The Comfort Blankie

March 24, 2011 § 6 Comments

There is something about a plush, terrycloth towel that is so comforting—especially if it comes out fresh from the dryer or is brought in after being warmed up by the afternoon sun. The smell of clean cotton and the luxe texture of this fabric reminds me of a fine summer day. Our Miss Little Red Maple Leaf shares the same fetish.

Maple has a thing for towels—all sorts of towels! Whether they’re big fluffy ones that will engulf her completely or torn and tattered scrawny ones that have seen better days, Maple will horde them all. Fortunately, Maple knows not to trespass into the out-of-bounds areas, so our kitchen towels and bathroom towels are safe from harm. The only towel that Maple has claimed ownership of is a gently-used hand towel that she received from us the first day she joined our nest—it is her comfort blankie.

This comfort blankie is the one and only item that never fails to fascinate Maple, who can spend an entire morning chewing lazily at its corners until she passes out. Unlike her other toys, which we rotate periodically, Maple’s comfort blankie is always out. We wouldn’t dare dream of keeping it away from her—Maple and her comfort blankie are inseparable!  

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