Wobbly Knees

April 18, 2011 § 26 Comments

Although Maple will soon be turning 11 months old in a few weeks, many people who we encounter during our walks think she’s an innocent puppy who has yet to make her mark in this world because she’s just such a tiny little thing. However, we believe Maple has, by now, reached her full adult height. And, unless she experiences a last minute growth spurt, she’ll be forever our little pipsqueak.

We love the fact that Maple is tiny and small—her petite frame makes it pretty easy for us to travel with her and bring her along to any dog-friendly cafes in town (especially the indoor ones with space constraints). On the other hand, Maple’s short legs have dealt quite a blow to my knees. I find myself constantly having to bend up and down numerous times a day, whether it’s to rub Maple’s belly, retrieve her toy from under the sofa, or prepare her meals. My poor knees have become wobbly like jelly—sometimes they ache and get a bit creaky, too. 

In order to avoid causing further damage to my joints, I have resorted to protecting my knees with a knee guard as well as preventing cartilage degeneration with glucosamine supplements. Taking these measures is making me feel decades beyond my real age. *sigh* 

MM and I were at West Coast Plaza when we spotted the Futuro knee guard on sale (S$15.30) at Guardian. I couldn’t wait to try it on and actually wore the knee guard right out of the store. Unfortunately, I think I might have bought a size too small. My leg feels like an overstuffed sausage that’s about to burst out of its seams. I hope with a few more wears, the fabric will give a little. The Ocean Health glucosamine sulphate supplement (S$35.20) was purchased from NTUC The Living Pharmacy. MM’s brother-in-law is an avid runner and attests to the effectiveness of glucosamine, so I hope to see some positive results!    

To be honest, I don’t think Miss Little Red Maple Leaf is at all to be blamed for my weak knees. Hours of sitting crossed-legged at my office desk and wearing shoes with poor support are most likely the culprits. And, the fact that I just got bumped up one more year from 30 this month could also be a contributing factor… Oh, the joys of aging!

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§ 26 Responses to Wobbly Knees

  • TOto's mommy says:

    You are only 31! So young 😛 ~
    Oh by the way, 11mths dogs are still considered PUPPY~ But because Maple is so tineeeee, she will be forever PUPPY!

    Even though TOto is taller, me too also hv to keep squatting up and down ALOT to play with him, and keep having to carry him is putting alot of stress on my back too ~

    At least Maple is so light, carrying her won’t be back breaking! Hahaha ~ TOto weighs almost 8kg

    • Young? Oh, gosh, no! Not when you’re 31, but feeling 41… LOL 😀 You’re right, Maple’s still a pup at 11 months and I guess we’ll always view her as such 😉 Wowzers, TOto is 8kg! That’s almost 4x Maple’s weight. So, with TOto, are there any measures you take to ease the strain on your back?

  • Kas says:

    Goodness gracious Miss Maple is just too cute. And, well, our dogs get glucosamine pills (maybe I should take them as a preventative measure too?). 🙂

    • My hubby, MM, was saying how there are probably glucosamine supplements for the dogsters, too. And, sure enough, it’s true! I guess our furry friends are not exempt from experiencing joint and arthritis issues like humans do as we age.

  • LK says:

    Hello SJ,
    After seeing you checking on Maple’s height, I couldn’t resist doing the same to Hugo. He’s around 40cm which I think it’s normal for a male dog. Hope he won’t grow any bigger. He’s also reaching his 11th month soon.
    From LK and Hugo
    PS: Check out Hugo’s pics…

    • Hi LK, thanks for sharing pictures of Hugo. I’m so glad you did because Hugo is just too cuuuute for words. I don’t think he can be any more adorable than he already is. I love his cut, especially around his eyes and muzzle—it’s so neat and trim. Mind if I ask where you go for his grooming? Maple’s facial hair, on the other hand, is now getting a bit unruly so she always looks like she’s just gotten out of bed… LOL!

      • Muffin_mint says:

        Oh! I just couldn’t resist to drop a comment here! Hugo is sooooo adorable! Like SJ, I wish Muffin’s fur will be as neat! And looks like all our toy poodles are born around the same time! =)

      • LK Koh says:

        Hi SJ, you are one of many decieved by his looks. He is a real monster. I ususally trim him myself. All I need is a good pair of scissors. But I did send him to the groomer once cos I need his nailed trimmed. I can’t do it myself with him fidgeting here and there.
        from LK and Hugo

        • Wow, I’m so impressed that you trim Hugo yourself! You’ve done an amazing job—it’s so professional. You must have a really good eye (and steady hands). I tried trimming the length of the hair on both of Maple’s ears, but they’re so lopsided now. And each time I try to do a touch-up, it just looks worse 😯

  • I’ve been meaning to try a knee support. Sometimes on our longer runs my right knee starts to twitch. The stuffed sausage reference is too funny.

    I’m 31, too…and there are often days I feel 41!

    • For me, the twitch alternates between my left and right knees. It’s the strangest thing. Even though the knee guard I bought is a tad too tight, I can feel the support it’s lending me as I walk. I think a knee guard might be a pretty good idea, especially if you run regularly!

      Happy belated birthday to you! Isn’t it funny how when we were 21 we couldn’t wait to be 31. Now that we’re 31, we feel like 41! 😐

  • raisingdaisy says:

    I hear you! Daisy is just 13 months old, and I’m starting to hear cracking coming from my knees from so much floor time!

    • Thank you for understanding me! The smaller they are, the harder we fall 😉 Daisy is adorable. I had to do a double-take because Daisy faintly resembles a Toy Poodle. But then I visited your blog and can now see the Havachon in Daisy. We’ll be following her little paw prints in cyberspace!

  • Kristine says:

    Maple is too adorable! What a petite sweetheart.

    Please don’t say 31 is old. I turn 30 next year and am not exactly looking forward to it. Everyone keeps trying to tell me 30 is still very young but after reading this I think they may be lying to me…

    Oh well, aging may suck but it’s better than the alternative, right?

    • Don’t worry, you’ll have lots to look forward to when you celebrate your 30th year—it’s not too far off from 29, so you (and others) will hardly be able to tell the difference! For me, though, turning 31 just confirms the fact that the clock is ticking (faster it seems) and there’s no way of turning back the time. I’m certainly not a spring chicken anymore! Nevertheless, you’re absolutely right in seeing the positive aspect of aging 😀

  • Anna says:

    Hey, saw your comment on Kristine’s site about antlers.. Just thought I would pass this link on. Posted it on her site too


    Well run company with a lot of options.

    And when we feed marrow bones we lay out a towel or blanket for them, that way we can throw it in the wash if we need to. I guess I’m not as careful as I should be though about bacteria, never have been really. And never had any major problems. I just try and make sure I buy decent meat products. Guess that mentality comes from growing up in the outdoors a lot, with animals and working in kennels etc lol. Now that I’ve said something we’ll probably have a problem lol.

    Anyway, mine love the raw bones, have gotten into giving them chicken wings and beef neck bones now too.

    Take care

    PS I hear you on the knee thing, I’m just 25 but they already give me trouble. They do not miss my old job that had me kneeling to clean crates and running up and down stairs 60 plus times a day

    • Hi Anna, thank you for the recommendation and link. The company’s variety and range of antlers are amazing. Maple may have to go for the x-small antler pieces 😉 I’ll definitely write in to the company and ask about their shipping options!

      As for feeding marrow bones, I’ll try keeping Maple on a towel… I may have to be patient about it, though, because Maple is not known to stay in one spot for very long. But, then again, perhaps if she has a marrow bone between her paws that will be enough of a distraction! I’m so glad to hear of other dogsters safely enjoying their raw bone treats—it is really encouraging for me, as a novice, to know that.

      P.s. Oh, gosh, do take care of your knees! By the way, I’m not sure if you’ve also experienced this, but my knees get bruised during long extended periods of time when I’m taking low ground shots of Maple. Ouch… I might just have to invest in knee pads, as well 😯

  • didiwright says:

    I knew Maple was tiny, but didn’t realise how tiny until you mentioned her height and weight. George must seem a giant compared to her, he’s 16 kg! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve got knee problems, especially since you’re so young (I’m a lot older than you – by about 4 years :)) Those are nice products. I had a similar support for my ankles when I was doing sports years ago, and it was really good. I also have heard of glucosamide, but I’ve never tried it. I wonder if it would work on ankles, too?

    • I’m quite bothered by the weak condition of my knees at the moment—this is certainly not how I imagined being 31 would feel like… LOL! I’m so impressed by your level of well-being given that you’re 4 years my senior. I certainly aspire to be as fit and healthy as you 😀 Glucosamine is intended for joints in general, so it should work for ankles as well. I learnt that the best device for ankles and knees, however, are sturdy shoes with a bit of heel and proper arch support. We’re so accustomed to wearing flip-flops and sandals here in the tropics, and I think that has been the biggest problem for me!

  • Novroz says:

    I wonder what Maple was thinking when looking at the ruler ;)…probably: ‘Am I that short?’

    What is the age of a puppy? I never have a dog,so I didn’t know how old can a dog still be considered as puppy.

    I know how you feel!! Sitting too long also makes my knees start to womble. The fun of old age.

    • LOL… yes, Maple was probably in shock and disbelief! I think a dog is considered a puppy until 12 months—as for Maple, well, I think she’ll never grow out of puppyhood. Sitting for too long is, indeed, not a good thing. In fact, thanks for reminding me that I should take a break now and S-T-R-E-T-C-H 😀

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