Easy Breezy Walk in the Park

March 4, 2011 § 6 Comments

I have always been a big fan of West Coast Park, partly because of the family-friendly atmosphere and partly because it’s relatively close to home. Our first park outing with Maple was to the West Coast Park Dog Run, which is a separate segment altogether and accessible via a different carpark entrance. This time around, we took Maple on an easy stroll through the main park area itself.

What I like about West Coast Park is that it offers a multitude of new experiences for Maple, thereby awakening her senses and giving her the oppotunity to learn about the world around her. I think a park also serves as a safe and relaxing training ground for dogs learning to socialize with humans and practicing to walk on a lead. Both MM and I know that Maple can really use some more practice with the ‘Heel’ command!

As we meandered leisurely through the shaded footpaths, we came across families camping out in tents; kids taking roller-blading lessons; adults riding bicycles; couples peddling on go-karts; athletes running; and outdoor enthusiasts flying their kites! It was such a warm and wonderful afternoon—everyone seemed to be in good spirits.

Wish we could have stayed a little longer to explore more of the park but our tummies were rumbling, signalling that it was time to head home for dinner. If Maple could have it her way, though, I think she would much rather order takeout from McDonalds, pitch a tent, and sleep under the stars at West Coast Park!  


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§ 6 Responses to Easy Breezy Walk in the Park

  • SandySays1 says:

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a dedicated dog park that’s within practical driving distance (a distance that shrinks as gas prices go up) but I love the idea of socializing with my canine breathren. I’m envious.

    • Hi Miss Sandy! Good day to you.

      Here, on our tiny urbanized island of Singapore, any amount of green open space is a luxury 🙂 You are so lucky to have plenty of nature trails, fine beaches, and blue waterways to wander and explore. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could muck around in one another’s shoes for a day?

      ~ Miss Little Red Maple Leaf

      • SandySays1 says:

        My human used to get Singapore frequently in the ’80s. He stayed on Orchard, visited Raffles and Tiger Balm Gardens and loved your country and its people.

        • Oh, wow! Geezer Gator isn’t a stranger to Singapore. Well, if Geezer Gator and Mrs Gator ever get a chance to visit this tiny island in the near future, tell them to look out for my Momsy and Popsy… and I’ll be the one holding the welcome sign!

          ~ Miss Little Red Maple Leaf

  • What a beautiful park! MLRML looks stunning with her hair cut…It makes her curly ears just POP!

    • Maple was initially very shy about her ‘exposed’ look, but now she enjoys flaunting it! Go figure… You’re right—I’ve never noticed before—Maple’s ears now seem to POP, as you say.. Lol!

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