Pearly Whites

April 4, 2011 § 10 Comments

Shortly after Maple had turned 8 months old, she spat out one of her milk tooth just as we were all heading off to bed. MM and I went into a panic mode during the middle of that night. One month down the road Maple, to our bemusement, began losing, one-by-one, all three of her remaining milk teeth which everyone (including her vet) thought she would retain for a very long time.

After having gone through those episodes of teeth turmoil with Maple, we felt it was pertinent that we invest in a quality toothbrush to ensure that Maple’ oral health is in tip-top condition. The other day, I was perusing the dental care section of the Pet Lovers Centre branch in Serangoon Gardens and noticed an unusal-shaped toothbrush. Petosan’s double-headed toothbrush stood out from the crowd and, being reasonably priced at S$13.90, I thought ‘Alright, let’s give this one a try.’

Petosan is a Norwegian company specializing in dental hygiene products for pets. The company claims that their double-headed dental brush has been designed in such a way that it is “angled towards the teeth and gumline for optimal plaque removal.” There are three sizes of dental brushes to choose from, thus making it supposedly “user-friendly and effective”—of course, we had to go with the smallest one for Miss Maple.


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We are very eager to try out the Petosan dental brush and are crossing our fingers that Maple will not put up too much of a fuss. We are also on the look out for toothpaste. Although Petosan does manufacture its own brand of toothpaste, we hope to opt for a naturally-formulated one since this is a substance that Maple will be  swallowing and ingesting. I’m very keen to do more research on this and will update you all with our findings!

Until then, Maple bids everyone a happy bark day with a toothy grin!

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§ 10 Responses to Pearly Whites

  • TOto's mommy says:

    We bought the ‘human’ type with a smaller head for TOto because I imagined that this type of toothbrush would be too big for the teeth that are far back inside the mouth.

    My hubs are interested to try this type of toothbrush. Let us know ur review soon!

    • I’m pretty sure there’s no difference at all between doggy and human toothbrushes—the bristles are likely made of the same material and the handles look identical! It’s pure marketing, I say 😉 If the Petosan toothbrush doesn’t work as well as we hope, we’ll probably look into a child-sized toothbrush (with a smaller head, like the one TOto uses) or go back to using a finger brush.

  • Muffin_mint says:

    Muffin used to have a ‘3 headed’ one. Beside the two angled brushes, he has one that is upright. The idea is to brush the two sides and the top of his teeth at the same time. However, like most dogs, Muffin hates brushing. Initially he was still willing to chew on it and we thought it helped. However, he started to push the toothbrush out of his mouth after we introduced the toothpaste. We have just bought the finger brush and will be trying it out tomorrow during bathing time. =)

    • Lol… 😀 A 3-headed toothbrush? Too funny! Where did you find it? Maple does not like brushing either, so I’m not sure how she’ll handle the 2-headed toothbrush (we were previously using a finger brush, which seemed to give us more control). Anyhow, let us know how it goes with Muffin and the finger brush and we’ll be sure to let you know all about Maple’s experience and the 2-headed toothbrush!

      • Muffin_mint says:

        Yes, I have always imagined that if we human use the 3-headed toothbrush, it would probably reduce our brushing time to a third. =) Anyway you can find a picture of how it looks like from this website.

        Just scroll down and you can find it. There are some tips about teeth brushing for Fido, though you probably know them too. =)

        • Thanks for the link – it provides great tips, and I don’t think I could ever tire of learning new things as a first-time dog owner! I saw the 3-headed toothbrush and couldn’t help but giggle. Why don’t they make toothbrushes like that for humans? Lol…

  • Love that toothy grin! We use a little fingertip brush on Gus. I’m anxious to hear what you think of this one!

    • Gus looks like such a champ. I would imagine teeth-brushing for him is a breeze! Maple is not an easy pooch to work with when it comes to brushing teeth… hence, the new tool! Crossing our fingers that it’ll be smooth-sailing…

  • xmasyve says:

    I use a finger brush as well. It seems a little late at 8 months for Maple to lose her teeth. My 8-month- old puppy lost his at 4-5 months. Anyway, great blog 🙂 Let me know if you find a natural and effective toothpaste. Shall stock up on dog stuff when I go back to Singapore 🙂

    • Lol.. I guess Maple’s a late bloomer 😉 We were all expecting her to retain her remaining four milk teeth but, at long last, she dropped them all (to our relief). We’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for a natural toothpaste. Your puppy is a really handsome little fella! I’m sure he’ll have a sniffing good time exploring a new environment like Singapore!

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