UPDATE: Nylabone

April 28, 2011 § 12 Comments

Have you ever wondered what ‘flavours’ are used to make Nylabones so appealing to the dogsters, or how these flavours are infused into their dental chew products? We decided to find out by writing in to Nylabone.

Unfortunately, Nylabone’s explanations did not satisfy my curiosity. In fact, I’m beginning to question whether the non-edible dental chew bone that we purchased for Maple was really such a smart buy… I suppose we all learn from our experiences.

To read our correspondence with Nylabone, simply re-visit Chew on This and scroll to the bottom of the post for the Scribd box.


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§ 12 Responses to UPDATE: Nylabone

  • Anny says:

    I got a nylabone for Piper once.. he didn’t seem much interested in it. Then we got him another one when he was older.. still the same.. not much interest in it too. Maybe Maple will like it more.

    • Maple really enjoys chewing on her Nylabone and this prompted us to learn more about the product. Our main concern is with the company’s proclaimed use of ‘real chicken’ to naturally flavour the dental chew (so as to make it more enticing for dogs). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to gather any additional information pertaining to the product’s ingredient listing. So, the Nylabone remains a big mystery to us!

  • Interesting to see how they skirted around the question of how the flavour is infused into the bone!

  • Nylabone is a mystery to us, too! We bought Gus one when he was a puppy, but he was (and still isn’t) much of a chewer.

    I just clicked over and read your emails from Nylabone – very vague!

  • raisingdaisy says:

    Any time a company avoids answering directly, I get suspicious. And concerned. Nylabone is the one and only thing we can give Daisy full-time that she can’t destroy in 20 minutes. She absolutely LOVES it and it’s the only dog product that’s tough enough to withstand her tormenting teeth. I don’t think we have any choice, but now I’m a bit leery about it. It’s never easy, is it???

    • I know what you mean. Maple also adores her blue bone very much, and that’s why I was really so dismayed with Nylabone’s response. I thought a good product would certainly deserve better answers than that 😦

  • Kas says:

    Very interesting … I always wondered how they made the flavors as well and you would hope/think that such a big company would give more direct answers.

    • Yeah, not quite the response I was expecting from a large company that seems to be enjoying good sales of their Nylabone products. Oh well, maybe it’s time we look into other alternatives like Greenies. I’ve heard good things about it from fellow bloggers.

  • Just to let you know that I tried Greenies out on our lads and they didn’t last a minute. Not a great chew toy…they just ate them. Also, Pogo had bright green vomit not long after 😦

    At our house, we have settled on pressed rawhide bones when we are there to supervise, and stuffed Kongs when we are not. They also have knotted ropes that they love to chew.

    • Thank you, it’s always good to hear feedback on different products! As a first time dog owner, I find learning from the experience of others to be invaluable. Greenies, elk antlers, and rawhide bones are all so new to me. It looks like I’ve got a lot more homework to do 😀

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