Ice Ice Baby

April 29, 2011 § 22 Comments

If the title of today’s post is giving you irreversible memories of the ’90s and that of American rapper Vanilla Ice, then let me quickly refocus your attention with a dose of cuteness—courtesy of Miss Maple 😉

Last Friday, at the Bukit Panjang market, I picked up a fresh pineapple as well as a small towel. Why a towel? Well, allow me to explain (in a rather long-winded fashion). 

Blogging has introduced us to people from all walks of life and whose personal experiences with their own furry friends have inspired us to try new things that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of ourselves. Lately, I have become very impressed by pawrents who have banished commercially-produced dog food and are faithfully feeding their furkids a BARF diet with amazing results. 

Although Maple gets to enjoy some of nature’s bounty in the form of fruits and vegetables, her main staple still consists of kibbles. I hope one day we can strike a balance and provide Maple with a more well-rounded diet that will ensure her a long and healthy life. Until then, we’ll be taking one small pawprint at a time. As a start, we recently purchased a package of raw beef marrow bones.

The idea of feeding Maple raw foods at home, however, has been a contentious issue for me. The thought of Salmonella and E. coli being spread by Maple’s little paws from floor to rug to furniture sends me into hypochondriac overdrive. Thanks to Anna from AKG Inspiration for this great suggestion: use a towel as a place-mat (it makes for an easy clean-up job). Why hadn’t we thought of that!

And now, here’s how we have begun introducing Maple to the idea of situating her tooshie on a towel when eating raw foods:

1.) Train with Ice-Cubes. They’re a good starter and if they accidentally fall off the towel, well then, no worries, it’s just water. 

2.) Towie, Sit, Stay, OK. These are the four basic commands we use with Maple. Towie (short for towel) is a new word we’re teaching Maple. That way, she won’t confuse her Towie for her a Blankie, which is intended for play and snuggles. 

3.) No! I almost forget the fifth and most essential command. In the event Maple decides to move the ice-cube to another location off the towel, we’ll say ‘No’ followed by ‘Towie’ and Maple will return to her spot on the towel (well, at least we hope she will for the most part). 

4.) Sit Back and Relax. It’s a lot of fun just watching Maple having a blast with the ice-cube. Seeing Maple this way has certainly given us the confidence of feeding her raw foods in the comfort of our own home.

I can’t wait to share with you Maple’s very first experience with a raw bone treat. Come back on Monday to view the event unfold! 

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§ 22 Responses to Ice Ice Baby

  • raisingdaisy says:

    Great info. I think the ice/towel idea is great for summer especially; we’ll be giving that a try. I’m looking forward to hearing about Maple’s experience with the raw bones. I’m sure she’ll love them!

    • Thank you. Ice is a great treat on those blistering hot summer days. I think Daisy will have a ball cooling off with an ice cube! Have a fun time experimenting with the ice/towel 😀

  • lepawsvoyage says:

    Love your post. Great step by step advise on the mat training. Lele has always play and throw around her ice on the floor. Time to fix her a location. And also look forward to your raw experience.

    • Hello Ros. Aww, I can already imagine Lele playing with the ice as you described—how cute! We don’t mind too much if Maple tosses an ice-cube around the house, but we would be stressed if the same were done to a raw bone 😯 Thank you for dropping by and here’s wishing you and Lele a great long weekend!

  • Jackie Paulson Author says:

    Awww, I love the shape of the ice how clever.

    • Thanks! I’ve had this ice-cube tray for the longest time (it was a present from a good friend). The shape is pretty cute, eh? My husband wanted to make himself a cold drink, and was about to steal a couple of ice-cubes from Maple 😀

  • My two LOVE ice-cubes!

    Great idea training her to stay in the one spot! Think I’ll have a go at training this too, as the lads like to take their chewy bones onto the couch. (Yuck!)

    • Ice-cubes are great fun for the dogsters, aren’ they? Thermodynamics is not a concept readily understood by Maple, so it is quite amusing when the ice has melted completely and Maple is still searching frantically for the ‘missing’ ice-cube. Hope you have a fun time towel/spot-training your lads—good luck!

  • TOto's mommy says:

    Awwww Maple so well-behave!! When we pass a ice/treat to TOto, he will THROW the ice/treats around the house as if it was a ‘Live mouse’ before he DEVOUR them! Making it a mess EVERYWHERE!

    • TOto is so funny! There should be a comic book about the life of TOto 😀 Maple loves chasing ice-cubes down our tile hallway. Fortunately, the clean-up isn’t too bad… but raw bones are a different matter altogether!

  • Anna says:

    I’m glad you liked the towel idea. We have towels or blankets on most things around here due to the addition of the lab.. makes hair pick up a little easier as well. I also will sometimes limit wyatt to his crate to eat the bones. I had never thought to teach them a command for eating treats on a rug or towel. I guess they figured it out as we always placed them back on said coverings. Looking forward to seeing her enjoy her first bone. And like I said, so long as you are smart with the germs you probably won’t have problems. And be sure to freeze what you don’t use right away. I find if I don’t use the bones the day I defrost them they sometimes can cause upset stomachs. Sometimes to offset any possible issues I will also sprinkle probiotics on the meat before giving it to them.
    Good luck, and thanks for the link

    • Luna and Wyatt are amazing—you have two very smart cookies! Maple has a bit of a rebellious streak, so it was vital that we start conditioning Maple to learn that the Towie is her friend and that she gets to enjoy really yummy treats on the Towie 😉 We are I am super cautious when it comes to germies and bacteria, so I really appreciate your great tips on freezing and especially probiotics (yet another new thing I’ve learned from you)!

  • Great idea about the towel – I am also a bit of a germ freak which is why we’ve never attempted raw. Can’t wait to see Monday’s post! I bet she loves it!

    • Oh good, glad to hear I’m not the only germ freak! Feeding Maple her first raw bone, at home no less, has forced me to come out of my shell. I made sure to wipe her paws right after, though… LOL, I guess some habits never die!

    • Kas says:

      That’s the same exact reason why I’m so hesitant to try raw – I’m slightly OCD when it comes to germs as well!

      Great post with wonderful training advice – looking forward to Monday’s post!

      • Haha.. we’re by no means expert trainers, but we try and do what we can to make it fun for Maple. We’re just happy that she seems to like her Towie! Btw, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I know you’re super busy now with exams and all, so your comments are much appreciated! Have a studious weekend ahead 😀

  • I love your ice cube tray! I have one similar to yours that makes heart-shaped ice cubes.

  • Kame says:

    I also have salmonella and somehow mommy has become strong against that bacteria.

    Reading this makes me think that Maple is so smart. She obeys your order to play on the towie.

    The shots are great, I love that last one where she was licking the ice.

    • Hi Kame, your mommy is lucky to have a strong tummy! As for me, one simple lunch outing at the hawker centre equals an immediate trip to the washroom after.. Not fun when there are so many great eats to be had!

  • furfilled says:

    Hi! Another germophobe over here. : )

    Don’t laugh, but we wipe Toki’s paws after her walks. I wouldn’t bother if we lived in the countryside, because I don’t mind a little outdoor dirt, but the grimy streets of Venice beach are another matter all together.

    We do feed Toki a half raw diet (in the evenings, for dinner), and then I try to avoid any doggie kisses for a while after that. For some reason, Toki sometimes “wipes” her mouth on our cowhide rug after her raw meals, but I try to look the other way…

    I’ll be curious about the success of raw bones. I don’t think Toki would stay put on a towel while eating her bone (she squirms around), but it looks like it will work with Maple!

    • Yay, germophobes unite! We do the exact same thing with Maple’s paws by wiping them down after her walks—that’s life for us in our urban concrete jungle 😉 Toki’s mouth action on your rug sounds very familiar. After every meal, Maple will also rub her face on our floor rug. Sometimes, if I’m quick enough, I may have a chance to remove any bits of leftover dinner from Maple’s beard. Otherwise, well, I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything… LOL!

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