The Birthday Girl

May 28, 2011 § 59 Comments

Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf is officially 1 today! To mark this very special occasion, we made a customized birthday hat for the pipsqueak and surprised her with a decent-looking (i.e. newly purchased, not homemade from hand-me-downs and objects from the recycling bin…for a rewarding change!) stuffed toy that we hope Miss Maple will treasure.

The birthday hat awaits to be throned on the head of our tiny furball.

Teddy also sits, albeit nervously, exposing his vunerable limbs to an inevitable attack by little jaws of terror.

Here they are all together. Someone looks a little embarassed to be seen in her birthday hat which, admittedly, resembles a Dunce Cap… although, there were many times when a Dunce Cap would have been totally appropriate and justified!

But, today, Miss Maple can get away with any misdemeanor she fancies!

Including the less than lady-like attitude she’s showing the camera…

As well as the violent thrashing of poor Teddy, who is bound to lose several parts of his anatomy by the end of the day.

Much to the relief of Teddy, Momsy intervenes and swoops him into the safety of her hand!

At long last, after having gone through the obligatory initiation rites conducted by Miss Maple and her jaws of terror, Teddy is now a newly-minted member in Maple’s stockpile of toys. Welcome to the pack, Teddy!

It’s a nice feeling knowing that MM and I have survived the puppy days without losing all our hair, and that Maple has now blossomed into a fine little lady (well, for the most part, LOL). As much of a handful as she can be on some days, Miss Maple never fails to amuse us with her quirky sense of humour 😉 

Happy Birthday, Maple—may there be many more years of joy and laughter with you, little one!

* * * * *

Hey, guess what?! Maple isn’t the only one with a celebration this week. Maple would like to wish her pawpals a very special birthday as they, too, celebrate turning 1!


  • Wyatt the Lab, who turned 1 on May 26th.
  • Le Le the Beagle, who shares Maple’s same birthdate!
  • Muffin the Toy Poodle, who is eagerly anticipating his 1st birthday on June 1st.
  • Hugo the Toy Poodle, the youngest amongst these pups, who turns 1 on June 2nd.

Wishing you all a ‘happy barkday’ — have a pawtastic good time!

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf | SJ & MM

* * * * *

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§ 59 Responses to The Birthday Girl

  • LK says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Miss Maple…lots of love and hugs from Hugo and me….SJ & MM hope you guys enjoy the day as much as she does!!
    From Hugo and LK.
    PS: The cone hat looks lovely … very creative…

    • Hi Hugo and LK! Thank you for your kind wishes. Miss Maple spent a lovely day being a little princes, and we certainly enjoyed watching her play the role 😉

      We’ll be counting down to Hugo’s 1st barkday and thinking of you guys on that day. Here’s wishing Hugo a fun and memorable birthday!

  • lepawsvoyage says:

    Aww…. Maple has the same barkday as Lele. Happy birthday Maple and be good to mummi. Stay happy and bubbly.

    SJ, I love the birthday hat so much and Maple look so cute in it. Yes, our pups have grown up to be a lady. Time really flies…

    • lepawsvoyage says:

      Hi, I’ve sent an invitation to your feedback folder. Please have a look. Thank You.

    • Yes, time flies way too fast when they’re young! Maple tried very hard to be a good girl, but there were moments when she couldn’t contain her naughtiness. She may be 1 today, but still very much a playful pup. Hope Lele had a chillaxing day—she will have much to look forward to tomorrow during her barkday pawty! Goodnight birthday girl, Lele 😀

  • May says:

    Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Maple! Hope you enjoy your day, ya.

    Nice birthday cap you have!

    Greetings from
    Rossi gal & Mummy 🙂

    • Hey there Rossi and May, thank you for your birthday wishes to Miss Maple! It was fun crafting the birthday hat—I can’t remember the last time I worked with art paper, glue, stickers, and adornments… must have been when I was ten years old (LOL). Hope you gals are having a wonderful weekend 😀

  • xmasyve says:

    Happy Birthday Maple!! You look absolutely charming in your party hat! Here’s to a great year and many more to come (((:

    • Hi xmasyve! Thanks for dropping by with your sweet comments. Maple is indeed ready to P-A-W-T-E-H now that she has on her snazzy party hat (LOL)! I’m sure Panda and Polar would love to teach Maple a few dance moves 😉

  • didiwright says:

    Oohh, big day today, then! Happy Birthday, Maple! I hope you’re having a special day and a lovely time. It’s nice to see that you’re being spoilt by your Mumsy…And we love, love, love your birthday photos. x

    • Thank you, Didi. We tried to make the day a little extra special by spoiling Maple a tad more than she’s already used to 😀 She thrives on attention… That’s our little starlet for ya! 😉

  • Anny says:

    OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh… its your barkday!! Happy Barkday Missy Maple! You are so so adorable.. and i am very glad you have found your forever home. A mama who takes the time to make you a pawtee hat… is totally a keeper.

    Hope you’ll have loads of fun today.. and save a piece of cake for us ya… and and.. be nice to the new Teddy ya!

    woofs n licks,
    Dommy & Piper

    • Hiya Doms and Mr P, you’re so kind! Thank you for those thoughtful words. I think we’re the lucky ones to have Maple in our lives, as I’m sure your mom feels the same way about you two. I’ll make sure Maple plays nicely with Teddy… if not, well, you can look forward to a future post about his not so happy ending… 😉

  • Janicia says:

    Happy birthday Miss Maple!!! <3<3

  • M.C. says:

    Oh, Miss Maple is just a baby! Oh, I mean, 1 is a very, very serious milestone. Happy birthday, puppers! May you look forward to many, many more. I love the *shakeshakeshake* photo.

    • Oh yeah, Maple is definitely still very much a puppy and she doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of wanting to grow up! The *shakeshakeshake* photo was a lucky shot—it’s blurry alright, but it seems to work 😀 Thanks for dropping by to wish our pipsqueak a happy birthday!

  • Carrie Boyko says:

    Photo filled posts are always fun. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you have time to enter the Organix dog food giveaway:

    • Hi there Carrie. Thank you for visiting our blog on Maple’s birthday weekend! We’re on our way to your link to check out the giveaway—it sure sounds interesting. We’ve never entered a giveaway before… maybe this is Maple’s lucky day!

  • Yuki the dog says:

    hello there,
    just wanted to tell maple happy birthday and we enjoy reading all about her adventures 🙂
    yuki & her mom

    • Hi Yuki and Yuki’s mom! Welcome to Happy.Bark.Days 😀 Glad to hear that you have enjoyed reading all about Maple’s adventures in sunny Singapore. We’ve been checking out Yuki’s blog as well and hope to learn more about her! Thank you for the birthday wishes, and happy blogging.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday, Maple! What a fun post; and that 4th photo down is so adorable. Maple could be a doggie model. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the “doggie model” compliment. Maple is in search of a modelling agent and is currently accepting applications 😉 But be forewarned, Maple is not an easy model to work with… she can be a little temperamental (LOL)! Happy long weekend to your entire family—both two-legged and four-legged.

  • Muffin_mint says:

    Happy Birthday to Maple! She looks extremely adorable in your lovely hat! Muffin wish he has one for his upcoming birthday too! And thanks for remembering his birthday! That’s ultra sweet of you! =)

    • Birthdays are meant to be shared, so we couldn’t resist mentioning Muffin et al’s milestones as well! It’s just amazing how many pups we know that are turning 1 in these few days.

      The birthday hat is really quite simple to make—some craft paper, stickers, strings, embellishments, and glue! The challenging part is not in making the hat, but coaxing the pupster to keep it on! 😉 Hope you and the hubby have a super time celebrating Muffin’s 1st birthday this coming week. Happy barkday, Muffin!

  • Anna says:

    Wyatt says thanks for the birthday wishes, and happy birthday to Maple! If these two ever met I don’t know what he would think of her. I am afraid he might think she were something to play with. Luna on the other hand has known a tiny poodle named chloe since she was young, she was red too… or apricot rather.

    Great photos too, and well done with the hat. It looks like your house would be very conducive to nice photos with all the white to bounce light.

    Hope you’ve had a fun weekend

    • LOL! I think you’re right about Wyatt viewing Maple as more of a play-toy than a play-mate. The best (or worst) part of it is that Maple wouldn’t know any better…she loves being the one who gets chased, and gets her thrill that way I guess 😐

      You made an interesting point about the colour of Chloe—I’m beginning to see Maple’s coat fading from red to apricot…it’s somewhere in-between now, depending on the lighting. Our home is totally white, but only the living room gets some sunlight (the rest of the apartment is pretty dark). And the clouds move so quickly around here—one minute there’s sun, the next minute it’s covered by a cloud. It can be quite frustrating at times to get good consistent lighting, and that’s when Photoshop Elements comes in handy for adjustments in contrast and brightness 😀

      Hope Wyatt enjoyed his birthday and that Luna got to share in the fun!

  • Bailey says:

    Found my way to your blog and wanted to wish you a very happy barkday!

    Happy holiday woofs & hugs,


    • Hello Bailey and thank you for finding our humble blog. Soon you’ll be turning 1, too—how exciting! We look forward to seeing your barkday pictures 😉 Have a great long weekend!

      P.s. You have the cutest floppy ears we ever did see 😀

  • Hip, hip hooray! Happy Belated Birthday to Maple.

    I love the birthday hat – and I’m a little amazed we haven’t thought of that for Gus. Maybe for his 7th birthday. 😉

    Hope you all enjoyed her special day!

    • Aww, thank you! It’s nice to hear everyone’s feedback on Maple’s birthday hat. I hadn’t thought of making one at all—it was my hubby’s ingenious idea (go figure)! You must try making one for Gus… I think he’ll look smashing 😀 And, wow, Gus is 6 going on 7? He still looks very much like a young stud 😉

  • Happy Birthday, Miss Maple!

    Maple looks SO adorable sporting a hat. Shall we look forward to a DIY doggie birthday hat post in the near future? 😉

    • Haha, if only Maple felt the same way about her birthday hat! All she wanted to do was to shred my handiwork into pieces 😐

      Pauline, thanks for the new post idea. Perhaps a short lesson on how to make pawty hats…whether they be for a birthday, holiday, or everyday occasion 😉 Sounds very cool indeed!

  • TOto's mommy says:

    Happy birthday Maple!
    Hugs and kisses
    From Toto and mommy …

  • bonnie says:

    omg, the hat fits perfectly! For how long before he shakes his head to get it off??!! Come on, I know it happens!

    • Ohhh, the hat was actually a tad too large—thankfully Maple has a poofy head which held it up for a while! I think 5 seconds was about the longest time that the hat could stay on Maple before I had to save it from being flung off. If Maple was given the opportunity to sink her tiny teeth in it, the hat would become confetti in no time at all (LOL)!

  • Kame says:

    Congratulation Maple 🙂
    May you look even cuter after 1 year.
    Please don’t hurt the teddy too much 😉

    • Thank you, Kame. We’re happy to report that Teddy survived his first 24 hours with Maple! 😀

      • Kame says:

        How many teddy or toys have Maple broke in one year? hehe just curious 😉

        • Teddy is Maple’s first stuffed toy and she has already broken his heart, literally, as in the heart stitched on his blue-striped outfit. So far, all of Maple’s toys are still intact, except for her Blankie and Sock Buddy which have numerous holes and torn threads… We like to refer to them as “love bites” 😉

  • blisschic says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to Miss Maple! 🙂 Looking cute and adorable in the party hat! 🙂

  • Kas says:

    Ahhh! Sorry that I didn’t see this sooner — had no internet since Thursday! Anyway, Happy FIRST Birthday beautiful Miss Maple!!! Many, many more birthdays to you little girl. Lots of birthday cake and puppy kisses from our guys 🙂

    • Aw, no worries, you didn’t miss much—Maple may have turned 1, but she’s still the same goofy pup that we know! Maple sends her thanks to your four-leggers for thinking of her 😀

      P.S. I envy that you didn’t have access to Internet for the past few days—it’s nice to live ‘offline’ every now and then! Hope you guys had a relaxing long weekend.

      • Kas says:

        It definitely was being offline for a little while, and I didn’t go as stir-crazy as I thought I would. 😉

        Anyway, hope the little girl enjoyed her big day!

  • Ling says:


    Your website is LOVELY! ❤ And so is your pooch! The photos are amazing. You should take part in PET SNAP!
    I think your photo will win!

    The photo contest is organized by the kind AVA folks who've brought us the Pet Central website that aims to educate the public (especially children) on responsible pet ownership.

    I'm an animal welfare enthusiast and a volunteer with SPCA and I think this is a great initiative! Hopefully the photo contest will get more people checking out their website.

    Let's all spread the word 😀

    • Hi Ling!

      Thanks so much for checking out our blog! I’m very supportive of AVA’s Pet Central website and wrote a post about it here —> Oddly enough, though, the thought of entering Maple’s picture in the PET SNAP contest never crossed our minds! Thanks for your vote of confidence in Maple—perhaps we will consider participating this time around (LOL) 😀

      I will definitely help to broadcast the PET SNAP contest and Pet Central website on our FB page. Hopefully, Miss Maple can do her little bit to spread some awareness! Thanks again for sharing with us this info—it’s always a pleasure to know a fellow animal lover, volunteer, and welfare advocate!

  • raisingdaisy says:

    A VERY belated happy birthday! Somehow I missed this post, I apologize! Daisy also turned 1 on March 13, so they’re about the same age. I didn’t realize how tiny Miss Maple was until I saw the picture of her next to her new Teddy – what a little cutie she is!

    • Oooh, Daisy just celebrated her 1st barkday in March? Now how did I miss that?? These two are not only the same age, but surprisingly quite alike in personality as well! The only difference, as you pointed out, is Maple’s size—she’s a tiny thing at 2.5kg (5.5lbs)… about 1/3 of Miss Daisy!

  • Carly says:

    Happy Birthday, Miss Maple! She looks absolutely adorable in all of those photos. I’m sure she had a GREAT day!! 🙂

    • Hello Carly from GreenDogLove! How very nice of you to stop by our blog and wish Miss Maple a Happy Birthday. Yes, Maple suspected something out of the ordinary was brewing that morning. I don’t think she’ll ever understand the concept of birthdays, but she certainly knows how to be at the receiving end of treats and presents (LOL)! Hope you’re having a good day 😀

  • furfilled says:

    Best Birthday Wishes to Miss Maple! She looked so cute in her little party hat! I especially love the photos of Maple and Teddy on the bench. : )

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  • Kristen says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Maple! This post is filled with so many wonderful photos! hope you had a wonderful day and were spoiled rotten!

    • Thanks, Kristen! Maple had a swell time, and the effects of being spoiled rotten have yet to dissipate despite it now being 1.5 weeks after the fact. I think we might have created a little tyke who thinks she’s a princess 😐

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