Pets Gone Green

March 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

Pets Gone Green by Eve Adamson (2009)
Whenever we go for walks, Maple would usually be trailing behind us sniffing this and that. But, I have begun to realize that Maple is actually on to something here. While we’re busy keeping time and focusing on the destination, Maple is literally stopping (sometimes every metre) to smell the flowers (or, well, whomever may have left a scent on the flowers).
We’re fortunate enough, despite the ‘little red dot’ called Singapore we live in, to still find pockets of green space. I can’t fathom what it would be like if, one day, these pockets run empty. Given the fragile state of planet Earth in this era of globalization and mass consumerism, it seems critical now, more than ever, for humanity to re-think the way we live. Although I’m a creature of comfort—for example, I do enjoy my cup of tea in the afternoon and I am a regular user of electronic gadgets and the Internet—I try as much as I can to tread on planet Earth with a light foot.
Now that we have an additional member of the family to feed, our rate of consumption really needs to be watched. MM and I are trying to be role models for Maple, so that she can proudly call herself an Eco-Warrior Dog (see Part I and Part II)! I recently picked up Pets Gone Green by Eve Adamson from the library and have found it inspiring.
From green pet food to green pet-sumerism, this book provides do-able suggestions to “live a more eco-conscious life with your pets” as the caption says. Adamson’s down-to-earth, middle-of-the-path, and common sense dictum makes this book an easy-to-digest read for a layperson who is new to the environmental movement. What I find most indispensible about Pets Gone Green is the synopsis of resources in the appendix which lists organizations, services, foods, products, and readings that have an environmental conscience.
Pets Gone Green is also a visual delight with vivid illustrations by artist Willy Reddick. Reddick’s woodblock prints capture the simple life of our furry friends—a lesson we could all learn from.

To end this post, I thought it would be fitting to remind everyone that Earth Hour is this Saturday at 8:30pm. Join the global community by flipping your light switches off for one hour as a stand against climate change. Miss Maple, here, certainly won’t need night vision goggles for this occasion!

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