Wednesday Woofs {No. 03}

March 16, 2011 § 4 Comments



TOto’s Bio-Data

Nicknames: TOto Fang

Age: 1 year old

Breed: West Highland Terrier

Favourite Food: Homemade peanut butter & flaxseed biscuit

Favourite Toy: ‘Boing Boing’ the red bouncy ball

Favourite Activity: Running in dog park!

Hidden Talents: Drop dead on command!


As new pawrents, there is so much anxiety involved in raising a four-legged companion from puppyhood to old age. What has been the most challenging aspect of the journey for you and your hubby?

For me, because of an unpleasant past experience, the challenge I fear most is in having an unruly pet who will pee and poop everywhere in the house and one who will chew up EVERYTHING. I used to have a maltese and the maltese was so unruly, we had to give him away. He pooped/peed everywhere in the house and we had marble floor then—the pee stained the floor. He chewed up so many of my brother’s spectacles, I felt so bad!! I was very young then, and didn’t really understand dogs, plus there wasn’t as much information around in those years. I was so scared that if we aren’t able to train TOto to poop/pee properly, I might grow to resent him and have to give him away.

So the real challenge is to teach TOto where he can do his potty and what he can or cannot chew! Plus both of us don’t have ANY prior experience in teaching a dog how to do that, so we were very worried! But we are lucky and TOto gets the idea quite fast.

You’ve done such an amazing job of tracking TOto’s health and diet on a month-to-month basis. I think it’s great having this kind of detailed information on hand so you can review what works and what doesn’t. How do you keep such organized records? I would love to learn!

Hahaha ‘Organised’? I am such a klutz, so whatever happens I just have to record online ASAP! If not, I won’t remember anything! So anything I want to remember, I update it on TOto’s blog! Plus the pet clinic here has an online record of TOto’s visit, so we can login anytime to check on the dates and the medicines he has taken or used! TOto also have a personal ‘Health’ file where we kept most of his ‘Health’ records! 🙂

And the monthly pills he takes for his heartworm are TAPED to his container where we keep his kibbles so we see that pill EVERYDAY!

You and your hubby made the move from Singapore to Texas quite some time ago. Is there anything you miss about Singapore (besides the obvious, i.e. food!)? How would you compare Texas and Singapore in terms of dog-friendliness?

We miss our friends and family, and the proximity of everything!! Where else can we eat roti prata and teh tarik at 2am in the morning!

It was more than 15 years ago that I had a dog in Singapore so I don’t really know how the dog scene in Singapore has progressed. But in terms of dog friendliness I believe Singapore has a long way to go.

So far, parents that we met here would allow and teach their children the proper way to approach and greet TOto. And they would teach their kiddos to ask us politely beforehand and, after that, would thank us. But in Singapore I believe the reaction would still be,”Tsk! Haiyo, so dirty don’t touch them!!”

And in Texas, there are a lot of pet-friendly restaurants and cafes that we can choose from that accept dogs in their patios. And almost every weekend, there will be some dog events in the vicinity that we can bring TOto.

Plus the dog parks here are HUGE. I really dread the day that I have to bring TOto back to Singapore. I really don’t know where I can bring TOto for his weekly unleashed run!

If TOto could follow you and your hubby on a dream vacation, where would that be and what would be the highlight of the trip?

I think it would be Europe. We read that the countryside is VERY dog friendly and dogs can go on the train and go up the mountains to hike! Reading about it made us so EXCITED! TOto loves travelling, and we enjoyed driving him everywhere. I guess all moments will be the highlight! But so far we have not brought TOto for a proper vacation! *Hint Hint to Hubs!*

I bet TOto receives a lot of female attention for being a handsome little hunk of fur. If TOto could have a crush on any female celebrity, who would he make his moves on?

Hahahaha, I guess his ‘taste’ would be the same as his Daddy; Jennifer Love Hewitt! But Mommy will only approve of Jennifer Aniston!! But from what we see, he will leave with any pretty lady that walks by! Sometimes he is so into the girls, we have to whistle so hard to bring him back to us! Hahaha, so embarrassing!

Thanks so much for sharing with the readers of Happy.Bark.Days insights into your life with TOto. We all know it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, but there’s so much more that dogs teach us. What is the greatest lesson that TOto has taught you?

Sometimes you just have to stop doing everything, sit at the patio, relax and watch the world go by…

Learn more about Our Westie. TOto! Click here.


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