Homeward Bound

June 9, 2011 § 51 Comments

With end-of-the-semester assignments and exams completed, it is officially the start of summer. So, I say: Let the vacationing begin! It’s no wonder, then, I’ve been feeling a tad restless and my mind has been wandering to faraway holiday destinations—I think I’ve been hit with the travel bug.

At the moment, Singapore is my ‘home away from home’. Ever since my arrival on this tiny tropical island six years ago, I’ve tried to make biennial trips home to reunite with family and friends. I always look forward to these homeward bound journeys and will get dizzy with excitement months before the departure. This year will be a little different, as it will be my first time being so very far away from Miss Maple. Fortunately, MM will be staying back with the little pipsqueak so I shouldn’t need to worry. Or, should I? 😐

I know in my heart of hearts that MM is most capable of caring for Maple, yet there is this constant nagging feeling of wanting to be here. All the time. Supervising. Oh dear, did I just say that aloud?! *sigh* Well, there’s no hiding it now. My name is SJ and I’m a worry wart, yes I am. Any ordinary individual would relish the thought of being temporarily liberated from all the duties and responsibilities required of a high-maintenance furball. But, oh no, not me!

Therefore, to make things a little less anxiety-ridden, I’ve created a reminder board for MM—I’m sure he’ll appreciate it 😉

With that aside, my next worry is how I’m going to squeeze a wardrobe full of summer clothes and shoes into my tiny (unhappy and protesting) luggage—it’s insisting that I S-L-O-W-L-Y lay down the eighth pair of shorts, put my hands up in the air, and back away. 

I’m also thinking of Happy.Bark.Days and how oddly strange it will feel blogging from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. On the one hand, I’m brought so much closer to the dog blogging community in North America (maybe I’ll finally be eligible to enter a few giveaways, yay!). On the other hand, access to Miss Maple will be limited so, content-wise, I’ll have to find ways to improvise 💡

Until then, here’s wishing everyone a pawbulous weekend ahead! I’ll catch-up with you all next week from a new location and a new timezone. Cheerio 😀 

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§ 51 Responses to Homeward Bound

  • Yuki the dog says:

    hey there, i like that reminder board! i do detect a little type-a personality…nothing wrong if your are…because i’m classic type-a. i’m all about the organization, list making, schedules…and when i’m preparing for a trip…i have all my outfits planned out, including taking pictures of them first to make sure they’re going to look good-sounds kinda vain, but I swear it’s about outfit coordination. i wouldn’t be worried about content sans maple…it’ll be interesting what you decide to post…nothing wrong about talking about yourself or the place your traveling to…your very good writer, so what ever you post it’ll be a good read. 🙂

    • Oh gosh, my type-A tendencies are that obvious, huh? LOL! Sad to say, though, I haven’t been all that organized for this particular trip. If only I had your knack for list-making and scheduling (and had started on it MUCH earlier), perhaps I wouldn’t be feeling so frazzled at the moment! As for packing, I like to visualize how different pieces will fit together as well, but your idea of actually taking pictures of the outfits makes a whole lot more sense…it can get a little confusing storing all that information up there in the noggin. Thanks for your feedback about “content sans maple”, as you say—it’s most encouraging!

  • furfilled says:

    Wow! Your organization is to admired and emulated! I love the reminder board – is it just virtual, or do you literally have a reminder board on the wall? Either way, it’s really cute.

    I look forward to your Canadian posts. Perhaps you can find some doggie friends to write about over there…

    Have a wonderful vacation!! (And remember, don’t think of it as leaving Miss Maple behind, think of it as giving her and MM some very special bonding time!) : ) Have fun!

    • My husband is a techie, so anything virtual will get his attention! In addition, I’ll be making regular long-distance calls—you know, just to do some spot-checking (LOL). Alright, I better stop before everyone gets the impression that I’m a paranoid pawrent 😉 You’re right, though, MM has been reassuring me that everything will be fine and that this will give him and Miss Maple a chance to bond. It’s not so bad when I look at it from that angle 😀 I have a few dog- and cat-loving friends over in Canada, so I might have to bribe convince them to allow me a sneak peek into their lives with their four-leggers. We’ll see what happens!

  • Kas says:

    V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!! And don’t worry about Miss Maple, even though I know you will. 😉 I always tell myself not to worry, but I do anyway. And it’s to know that you’re as “crazy” as I am — I leave instruction manuals for whoever is taking care of the pups when I leave. 🙂

    • With four active pups in one household, I am not surprised that you would go to the extent of writing instruction manuals! It makes absolute sense. Heck, if I were the one baby-sitting Evee, Bailey, Kylie, and Diesel, I would insist that you colour-code and number-code and categorize their food, toys, and activity schedules! I am amazed at how you do it on a daily basis 😀

  • totomameee says:

    I be leaving BACK to SINGAPORE soon in 2 weeks time!! Haha and we’ll still be at the opposite end of the world! So funny! Last year I was back, my heart doesn’t ache as much as this year since I have only been with TOto for about 3months before I left last year. I think this year I will really miss him so much more. But I still I WANT TO GO HOME!

    Usually with just TOto and his dad, he will be in daycamp for most of the days so I am not as worried. And as long as TOto doesn’t see me leaving in the airport he’ll be fine. (In dallas, the airport is PET FRIENDLY!) Usually we send him to daycamp on the day I leave. So he doesn’t see all the packing and luggage movement, and feels the sadness! And if there isn’t any mention of my name or hear my voice, I think he will temporary forget me.

    Hope Maple can do as well as TOto with you not being around. But every night, we will have teleconference to see how is TOto doing with my voice being muted. I was so naughty calling out to TOto once. And TOto went gaga running around the room and patio looking for me and the whole night TOto was whining away! Hhahaha ~ And that was how my voice is being BANNED in the house when I am not around hahaha ~

    • What a coincidence! Like you said, though, we’ll still be at opposite ends of the world—that made me laugh 😀

      Thanks for sharing your experience with TOto. He sounds like such a sweetheart for missing you terribly when you’re away. I’m not sure how Maple will react but if I were to use our daily coming-ins and going-outs as a benchmark, then I think she will cope (at least for the first few days). My hubs will have to find ways to entertain and distract her!

      You raised an interesting point about teleconferencing—I was thinking of Skyping with Maple! Hopefully she won’t go berserk at the sound of my voice. We’ll give it a try and see how it goes. Hmm, it should make for an interesting post 😉

      Here’s wishing you a good trip home to Singapore! If you have a chance, do check out Bishan Park—it’s almost nearly completed and you’ll find quite a number of dogs playing in the run on weekend mornings 😀

  • that’s exciting!~ have a great trip home!

    i LOVE your memo board! there can be no denying you left very clear instructions. wish i was that organised! i’m impressed especially about your litter tray hygiene :p

    • Thanks! Actually, I wanted to list the litter tray as priority #1 because cleaning it out is an arduous task that my husband and I both absolutely detest. If I don’t remind MM of it, poor Maple would have to pinch her nose with her paws!

  • Elizabeth says:

    How exciting! Safe travels to you!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! I’ve packed along with me four heavy duty books. Hopefully they will last me the 20-hour journey to Canada and the 20-hour journey back to Singapore!

  • Kristen says:

    That reminder board is so cute! I’m sure MM will do a fine job taking care of Maple but you’ll be missed. I don’t trust leaving Bailey behind either even though I know Craig is fully capable of taking care of him.

    • Yeah, you and me alike! I worry about Maple’s well-being but, equally so, I’m just as concerned about my hubby’s sanity (LOL). I just hope Miss Maple behaves herself and doesn’t give MM a hard time!

  • lepawsvoyage says:

    Cool, enjoy your trip. I know exactly how you feel. I miss lele a lot whenever I used to go overseas for work. I demand to have a video call everyday and firstly to check out on our pup and finding out how’s her day (that made pappi jealous). Have fun and that’s a excellent reminder board. Maple is definitely pleased with that under the care of MM. Happy Vacation!

    • LOL, I think my husband will be able to empathize with ‘pappi’. No doubt about it, MM will feel a tad hurt that when I call home to chat it will be to catch up with Maple and not so much him! 😉 I’ll be following Lele’s blog during my time in Canada—that way I can still get my daily dose of the doggie scene in Singapore!

  • Muffin_mint says:

    I can fully understand how you feel. I had that awful experience when I had to leave Muffin for 10 days at the end of April for Europe too. To make matter worse, my husband and I had to go together and so Muffin was at a boarding place. But I’m sure Maple will be in good hands! Enjoy your vacation back home. Have a safe trip too! Looking forward to your Canadian posts! =)

    • It’s never easy, is it? But I bet Muffin had fun interacting with the other dogsters at the boarding place—he looks to me like a social butterfly who can easily make friends left, right, and centre! Maple, on the other hand, will only have her Popsy to play with…except for the occasional outings to the dog park, I hope (*hint hint* MM, are you reading this?). For the next few weeks, you can definitely expect to see some Canadian posts! Thanks for taking such an interest 😀

  • Abby says:

    It’s easy to say you shouldn’t worry at all, but you will. I would :] just try to have an awesome vacation anyway!

  • Anna says:

    your reminder board seems simple enough. I had a longer one for Luna, but she also was going to a friend not my husband. Granted i still leave him notes as well. Our guys mainly just need to be fed and let out though when here, so it’s pretty easy. I simply enjoyed writing up lists for friends so they knew what commands she was use to etc.

    Hope you can relax, your girl sounds like she is in good hands. Enjoy your vacation.

    • Luna and Wyatt sound like a breeze to baby-sit! Sometimes I think I fuss over Miss Maple way too much for her own good (LOL)…and then worry for nothing 😕 I will indeed take your advice and RELAX knowing that MM will do a fine job of looking out for her well-being.

      P.S. What a good idea to add a list of commands, as well—I had not thought of that at all! Will keep it in mind if Maple ever needs to be cared for when both MM and I are on vacation.

  • lexy3587 says:

    have a great trip home!
    And no, I’m pretty sure being stressed at the idea of leaving your dog in someone elses care is entirely reasonable and expected. lol… I was stressed at leaving Gwynn with a groomer… for a few hours… because it was a stranger who wasn’t a vet, who would be doing mysterious things with tools and razors to him.
    You’ll probably be more relaxed the next time you leave her behind, since you’ll have a bit more confidence that she can survive without you.

    • Hi lexy3587! Thank you for dropping by and visiting our blog—great to have you here 😀

      Like you, I am absolutely the same way when leaving Maple at the grooming salon even though it is just for a few hours! There will always be some level of anxiety, at least when trying a new groomer for the first time. By the way, I read your post about Gwynn’s experience at the groomers and saw the new look that Gwynn is now sporting… what a transformation. He is indeed a handsome fella!

      And, yes, it is so true that the more time I spend independently from Maple, the more confident and reassured I will be of her survival skills. Hmm, this will give me more excuses to go on another vacation! 😉

  • SandySays1 says:

    Awww, I bet Miss Maple would have like to visit all those people your going to visit! Take her next time.

    • I would very much have liked to sneak Maple on-board the plane as a stowaway, but she was insulted by the idea—if she can’t be guaranteed a seat in Business Class, then she would much rather stay put in Singapore with my hubby (LOL)!

  • raisingdaisy says:

    I completely understand your anxiety about leaving Maple! We feel the same way. I love your reminder board, what a great idea!

    Have a safe, wonderful trip!

  • Novroz says:

    have a nice holiday, SJ…hope maple won’t miss you so much. When I went to my grandma’s house, I also had constant worried..and I believe I missed Kame & Kroten more than they missed me.

    By the way, isn’t dog easier to take on travel than turtle? why dont you take her along?

    • LOL, well said, I also think we miss our pets more than they miss us! I would love to have Maple accompany me on this trip, but I’m worried about her being cooped up in the cargo section of the plane for such a long flight. It’s something to consider, though, if ever MM and I are both in Canada for an extended stay, then Maple will have more time to recuperate from the long journey. And then I also won’t be so heart-strickened missing her 😀

  • I LOVE the reminder board!!!

    It’s so hard to be away from our furry (and non-furry) loved ones, but she will be in good hands!

    • Haha, oh that’s right, I almost forgot…my hubby! Yes, it’ll be tough spending this much time away from him. At least MM and Miss Maple will both be in good company 😀

  • chaithra says:

    Thats a nice reminder board you created.
    I want to know which software you used for it ?

    • Hi Chaithra. Thank you! The images for the reminder board were found from http://www.sxc.hu/ which is one of the better sites I’ve come across with royalty-free stock photography and images. I then used Photoshop Elements (which was included in the purchase of my laptop) to piece it all together. There are free image-editing software available on the Internet, such as Picasa by Google. I’m going to try this one out since I’m currently overseas and don’t have my laptop with me. Have a go at image-editing…it offers a whole new world of creativity! And it’s fun!

  • didiwright says:

    Oh, how exciting…Have a safe trip and a great holiday. I’m sure Maple will be just fine.
    If you find yourself struggling for post ideas, the let me give you a hand: I’ve just awarded you and Maple the Versatile Blogger Award. Now that’s a post, if you wish. You can pick up the award at our blog! 🙂

  • Kristine says:

    I hope you are having a great holiday and Miss Maple doesn’t miss you too much! Look forward to hearing all about it!

    • Oh yeah, turns out Miss Maple isn’t missing me much at all! I don’t think she realizes that I’m halfway on the other side of the world. It’s a good thing MM is there to keep her company (and vice versa)!

  • I just wanted to let you know that you are a Genuine Blogger. Celebrate your blog, as it is comes across to the reader as heartfelt and genuine. There are no rules with this honor. Accept it and relish in the thought that your blog is “award worthy” without having any strings attached. It is an award that I hope allows recipients to know that their work is appreciated, valued, and noteworthy by a fellow blogger and it does not have the pressure of “rules and requirements” to follow. Receive and value it for the gift and honor in which it is intended. If you choose to give this award to a deserving fellow blogger, please do so with no “rules.” Award it to someone for his or her genuineness in blogging. Free and clear. Here is the post that explains the reasoning behind this award: https://justramblinpier.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/genuine-recognition/ . Here is your “badge/button” for you to grab your Genuine Blogger Award to post in your sidebar if you would like. http://justramblinpier.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/genuine-blogger-award.png

    Just Ramblin’

    • Hi Just Ramblin’ and Miss Stella. Oooh, thank you for the honour! This has us thinking that we ought to dedicate a page on our blog for awards only—the Genuine Blogger will definitely be a cherished new addition to the collection.

  • I love your reminder board! You always make the cutest images involving Maple.

    If you have some free time during your travels, please head over to our blog and check out the details of the Versatile Blogger Award. Oscar and I love your blog so much we felt it was fitting to pass it on to you. 🙂

    I hope this doesn’t turn Miss Maple into a diva. 😉

    • Wowzers, that makes it TWO Versatile Blogger Awards for us this week! We’re so thrilled 😀 Thank you, Oscar & Pauline, for thinking of us! We’re coming your way right this very minute to check it out.

  • yuki the dog says:

    hey there, while i’m probably not the first to give you this award (everyone seems to be getting awards tonight), i’d like to tell you i awarded you Inspirational Blog Award, so stop on by whenever you get a chance to pick up your badge…pet bloggers-such a small circle 🙂

    • Hey there! Inspirational Blog Award—now that’s a new one to me! Yes, we’re all just inundated with awards this week…it is a small circle, indeed (LOL). We’ll be dropping by your blog to learn more about this particular award. Thank you 😀

  • totomameee says:

    Hope u are enjoying urself!! Update abit soon ya!!

    • Hey! Thanks for checking in 😀 Yup, it’s been great so far. Loving the fresh cool air! Procrastinating a little with the blog (ack)… hope to get back at it soon!

      • totomameee says:

        GOsh is it cold in Canada?
        Here in Texas everyday is above 100F! Even TOto is lazy to go out rather sleep in his crate!

        Update soon!

        • *Brrr…* Yes, it’s surprisingly still quite chilly where I am in Canada. Summer is late!

          Yup, I hear it is really warm in Texas. I can fully understand why TOto would rather lounge around the house…he’s probably dreaming of eating cold ice cream by the swimming pool 😉

  • Just wanted to tell you how much we love your blog. We’ve given youi an award. You can come pick it up at our blog Opie’s Mom’s Blog ( lillij.wordpress.com) Enjoy your vacation!

    Your Pal,

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