed up at forums and there were others who talked about BARF diet. I took interest in that and went on to find out more. After learning all the pros and cons, I decided to do the switch. To me, it makes sense to feed our dogs BARF because no animal on planet earth cooks their food, except for us humans. You don’t see animals in the zoo being fed kibbles or any form of commercial pet food either. And I was all the more convinced to continue with the BARF diet on them as I have observed vast improvements in their overall health. Furthermore, from the readings that I’ve done, including the book “Food Pets Die For”, the ingredients that go into making commercial pet food are questionable. That being said, no owner should dive into making the switch to a BARF diet without finding out more first.

Is it easy to accomplish a BARF diet for dogs in Singapore? Any difficulties sourcing for quality ingredients?

Well, yes and no to this question. Yes because quality ingredients aka organic meats are scarce and they are expensive. There are owners who feed raw meats bought from the supermarkets or wet markets. Personally, I would prefer not to as the meats of these animals are often injected/treated with hormones and antibiotics. Also, the weather in Singapore (the humdity level) creates ideal condition for bacteria growth. As such, we need to exercise caution when it comes to sourcing of meats from reliable suppliers and the preparation/handling of raw meats. But then again, dogs’ stomachs are designed in such a way they can handle bacteria very well 🙂

And as for the no, well, if one really loves your dog, nothing should prove too difficult. It’s all about the effort.

You occasionally help dogs in need of loving forever homes by screening potential adopters. How did you become involved in such a worthy cause? 

Again, it started off from the forums. From there, I came to know of these privately run shelters & I signed up as a volunteer with one of them. However, due to personal reasons, I’ve stopped volunteering. I guess word got around that I used to volunteer at a shelter which led to occasional requests from friends to help find new homes for dogs.

Which Disneyland theme ride would you say best describes the personalities of Coff & Baub?
a. It’s a Small World – A gentle, slow-moving, and child-friendly ride with no hidden surprises.
b. Mad Tea Party – A ride that spins and spins and spins. But, it’s so much fun, you can never get enough of it.
c. Splash Mountain – A calm ride on still water that ends in an unsuspecting and thrilling drop at the end.
d. Space Moutain – A roller coaster ride in complete darkness with each twist and turn being as unpredictable as the next one.

Coffee (a) & Baubles (c)

If a genie in a bottle could grant one wish each to Coff & Baub, what would they wish for? 

I would think they will wish for more food and me spending more time with them.

Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule so that we can get to know Coff & Baub a little better. Our four-legged canine friends bring a lot joy to our lives—how has Coff & Baub enriched to your life?
They have enriched my life in more ways than one. I would say they are indispensable – without them, my life will be meaningless. I used to be really pessimistic and had nothing much to look forward to. But since they came into my life, they pretty much changed everything. I became more of a happy go lucky person. Through their actions and behaviour, I learnt to look at things from a more positive angle and not to let unhappy incidents affect me for too long. They are also my pillar of strength – a bad day for me at work can very well be ended within seconds of just seeing them – they are the best form of therapy for me. And through them, I also picked up additional knowledge in natural dog nutrition which I can, in turn, share with fellow dog owners through my blog.
Learn more about Coff&Baub Co! Click here. 

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