New Kid on the Block

March 28, 2011 § 16 Comments

We were in an adventurous mood this weekend and decided to explore a different part of the island called Bishan. Centrally located in Singapore, Bishan is famously known for: having an award-winning designed community library; attracting foodies to the Upper Thomson Road shophouse eateries; and boasting one of the island’s largest neighbourhood parks with a coverage of 52 hectares (128 acres).

What drew us to Bishan was, of course, the dog run in the park. It was nice, for a change, to try out a different dog run even though we felt like new kids on the block (coming from the West of Singapore). Maple had a slow start at making new friends here, as did some other newbies. It was a sniff fest with each dog apprehensively investigating one another.

After some time, tensions eased and the furry ones began to let loose their inhabitual need to chase (or, in Maple’s case, to be chased). Fortunately for Maple, we were situated in the small dogs enclosure so she didn’t have to worry too much about getting into any potential mishaps with enthusiastically playful big dogs.

The big dogs get to enjoy their own designated free run area, which offers a much more generous green open space and is beautifully landscaped with a mangrove tree as a focal point (or, more accurately, a territorial marker). 

What I like about the Bishan Park Dog Run is the park-like ambience. Despite being surrounded by high-rise housing, you get the feeling of being submerged in a green oasis—it was, indeed, that peaceful. The family-friendly atmosphere provided a wonderful opportunity for children to bond with their family companions in a safe environment and, likewise, for the dogsters to interact with the little ones.

The dog run at Bishan Park is a relatively new installment, so the fencing, lighting, benches, and equipment are all in fairly good condition. My only gripe would be the gravel paths, which make it a little discomforting to walk on with sandals. You may want to wear covered shoes if you decide to visit!  

Given the limited amount of room in the small dogs enclosure, we probably won’t be returning to the Bishan Park Dog Run on a regular basis for Maple’s free run exercise. We will, however, drop by occasionally for Maple to meet and interact with new doggie pals—I think that’s what most of the folks we met that day had in mind, too.

Until then, we have this public service announcement to make:

To the four-legged owner who lost his/her pink tennis ball at the West Coast Park Dog Run on March 13th, please know that Maple is keeping your toy safe under her guard. We would love to return it to you, so please drop us a line. In the meantime, would it be alright if Maple continues to take the pink tennis ball out for a play at the dog runs? Who knows, maybe we might just bump into you!

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§ 16 Responses to New Kid on the Block

  • TOto's mommy says:

    Bishan park looks great, I stayed in the Northern part of Singapore, guess Bishan park dogrun would be closer to me. 🙂

    • Lucky you! Then it’ll be really convenient to bring TOto out to Bishan Park. The dog run is just one small part of the park—there’s the whole other area where TOto can walk on-leash. We wish we had more time to do that with Maple. Oh well, on our next trip!

      • Toto mommy says:

        North as IN VERY NORTH, like Woodlands North! Haha but then it will still be nearer then going to east coast park! 😦 Hopefully by the time I can go back to settle down in Singapore, the doggy environment will be even friendlier …

        • I think the population of dog-owning residents is on the rise here in Singapore. The doggy culture seems to be improving with lots of animal lovers arranging meetups amongst themselves. In addition, there are plenty of fun events sponsored by pet-related organizations around the island. You’ll also find dog-friendly cafes packed on weekends. TOto will have lots to explore when the time comes for you guys to re-settle in Singapore 🙂

  • SandySays1 says:

    Wow, it’s great to see Singapore devote some of its valauble land to a great DP. Is its location near Tiger Balm Gardens?

    • Hey Sandy, yes, it sure is great that some land has been set aside for the furry ones to run around and stretch their legs (since most are apartment dwellers). Fyi, Bishan is closer in proximity to Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh. West Coast Park (and its dog run)—if you recall the Pasir Panjang port and light industrial area—is near the Tiger Balm Gardens. Hmm, you just gave me a thought, I wonder if Miss Maple would enjoy a stroll through the mystical Tiger Balm Gardens…

  • Muffin_mint says:

    We’ve been thinking of visiting the Bishan dog run with Muffin but the weather will always play a trick with us. So I’m really glad to see that you have done a review of it. Thanks!

    • We were glad the weather held up this weekend so that we could explore Bishan Park. Did you and Muffin have a chance to check out the Pets Corner event at East Coast Park? Hope it was a blast!

      • Muffin_mint says:

        Oh yes. We went to the Pets Corner on sunday but unfortunately it was drizzling. There were canvas tents there but not fully covered though. Still, Muffin had a great time knowing other dogs! And we bought his kibbles there at a great discount with some freebies! So all in all in was a fun day for him.

        • Isn’t funny how it can rain in one part of the island but be sunny in another? Well, despite the drizzle at East Coast Park, I’m glad to hear that Muffin had fun meeting other dogs. I’m sure he was the cutest one there! And, it’s always great to find a bargain deal—freebies, especially 🙂

  • Jesse Ong says:

    Hi there

    I tried to figure out my way to get to the bishan dog run last night but was to no avail. Any idea which car park could I park so that it will be closest to the dog run area? The previous car park had been closed to public.


  • dot says:

    I LOVE your pictures in this post, esp how you managed to capture the dogs in action! Too cute!

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