Make No Bones About It

May 2, 2011 § 26 Comments

Make no bones about it, Maple has discovered a new found treat and can’t stop wagging her tail. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maple is drooling incessantly right this very minute as I type these words: raw beef marrow bone.

After much consideration, MM and I finally gained our confidence to introduce Maple to a raw chew treat. We have been thinking about it for some time now, but always ended up procrastinating. So, it was perfect timing when we went to Dempsey Village for dinner one evening and, low and behold, found a butcher shop right next to the restaurant.

Although I have seen the Huber’s Butchery signage on several occasions while passing by the area, I’m usually hit with a pang of guilt when I think about splurging on really expensive cuts of meat. That evening, however, my guilty conscience miraculously disappeared—we were going to check out the store whether our wallets agreed with us or not!

I was giddy and full of anticipation—who knew shopping for bones could be so exciting. Once we entered the store, my eyes zoned in on the counter displays, but there were no bones in sight. After checking with the staff, I learned that the only raw bones available were frozen pork ribs and frozen beef marrow bones. Seven dollars and sixty cents later, we went home happily swinging our shopping bag filled with frozen Australian beef marrow bones.

After defrosting and trimming some excess fat from one piece of bone, we were ready to rock and roll!

Maple knew something out-of-the-ordinary was about to unfold. Her nose kept twitching and her tongue made frequent appearances while she patiently sat and waited on her Towie for instructions. 

At long last, the moment arrived…

But Maple wasn’t quite sure what to make of the bone. 

 A sniff here… 

And a sniff there. 

Finally, some teeth action! 

And tongue action… 

After thirty minutes of tentative gnawing followed by a full-on face-plant (Maple has no shame), we knew we had one very satisfied puppy. 

Although it took a little while for Maple to get the hang of chewing on a raw bone, I think she eventually figured it out with her canine instincts. As beef marrow bones are known for their high fat content, we’ll be using them sparingly as a recreational treat rather than a regular chew. Maple wasn’t too pleased when we took away her prized possession, but we made it up to her with an off-leash run in the park. Shhh… we were secretly making Maple burn off those calories 😉

For newbies to raw beef marrow bones, here are some further details of our escapade:

  • The bone cut might have been a little too big for Maple’s liking. Maple’s a tiny gal and not an agressive chomper, so she might have faired better gnawing a bone on which she could wrap her jaws around. That’s something for us to remember the next time we do our shopping.
  • The raw beef marrow bones in this particular package came with no meat attached. Now that Maple has been introduced to the concept of ‘raw’, we’ll slowly upgrade to meatier bones.
  • Maple experienced one minor bout of diarrhea shortly after her raw bone treat, but I suppose this is something to be expected for a first-timer? Maple’s stool returned back to normal later that evening, which we found very reassuring.
  • Immediately after Maple’s thirty-minute session with the raw bone, I removed the bone and rinsed it under cold running water. I then patted it dry and wrapped it up to be stored in the freezer. I think we can safely have one more round with this bone before it’s  time to toss it out.

Now that we have shaken off the jitter bugs that came with our first ever attempt at feeding a raw bone to Maple, we will continue our exploration into the world of raw foods. The sight of Maple enjoying her raw bone treat has given us all the more reason to do so, in my novice opinion 😀

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§ 26 Responses to Make No Bones About It

  • Anny says:

    I have not introduced the raw bone to my Dommy too… Jitterbugs.. yes.. but i have given him slivers of raw chicken sometimes and the poo monitoring.. hehehe..

    Maple is such a lucky gal to have found you guys as her forever home. She is so loved.

    • Hi Anny, thank you for your kind words. We hope to progress from raw bones to raw meat, just like you have begun with Dommy. I think Dommy is equally a lucky guy for having found himself a big happy family to love him.. and Piper, too, of course!

  • Love the photos!
    Especially the shot with her little leggies sticking out behind her!

  • Anna says:

    I’m glad your first raw bone experience went well. And I like that you did a time frame and refroze, things should be fine doing that. I also will sometimes let them have the bones after I push the rest of the marrow out as I figure that’s the portion that might “go bad” the rest usually just dries and sticks to the bone which provides some enjoyment for them. With the bone having a higher fat content I’m not surprised she had softer stools with her being so younge. The actual consumption of bone is what creates whiter firmer stools. But there is no doubt that the vitamins and minerals she got were good for her, as well as the pulling of any meatier parts off. The latter is what cleans teeth and helps with digestion. So maybe an option would also be to do meatier ones and simply scoop or push out some of the marrow so it’s not so fatty. Keep an eye out for tail as that may be small enough for her in a way. Bottom line they figure it out and won’t complain too much if the bone is slightly large 😉 Lamb ribs might be an option for her too, but are pricy.

    Looks like the towel worked out well too. Good luck with future raw encounters 😉

    • Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate your reassuring words. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for meatier bones the next time around—I think Maple was a little annoyed that all she got was just a bone, literally! Lamb ribs are a great suggestion, thank you for that. And, yes, lamb ribs certainly are pricey (at least here in Singapore) but I wouldn’t mind splurging a little for Maple 😉

      P.s. The towel worked wonderfully! I can’t thank you enough for the advice 😀

  • raisingdaisy says:

    What great photos! I love the last one especially, with Maple’s feet all spread out back – SO cute! Thanks for sharing this info, we’re still a bit gun-shy about going for raw, but we may eventually dive in. Maybe a silly question, but – did you have to wash any beef oils off her face or paw fur afterward?

    • There’s always a bit of nervousness when trying something new with your four-legged friend, so I totally understand your trepidation. If not for the encouragement of fellow bloggers, I think I would have completely shied away from raw. Thanks for your question—it’s not silly at all! Here’s what we did:

      Once Maple was done with the bone, I pulled out a wet cloth (that I had by my side the whole time) to wipe her mouth and paws. Fortunately, Maple is a dainty eater, so there wasn’t too much of a mess to clean.

      Maple was then placed on her ‘waiting’ bench—that way, she’s elevated off the ground and can’t scurry all over the apartment. While Maple was lounging on the bench, we washed up Maple’s Towie and stored the remaining bone in the freezer.

      After the clean-up was done, we immediately took Maple out for a run. I would like to think that the run helped to remove any fatty/oily remnants from Maple’s paws. Then, as usual, after any run, we’ll bring Maple back home for a nice shower. And that’s how Maple gets spic n span 😀

  • Kas says:

    Ooooo that looks so yummy, Miss Maple! Looks like you sure enjoyed your first try at raw! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kas, for dropping by to witness Maple’s first attempt at raw. She feels very lucky to have such encouraging supporters in the blogosphere to root her on! And, yes, Maple had a lip-smacking good time with her raw bone 😀

  • That last picture of Maple is priceless. I LOVE when dogs stretch out their legs like that! 😀

  • didiwright says:

    Well done, I couldn’t be more pleased for Maple (and you). You did say you were considering giving her a raw marrow bone, and you did. I’m very happy that your little miss loved it, because it’s good for her. You’re right about the diarrhoea, it’s most likely because she wasn’t used to eating raw. Since she is so tiny, when you introduce meaty bones, try to only let her ingest small quantities for a while and then increase the quantity gradually, just to give her body time to get used to it. Once she’s adjusted, you shouldn’t have any poop problems at all.
    Well done, girls, I’m very proud of you. 🙂

    • Thanks, Didi. Your comments mean a lot to us, especially since you are one of the fellow bloggers who inspired us! We will most definitely go slow and easy with the meaty bones, and allow Maple time to get acquainted with raw. Thank you for your heartening words of encouragement. Maple hopes George is proud of her too 😉

  • TOto's mommy says:

    I cannot let TOto see this, TOto will be so jealous! Haha but I still don’t have the courage to go raw plus TOto’s stomach is so sensitive! Got to wait till he is OLDER! haha ~

    • Sensitive tummy, yeah, that’s a toughie. If I were in your position, I think would also probably wait it out until TOto is a little older or shows some signs of improved food tolerance. He seems quite the lucky dog, though, to be enjoying cottage cheese and yogurt with his kibbles. I have yet to try those with Miss Maple!

  • Love it – and the photos are so cute! You have definitely given me confidence to try feeding Gus a raw bone. We’ve read about the benefits and think he would absolutely love it!

    • That’s great! I think Gus would enjoy a raw bone—in fact, he looks like he’ll enjoy just about anything that’s put on his plate 😀 If only our Miss Maple could have the same hearty appetite.

  • Kame says:

    Maple looks so happy 🙂
    Don’t forget to give your mommy a nice kiss for that treat.

    • Hi Kame! Maple often scurries off right after eating, like she’s in a hurry to go somewhere. We hope she’ll listen to your wise advice and learn some much needed table manners 😉

  • furfilled says:

    Thanks for the step by step account of Maple’s first raw bone encounter! The face plant at the end was a classic.

    • LOL! We’re like eager pawrents who can’t stop documenting all of Maple’s firsts—first visit to the groomer, first trip to the dog run, first raw bone 😀

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