The Tails are Wagging at District 10

May 7, 2011 § 33 Comments

Last weekend, our little pack of three attended an event organized by PETS Magazine in which Dr Teo, guest speaker and veterinarian, spoke on the topic of “Human Food For Dogs: What’s Good and What’s Not”. The talk was held at District 10 Bistro Wine Bar, located in the depths of Windstedt Road off of Bukit Timah Road. It was our first time checking out District 10 and we were pleasantly surprised to learn of this dog-friendly eatery. 

While we had the best of intentions to listen closely to what Dr Teo had to share about human food for dogs, we were too easily distracted by the many wagging tails on site. I had in mind to take notes so that I could highlight and blog about the key points, but my plan failed. In the end, all I could recall from the talk was that the pits (or stones) of peaches, plums, apricots, and the like are harmful to dogs. My apologies for the disappointment to those of you who already know this. Hopefully I can make it up to you with some pictures of the cute canines we bumped into at District 10.  😉

A real charmer…

Strike a pose…

Puppy love…

Goldies, Goldies everywhere…

A perfect fit for one…

Or two…

The biggest teddy bear there…

It was unfortunate we couldn’t stay for the whole event and had to make an early exit but, before leaving the venue, we took Maple on a short stroll of the grounds. Here she is—all tongue and smiles.

As if two guard elephants aren’t enough…

Finally, we leave you with this picture of the ‘Flying Maple’. We hope it brings a smile to your weekend. Have a great Saturday—see you at the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop (it’ll be our first time participating)! 

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§ 33 Responses to The Tails are Wagging at District 10

  • TOto's mommy says:

    I love Maple picture with the elephant haha! That is so funny!

    Oh right after seeing the last picture of Maple running, I remember me and hubs LOVE LOVE seeing poodle run. They always run with a SKIP with their two front paw! They run so elegantly, maybe because they are so light! I love that ~ When we are in the dog park and see Poodle run, me and hubs are always so mesmerized! Weird addiction, hahaha ~

    • That’s a cool fact I previously didn’t know about you and your hubs—thanks for sharing! I agree, Poodles are fun to watch because they’re quite agile. But, our Maple here is on the clumsy side… she often trips over herself while walking, then quickly gets back up while pretending nothing happened! LOL 😀

  • didiwright says:

    That District 10 looks such a lovely place. I love that gathering of gorgeous doggies, all so different and yet all in such a great shape and so stylish (dresses, bandanas, you name it!). Really cool. That photo of Miss Maple ‘flying’ is adorable and fit for framing and hanging on a wall!

    • Me, too, I love being at a gathering where all the doggies are looking gorgeous, getting along well, and are having a great time. The last photo of Maple ‘flying’ is my favourite—unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture a clear picture and I wasn’t fast enough to zoom in. So, Maple turned out as a blurry little dot. Hmm, perhaps if I reduce the print size (such that the poor resolution isn’t as obvious), I could fit it in a small frame on my office desk 😀

  • Kame says:

    Lucky it was in District-10 not district-9 (Mommy’s favorite alien movie) 😉

    I really like that Puppy Love picture…and a big WOW for the last picture of maple jumping like a doll.

    • District 9? Alien movie? Your mom is a lot braver than me! I’d be terrified—I can’t even watch “Men in Black” without hiding behind a cushion. Yeah, the Border Collie pup is very cute, eh? And thanks for liking the photo of Maple in mid-flight… she’s awfully proud of herself for attempting such a daredevil stunt 😉

  • Look out for Super Maple! All she needs is a cape. 😀

    • It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no, it’s Super Maple! LOL… Thanks for taking time from your Saturday to visit us. Hope you and Oscar are having a great weekend 😀

  • Elizabeth says:

    Welcome to your first Pet Blogger Hop! So glad you found my little Cardigan Welsh Corgi corner in your hopping today.

    How adorable is Maple?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red toy poodle, the color is gorgeous. Love your photography, especially that last photo where Maple looks like she’s a levatating stuffed animal! 🙂

    • Thanks for checking us out, as well! We hope to visit JF and Dewi regularly as we’re big fans of Corgis (almost contemplated a Corgi before Miss Maple came our way). And here’s a little known fact about Maple—she’s an illusionist. Yup, that’s her showing off her levitation skills 😉 Here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend!

  • Kas says:

    That picture of flying Miss Maple is AWESOME! 😀

    • Thanks! Maple kind of looks like she has the potential to become an agility dog, do you reckon? 😉 She’s still a little clumsy at the moment (LOL) so we may wait until she turns 1 to sign up for agility lessons. We love how your pack members are all agility stars—and, the best part is that they have such a great time while at it!

  • charlywalker says:

    You had me at ARF! Love this post!

  • lepawsvoyage says:

    I can’t get my eyes off your photos, especially on “flying maple.” It was simply amazing.

  • Muffin_mint says:

    I was only away for 2 weeks and Maple has learned to fly? I must have missed out a lot! LOL!

    Love the picture of the flying Maple! And on your previous posts on her ice cubes and bone, I love how the towie makes everything much neater! =)

    • Hello Muffin_mint! Welcome back 😀 Has it already been 2 weeks?? Wow, talk about how time can ‘fly’ as well! Hope your Europe trip was a blast and that you got to see many interesting sights. Was Muffin happily wagging his tail upon your return home? He must be one very HAPPY pupster!

      • P.s. Thank you for catching up on our posts! We know how busy it can be to re-organize one’s self after coming home from a trip, so we really appreciate that you’ve taken time to visit our blog on your day off!

        • Muffin_mint says:

          You are most welcome. Maple’s blog is one of the first few pages I check out everyday because she is incredibly adorable and your well-written descriptions make her seems like she is doing all the actions right in front of me! I totally enjoy your blog each day and cant wait to read the next post each time! =)

      • Muffin_mint says:

        Oh yes, Europe was great, especially with so many dogs everywhere from the streets to the malls. But I did not see any poodle, even in France. How weird, I thought. And you are right! Muffin went hysteric when he saw us walked into the pet boarding hotel! We were equally excited to see him again too!

  • raisingdaisy says:

    All the pups look SO happy! I LOVE the last photo of Maple “catching air”! What a great shot! 🙂

    • Yes, it’s always fun hanging out with happy dogs—their positive energy and goofiness will make anyone smile! Maple only wishes that she could leap even higher but, alas, she has short legs so that’s as much ‘air’ as she’s able to catch! LOL 😀

  • I don’t blame you for snapping photos of the cute doggers instead of taking notes. There’s no way I could have paid attention either with all of the fluffiness!

    It looks/sounds like you three enjoyed a lovely day out. The Maple action shot is fabulous!!!

    • Thanks for being understanding! I was afraid you all might think that I’m one of those misfit students who never pays attention in class.. LOL! As for Maple’s action shot, arghh I wish I had gotten closer to her… you’ll need a magnifying glass to see this itty bitty pup!

  • Another great post, punctuated by a photo of a flying Miss Maple! I actually like the fact that she’s so small in the photo, because you can see what a tiny dynamo she is! It looks like you have a great dog community there – I really enjoyed the photos of all the doggie attendees…

    • Thank you, I love your description: “tiny dynamo”! The dog community here is growing steadfastly, and everyone is crazy-in-love with their pups. Lots of spoilt pooches… Maple included! 😉

  • M.C. says:

    Oh my goodness. That last aerozoom picture is adorable. All your pictures here are so slick! I’m adding you to my blogroll as the prospect of this glimpse into Singaporean dog life is very interesting. My Shiba originally came from Asia himself (Taiwan, where we living at the time) — toy poodles are very popular there! But we never actually met one up close.

    • Hi M.C. Thank you for visiting us in Singapore via cyberspace! Yup, small breeds like Toy Poodles are hugely popular in very dense cities (like Singapore and I would imagine Taipei, as well), partly because many of us dog owners are apartment dwellers—although, I think it would be kind of nice to live in a larger space so that Miss Maple could have more room to make a mess explore! 😉

  • Anny says:

    Flying Maple… hehhehehee.. love the picture!

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