Magic Elixir

March 7, 2011 § 10 Comments

We’ve all been told before that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But, did you know that apple cider vinegar (ACV) is just as potent a remedy for all sorts of common ailments such as heartburn, indigestion, constipation, skin irritations, and sunburns. One year ago, my mom clued me in about the ACV craze—apparently she, herself, had gotten swept into the rage and was taking this natural tonic almost daily. A few weeks after our telephone conversation, I received a bottle of ACV in the post. It had arrived all the way from Canada. Thanks, Mom! 

Although I have been rather forgetful in remembering to fill a glass of water with ACV for myself every day, I do make sure that Maple has her fair share of this magic elixir. After reading about the health benefits of ACV for dogs, I began incorporating ACV into Maple’s drinking water on alternate days. I had to introduce the very pungent ACV drop by drop into Maple’s water bowl so that she could get used to the scent and taste. Maple’s first lick of this magic elixir was a moment to remember—her expression, priceless!

Once Maple acquired the taste for ACV, I was able to increase the measurement to one teaspoon. Initially, I tried adding one teaspoon of ACV to Maple’s kibbles as that was the only way to ensure she would finish the entire dosage. Unfortunately, Maple’s tummy did not like this combination and she vomitted a few times. I then learnt it is best not to feed ACV to a dog who has an empty stomach, and so I now give Maple one teaspoon of ACV in ½ a cup of water following her meal (either after breakfast or after dinner).

[Note: When browsing the supermarket shelves for ACV, look out for these key words: *organic * raw * unfiltered/unpasteurized * with the ‘mother’ *  In Singapore, you’ll be able to find Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar at any Fairprice Finest store.]

Maple has been lapping up ACV-flavoured water for about one month now and, so far, there appears to be some noticeable benefits:

1. Despite the fact that Maple had most of her hair shaved off her body, her new coat looks glossier and the texture feels softer. It may be too early to confirm the wonders of ACV in this respect, as I read that poodles entering adulthood will shed their puppy hair and grow a coarse wiry coat. Perhaps Maple is still young so we’ll just have to wait and see. 

 2. Maple used to tear quite badly, thus resulting in problematic tear stains. Maple still continues to tear, but I think ACV has helped to minimize the severity of the staining which makes it a bit more manageable whenever MM and I have to clean out the gunk from the inside corners of Maple’s eyes.

3. We have been been very fortunate that Maple has not picked up any fleas and/or ticks during our outings to the park (touch wood)! Although Maple is protected with the conventional spot-on flea/tick treatment (of which we apply minimally), I would like to think that ACV has played a role as a natural defense against these hardy critters.

All in all, I have been pleasantly surprised with the results of introducing ACV into Maple’s diet. But, I think it’s still too soon to be singing praises for this magic elixir—after all, we’ve only be trying it out for a little over a month. In the meantime, I ought to be having a go at ACV… excuse me while I make myself a cup! 

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§ 10 Responses to Magic Elixir

  • BravePug says:

    Hello SJ, I have not been able to read your blog for the past few days. Are you having issues with hosting services? BravePug.

    • Hi BravePug, thanks for following us here at Happy.Bark.Days! Sorry you have not been able to view our website. I believe it is up and running again, but if you are still encountering any problems please feel free to notify me via Maple’s facebook page. Thanks for your patience and understanding 🙂

  • Muffin_mint says:

    Hi Maple Momsy,

    I read somewhere that our four-legged friends hates the smell of vinegar. That’s why some natural form of anti-chew formula contains some vinegar if not bitter lemon. I personally experienced it a few times when I was making Japanese food and the smell of rice vinegar drove Muffin out of the kitchen automatically. So maybe that’s the reason why Maple showed some resistance at ACV.

    But still, if it’s a good thing for them, we will still try all sorts of way to feed them, right? =)

    • Hello Muffin’s Momsy! Oh, I’m so envious of your culinary skills in making Japanese food. I would love to try my hand at homemade sushi!

      Yes, Maple was initially curious about the smell of ACV but she has never avoided it and now she seems to eagerly lap it up. Other types of vinegars (e.g. white, rice, red, black), on the other hand, may have a different effect and I’m not sure that it would be advisable to feed it to dogs. For ACV, one should never take it on its own but rather dilute a small amount in water or food—this also applies to our four-legged friends. I feel it’s also beneficial for Maple to enjoy fresh plain water, which is why we only serve ACV as a supplement per one refill of her water bowl on alternate days.

      Moderation is the keyword, here, I think 🙂

      • Muffin_mint says:

        Oh Maple’s Momsy, homemade sushi is not very hard to make. Of course I’m not talking about the ‘professional’ kind. If you are interested, I can always share with you the recipe, though I am still improving myself.

        It’s good that Maple is willing to try out ACV. Like you said, it’s good for them as a supplement. And I can’t agree more with you that moderation is definitely the keyword. =)

        • I’m afraid it’s been sooooo long since I last made my own roll of sushi—I think I’ve lost the knack for it… But, you’ve given me inspiration so maybe I ought to give it a try again. Thank you!

  • TOto's Mommy says:

    Maple is on ACV too! TOto is fed since the day he comes home so we don’t know how affective it really is! But we really would like to know whether ACV really helps to repel flea and ticks! We heard the condition of fleas and ticks in Singapore is really bad. If this helps, it would be so much easier for TOto when he goes back!

    • Thanks for sharing TOto’s experience with ACV! May I ask what ACV:water ratio you use? I haven’t been able to find a definitive measurement so, for Maple, I dilute 1 teaspoon of ACV in 1/2 a cup of water. I’m wondering if I should dilute it even more. As for fleas and ticks, well, I can’t say that we’re 100% confident of ACV’s capabilities in that regard. As you know, Singapore’s ticks are like ‘commandos’!

      • Toto's mommy says:

        I am so ashamed to tell u, there was no ‘standard’. We do it the Singaporean way, ‘aga aga’. And we didn’t make sure TOto drink that bowl that we put out too! We just pour it out from the ACV bottle, and if the water smell too sourish we add more water! Plus sometimes it is either pour by hubs or by me, make things worst! But my guess is about 1/4 tsp in his first bowl of water.

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