Dragon’s Den

April 1, 2011 § 8 Comments

It was rather quiet in the apartment the other day, which struck me as unusual because Maple is often causing quite a bit of stir. I walked to the living room and checked Maple’s usual spot by the balcony, but that spot lay empty. I called out Maple’s name, but only silence responded back. How odd not to hear the pitter patter of little paws. As I searched frantically, my eyes caught sight of movement coming from beneath the coffee table.

There was Maple’s little tooshie swaying from side to side. It was an unbelievable occurrence because Maple always had been fearful of this particular niche—prior to this event, she never dared retrieve her toys even as they beckoned her from under the coffee table.

I’m not sure how our timid Maple built up the courage to crawl under there, but she did. And now that’s where she can be found every morning, afternoon, and night. Looks like Miss Maple has found her cozy dragon’s lamb’s den.

I’m a little concerned, however, that Miss Smarty Pants will use this hiding spot to her advantage. Who knows what sorts of finds and treasures Maple will horde and stash in her lamb’s den. One of these weekends, MM and I are going to have to give our beloved floor rug a VERY good cleaning.

Now that we’ve discovered Maple’s hidden retreat, we won’t have to search high and low (well, okay, obviously low is the only way to go here) to find this little pipsqueak!

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§ 8 Responses to Dragon’s Den

  • didiwright says:

    She looks so sweet, and I have to admit that rug does look rather inviting and cosy. She must be quite tiny to fit that under the coffee table, it looks quite low. George used to hide under the sofa, armchairs and coffee table when he was a little puppy, but then grew too big to squeeze under there. He wasn’t too happy about that, but we were 🙂

    Well done to Miss Maple for conquering her fear!!

    • We’d be really pleased if Maple keeps to just this one hiding spot. Hopefully she won’t get the idea that our benches, chairs, and cabinets could make good resting dens, too! Bigger dogs have many great advantages, one of which is that they’re easier to spot. With Miss Maple, here, we have to constantly watch our paths—in the earlier days, poor Maple had her paws stepped-on on a few occasions.. we felt so bad about it 😦

  • Muffin_mint says:

    Maple looks really comfortable in her new found lamb’s den, especially in the last photo! I remember reading somewhere that our furry ones love having a ‘roof over their heads’. Hence they feel safe in a crate. Maybe Maple has found the ‘roof’ for her! =)

    • Ah, yes, that makes sense! I guess having a hard ‘roof’ over her head gives her that feeling of protection and safety. Is Muffin the same way, too? Does he have a favourite hiding spot?

      • Muffin_mint says:

        Oh yes! His favorite hiding spot is under one of the side table. Whenever he does something wrong or when he wants some quiet time, he will go under it. In fact after we change his “covered” bed to an “open” one, he sleeps under the side table most of the night! As for coffee table, his preference is on top of it but he will find himself in a fix as he still can’t jump down from the height. LOL.

        • That’s so funny! Muffin sounds like quite a character 😀 I like your story about Muffin getting on top of the coffee table, then being unable to get back down on the ground—our furry friends always seem to get themselves into such predicaments…

  • TOto's mommy says:

    Maple is so tiny, so cute!

    Most dogs I knew hide at somewhere cool, and dark like underneath sofa or bed to nap. But TOto is so weird, he sleep OPENLY everywhere; sometimes even belly side up!

    Have a great weekend ahead!!
    TOto’s mommy

    • TOto sounds like an easy-going kind of guy! We wish Maple could be more like that. She tends to be bit finicky when it comes to her choice of resting spots and sleeping positions 😐

      Have a beautiful weekend with TOto!

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