Wednesday Woofs {No. 02}

March 9, 2011 § 2 Comments


Baxter’s Bio-Data

Nicknames: Too many to list completely,  but here are a few that come to mind: tiny chumley, little kielbasa, tiny boyfriend, & baby dog. Oh, and schlomo schneebly!

DOB: 12 December 2006

Breed: Dachshund

Favourite Food: Ooh, hard one.  I did a test once where I put out kibble, a milkbone, and rawhide, and he totally went for the rawhide, so let’s say that. Now, favourite FORBIDDEN treat? kitty kibble. And um, the kind of delicious treat that comes from that special box they dig in.

Favourite Toy: Duk duk for general  buddying around, peanut buttered kong toy and rawhide stuffed blue ballie for the tasty gifts they offer within, and when B is feeling a little wolfy, anything squeaky or stuffed!

Favourite Activity: Sleeping, hunting, eating, going for rideys, dancing

Hidden Talents: Ha, nothing is hidden with boy who has a daily blog, a facebook fan page, and twitter. I think Baxter would say his most underappreciated talent is making poopie snakes. Which he occasionally brags about on facebook.  Picture free, thankfully.


The name of your blog is “Kalyxcornucopia”. Now that’s a tongue-twister! Is there a story behind this distinctive name?

I suspect your readers could come up with a more interesting story than the reality behind it.  There was no master plan. Baxter’s blog was started very much on a whim, and after I struck out time after time during registration with the more obvious names that had dachshund in it, I decided that the path to instant gratification was paved with misspelled words and unsual pairings. And lo and behold, nobody had kalyxcornucopia. Surprise surprise, right?  🙂
Baxter is a rescue dog whom you adopted in 2007. It’s amazing how well Baxter has adapted to your home and life. Was the journey a smooth one? What kind of hiccups did you face and how did you persevere through them?

Yep, late 2007, after our sweet boys before him passed.  I have to give major props to our DRNA (Dachshund Rescue of North America) friends for having connected us with him.  They do a wonderful job screening both the pups and the people, so between that and having owned three other dachshunds before him, we knew what we were in for.  In Baxter’s case, he was mainly overweight and lacked confidence.  So we did lots of walkies and food management those first few months.  Accident wise, Baxter was already pretty much housetrained when we got him, only we both needed to adjust to our new schedules so I wanna say it took a week before we were accident free.  I also took up DRNA’s suggestion to take him to a good training class.  Baxter was too old for puppy training so we enrolled in an 8 week  AKC Good Citizenship class and it really did wonders for the both of us and our relationship.  Healthwise,  we did have a few cases of digestive issues which culminated into a bout with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, which I’d say was the most memorable hiccup of his early life with us.  And the only time since we’ve had him that we were apart for the night.

Poodles are sometimes stereotyped as aristocratic, it’s-my-way-or-the-highway, drama queens. Yes, Miss Little Red Maple Leaf can be somewhat moody at times but, then again, aren’t our four-legged companions allowed to have their good days and bad days just like their pawrents? Are there any misconceptions about Dachshunds that you would like to demystify?

Ha, lemme think about some of the stereotypes out there. Amazingly adorable? Check. Chowhound?  Yeah, that fits. Stubborn? Well, it depends on how the owner leads his or her pack, really.  Barky? Well, aside from the need to socialize any dog, think about where the dachshund is coming from.  Shortest guy in the room.  Kid magnet.  Cute.  Everybody looking at him or her with these weird mesmerized eyes and making kooky noises.  What’s not to protest in that case?  Sometimes, most times, a doxie just needs its space.  Take the really bad rap that doxies  get for not necessarily being great with kids.   If the kid hasn’t been trained properly in how to greet a dog, then yes, a doxie (or any dog) may well react poorly.  Think about how threatened you might feel if  a stranger five times taller than you came running at you full bore and got right in your face.  Now, I’m not saying this should not be addressed.  Training is always critical. And ongoing.

You have a great eye for visual images. How did you develop your interest in photography? Mind if we ask what equipment you use?

Why thanks! I have to say I’m not sure I’d say I am interested in photography per se.  I don’t know my f-stop from my apertures or any of that kind of thing.  But just as some people are musically inclined, I guess I am very much a visual person.   My brother and I used to spend the summers of our youth with our grandparents and aunts and uncles, who all had varying degrees of artistic sensibilities, come to think of it.  We were little sponges back then.  Always in their faces, always in their business.  No doubt, we absorbed.  So I have to throw in an old lady rant and say this, parents today seem to worry an awful lot about making sure their kids are entertained, making sure they are cool by letting their kids hang out at the mall with other kids, but I say, limit all that. A bored kid surrounded by adults actively pursuing their own interests, perhaps even being encouraged to “help”, is so much better off.  I didn’t really go to school to know what I know.  I lived it.   (Ha, that sounds a little too confident.  I’m still living it, still learning!)

Camerawise, I started off blogging with a Sony Cybershot T50 which I still would use today had I not wanted a camera that delivered even better results in low light conditions.   And yippee! Santa Boyfriend delivered a Sony Cybershot DSC-T9 this past Christmas! 🙂

“Kalyxcraftopia” is your Etsy line. Tell us a little bit about your shop.

Right now it seems very much Baxter’s shop, with all his little paper goodies and elmer fudd flapjack hats  peppered between those Messages in a Doxies!  I originally set it up in part because I thought I could sell the custom dapper doxie duds thru Etsy, but I found that the alchemy process didn’t marry well with the way I needed to work the custom dud process.  So, it’s now a place for happy little treasures that I’ve made, often dachshund themed or Baxter inspired, but it’s also home to goodies for humans, too, when I have the time to make and post them.  It’s a bit difficult to characterize my shop – I have an interest in metalworking and etching metal, but I also like to sew and just make stuff in general.  I have to say for the most part, texture and color are big players in my work.
The ‘Dapper Doxie Duds’ (harness vests) are so cute! Do you plan on creating more designs? Perhaps a lighter version for canines living in the tropics? *hint, hint*

Hee hee, well, I think there are four doxies at the moment living in the Singaporean tropics that are happy little dud owners. The very cute dodo & momo  were kind enough to pick me to help them a little with their wardrobe, and  the very squeeful dino & fluffy also got a little dose of harness happy last year.  I must say there is a bit of a tradeoff between lightness and sturdiness.  I generally make my duds with an inner layer of bottomweight fabric and they are reinforced with strips of webbing along the spine because dachshunds can be pullers.  My theory, and it could be wrong, is that if it’s too hot to wear a dud out, it’s probably too hot for the dog to be out.  At least for any long period of time anyway. 

Hmm, I always wonder what I might want to do next with duds, but I never know the answer until I am faced with the challenge.  That’s how butterfly wings came about, it’s how capes came about, how sporty duds came about, and even corseted wonders came about.  I don’t really offer much ready to wear.  My niche is all about being able to create something fabulous with a specific doxie in mind, and making sure that it fits well. 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. If Baxter could join the conversation with the readers of Happy.Bark.Days, what words of wisdom would he like to impart?

When in doubt, bark first and ask questions later!  🙂

Learn more about Kalyxcornucopia! Click here.

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