Wish List No. 02: It’s a Charmed Life

June 4, 2011 § 32 Comments

Holly Golightly, the infamous New Yorker who made the ‘little black dress’ a fashion icon, is one of the most memorable characters in modern American film history that was played by British actress and timeless beauty, Audrey Hepburn.

The film adaptaton of Truman Capote’s 1958 novel by the same title opens with Miss. Holly alighting from a taxi and walking with determined strides to the storefront window of Tiffany’s. There, Miss. Holly unwraps her breakfast and pecks away on a pastry while admiring in a dreamy state the glittery jewels on display—hence, breakfast at Tiffany’s!

So, are diamonds a girl’s best friend? Well, Maple would like to think that she’s a girl’s best friend. And, rightly so, in my eyes! You see, I’m not much of a frequent-flyer when it comes to wearing jewellery (my mother-in-law, on the other hand, would have earned herself several trips around the world by now). Consider yourself lucky if you can catch me strapping on a watch as I step out of the apartment (LOL)! It’s not that I dislike embellishments altogether but, rather, it’s simply a sheer lack of motivation in clasping and clipping them on. Ironically, this has not hindered my appreciation for the art of jewellery-making. Like Miss. Holly, I have a penchant for pretty little things that shine.

While browsing Etsy the other day, my curiosity got the better of me and led me in a search for ‘dog charms’. Have you ever experienced that feeling of walking into a store and falling recklessly in love with every item on the rack? I’m often that way when it comes to bookshops and, doggone it, it now looks like Etsy has me hooked as well! 

From the results of my spur-of-the-moment search, I discovered the cutest charms ever that ranged from little pawprints to doggie bones to personalized self-portraits. Talk about keeping your four-legged friend close to your heart!  Excuse me now while I grab a donut and cup of tea—I’ll be admiring these little charmers from the comfort of my study chair while wearing my PJs as Maple sprawls out by my feet. I may not have the polished glamour of Holly Golightly nor the propensity to adorn my pinky with a Tiffany’s ring but, with my little sidekick, Miss Maple, I feel like I’m already living a ‘charmed’ life.

Click on any of the images below to check out the artists’ Etsy shops! 

 Source of Images: www.etsy.com

§ 32 Responses to Wish List No. 02: It’s a Charmed Life

  • Kame says:

    Those are cute accessories,I love the tara and dakota one.

    There is another way to keep your pet close at heart 😉 mommy use our photos as her book mark. Here are some of the bookmarks> http://bokunosekai.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/new-bookmarks/
    She loves reading on the bus,on her way to work, therefore she can always see us 🙂

    • Hi Kame! I took a peek at your mom’s fabulous bookmarks and what a creative idea they are. You and Kroten sure a lucky to have not only a crafty mom but also one who likes to keep you both close to her other passion…reading! Thanks for sharing 😀

  • TOto's mommy says:

    www dot com is the most dangerous place to waste time!!! Talking about Tiffany and Charm. I once was searching for westie charms, and Tiffany just has one in 18kGOLD and selling for USD825.00. My eyes almost POP out but luckily I wasn’t a jewellery person too! Same same am too lazy to put on put off and I always lost tiny stuffs!

    But I sure like the pendant of the dog looking up with the tail up high!

    • The Westie charm sounds super cute…but a little hefty on the wallet, yah? I quite like the dog looking up as well—it even has a great name: The Dog Jumped Over the Moon!

  • gosh. i tried commenting 3 hours ago and i see blogger is being bad again 😦

    anyway, just wanted you to know that i see stuff there that’s going on MY wishlist now. bad girl[you] for tempting me!

    i live in daggy clothes too. and what’s a diamond?

    signed, the one who got a vacuum cleaber for her birthday xox

    • Oh no, I’m sorry that you lost your comment! Thanks for checking back again and re-posting your thoughts 😀

      LOL…fun finds are meant to be shared (and, yes, used to tempt like-minded people)! Who knows, maybe this will help you with a little surprise on your next birthday 😉

  • Kas says:

    Oh you are so right – doggies are definitely a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are a close second, however.

    And Evee has some collar charms … she loves her “bling”!

    • Aww, Evee is a true princess and what better way to have her feel like one with some “bling”. Hmm, now you’ve got me wondering what Maple would think if we were to add a couple of gems to her collar 😉

  • bonnie says:

    love the 1st picture

  • didiwright says:

    I don’t think about jewelery at all… I own a few pieces, but wear the same ones pretty much all the time, because I don’t think of changing them. And when I do, I can’t be bothered to make the effort of taking the old ones off and putting the new ones on (earrings in particular). So much for a girly girl…
    It’s funny that you mentioned dog-related bling, etc., I’ve got a post in the pipeline for next week that touches on such things. 😉

    And, because today is a day of coincidences, it looks like we both showcased our fur babies’ acting skills this weekend 😀

    • Ah, yes, I do know what you mean. As for me, I have a few pieces of jewellery that were gifts, but the thought of wearing them only comes to mind when a special occasion arises. It’s a shame that they spend so much time kept in the dark of a jewellery box because I do quite like them very much.

      I’m heading over your way now to see George in his own acting debut! And I’m looking forward to your post about dog-related bling—it’s certainly becoming an up-and-coming topic! 😀

  • Carly says:

    I am loving all of those dog charms! Perfect way to combine jewelry and man’s (or girl’s) best friend. 🙂
    The center dog charm is my favorite.

    • Hi Carly—you’re right, they really are the perfect combination! The centre dog charm is pretty cute, isn’t it? For casual outings I’d choose that one and for more formal events I quite like the “bling” that says ‘Gigi’ 😀

  • Clever title!

    I’m so tempted to purchase some “bling.” I’d love a little dog-inspired charm, but I think that’s the crazy dog lady side of me talking. LOL!

    If Oscar was a girl, he’d be sporting collar charms right now! 😀

  • Yuki the dog says:

    i also don’t care for wearing jewelry, but in my case, it’s because i don’t really like how it feels. not to say i won’t wear a piece or two for a special occasion, but normally i don’t. that being said, if I could find a really cute piece of schnauzer jewelry, i’d probably get it.

    • Me, too. Who knows what I might resort to doing (like signing away on my credit card) if I were to find a charming, itty-bitty jewellery piece resembling a poodle. Of course, I would then try and make it a point to wear it everyday!

  • Anny says:

    how can diamonds be a girl’s best friend. Furries ARE a girl’s best friend. Especially small brown poodles.. hehehehe…

    the charms are pretty cool indeed. We love to browse at etsy too!

  • Anny says:

    i live in shorts and tee here.. and no diamonds at all ever in my life.. just a furry.. a very close furry friend is all i have 🙂 but.. i am most happy.

    i don’t like the jewellery too.. they are such a hassle really… hehe.. but i do love to look at them 🙂

    • Hey, thanks! I couldn’t agree with you more—from one poodle owner to another, these curly-Qs really are a girl’s best friend. Glad I found another Esty addict 😀

      P.s. Shorts and tees are main staples in my wardrobe, too. Dear oh dear, where would we be without them in the perpetually hot and humid climates of Malaysia and Singapore! 8)

  • Muffin_mint says:

    I visted Etsy last week too! I was browsing through under clothings when I got bored and the category “Pets” caught my eyes! I was so tempted to get something for Muffin since it is the GSS. So I fully understand what you mean by the “feeling of walking into a store and falling recklessly in love with every item on the rack”. =)

    • Oooh! Yes, I completely forgot about the GSS (Great Singapore Sale). Thanks for the reminder! I must revisit Etsy again and look for some bargains for lil’ Maple…if not, then for myself (dear oh dear, this can get too dangerous). Hope you found some great finds for Muffin 😀

  • raisingdaisy says:

    Oooo I love these charms! I do wear jewelry, I love it and have a lot of fun trying new things. My daughter enjoys it too, so we have fun browsing the jewelry sections in stores and trying on some of the most outrageous things we’d never even consider buying – it’s lots of laughs! I like these dog charms, I’ll have to take a look at them. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed viewing these charms. It’s a good thing they’re displayed virtually on the computer screen, otherwise the temptation would be too hard to resist! I think it’s wonderful that you and your daughter share a flair for jewellery—I wonder if Daisy will soon follow in the same footsteps 😉

  • Bailey says:

    OOh, mommy says she thinks those charms are so cute! They don’t do anything for me though — I prefer to wear dirt, grass, and mud, thank you.

    Woofs & hugs!


    • Bailey, you and Maple couldn’t be more alike! Maple loves plopping down on mud. But, then again, Maple can be both a girly girl and a tomboy—she seeks her thrills in frills! 😀

  • Kristine says:

    Ever since I went nuts on Etsy while trying to pick out the perfect dog tag for Shiva, I have tried to avoid that site altogether. It is entirely too addicting. Jewelery has never been my thing either but when it comes to dog charms… I am sure i could lose my mind. Looking at all of your great finds, I feel myself getting hooked all over again!

    It wouldn’t hurt to just take a peek, right?

    • Addictive, it is! Whoops, sorry if I’ve just made you break off your self-imposed exile from Etsy (LOL). There’s no harm in peeking, really. Just be sure to keep all your valuables out of reach…including Shiva, too, in case she spots something she likes 😀

  • Elizabeth says:

    “Have you ever experienced that feeling of walking into a store and falling recklessly in love with every item on the rack?”

    Yes, in Tiffany (sheer torture). I’m a sucker for nice, whimsical silver. I don’t usually care for pet-centered jewelry, but I’d definitely consider some of these artists. Thanks for sharing!

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