It’s The Return Of The Munchkin

July 28, 2011 § 24 Comments

This morning I woke up feeling a little dazed and confused. Where am I? Oh, that’s right, I’m back in balmy Singapore. And that can only mean one thing… heeeeere’s Maple!


I wish I could say that my return to Miss Maple was a tear-jerker worthy of being an epic drama on the Hallmark Channel, but the truth of the matter is that our mini-reunion lasted only 15 seconds (most of which was spent by Maple sniffing my airplane-numbed gluteus maximus). Shortly thereafter, it didn’t take long for us to settle back into our old, albeit comfortable, ways again. However, I have noticed one precarious change in Maple’s behaviour—her rebellious tendencies have vanished!

MM has become a suspect in choreographing this new transformation. I have a feeling their one-to-one/heart-to-heart bonding time was carried out very much in the fashion of a canine bootcamp drill. As a result of all those weeks of physical activity, Maple has not only become more mellow and attentive but it also seems that her puppy chubbiness has been replaced with a lean physique that would make any dogster (or human) jealous. Well, I guess I’ll be lacing up my runners, too, and joining Miss Maple and MM on their twice daily workouts!  

All of that exercise should help me to overcome any lingering symptoms of jetlag. And once I’ve bounced back from the post-vacation blues, it is high-time I try and get a few things in order.

First and foremost, I’ll be resurrecting Maple’s blog from under the dust. I’m sure the little pipsqueak appreciated my efforts to save Happy.Bark.Days with impromptu posts about my holiday, but I bet she’s looking forward to being the focus, once again, of her blog. Secondly, our furball has grown an immensely thick coat and is in dire need of some serious grooming. We are not about to repeat a lesson that we learnt five months ago, so we’ll soon be whipping out the clippers in our very first attempt to home-groom Miss Maple (*nervous chuckle*). Lastly, I sneaked a couple of toys into my luggage and cannot wait to surprise Maple on our next trip to the park—the lil’ miss will have a field day! 

Time sure has a way of flying by quickly and now there is so much catching up to do. In spite of it all, it does feel good to be back. And I think Miss Maple would agree 😀

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§ 24 Responses to It’s The Return Of The Munchkin

  • totomameee says:

    You are back to Singapore!

    My husband also say TOto is always better behave when I am not around. Hubs say TOto becomes a ONE COMMAND ONE ACTION dog, but with me back, he is back to his rebellious, mischievious cheeky self! Dangz, they know who to bully and who to take advantage of!!

    We are just mommy who over-indulged them toooooo much!

    • Yes, I am! And you’re back in Texas! Hope you enjoyed your time in Singapore—I’m sure TOto missed you a lot, though.

      Yup, it’s true… I’m a softie and Maple knows that. My hubby only has to hold Maple’s eye contact, give her a hand signal, and she’ll follow his lead without any hesitation. With me, Maple has a little more leeway. Lol, I just can’t help it! I’m sure TOto appreciates that he has a momsy who dotes on him and a popsy who monitors the houserules. TOto has the best of both worlds, and I think that’s a great balance!

  • Welcome back, Miss Maple and company! So glad you’re back. 😀

    I think the entire blogosphere was bit by the summer fun-bug, so a lot of blogs will need resurrecting—Oscar’s blog in particular!

    • Hi Pauline! Thank you for taking a pause from your summer fun to visit us. We’re slowly getting our feets and paws off the ground—hopefully we can find our blogging rhythm again. We’re really eager to see how you and Oscar are doing. We miss the little guy! We’ll be back to check on any updates. But, until then, enjoy the rest of your summer. Even bloggers deserve a nice break 😉

  • Yay! I’m so happy to see Maple again! She looks so much more puffy, hee hee, but it’s cute 🙂 I know that jet lag feeling, flying so much between time zones that are so many hours apart is tough, it would take me about 2 weeks for my body to adjust.

    • Thanks for empathizing with me—long distance flying can certainly throw the body’s circadian rhythm out of balance… and I find that the older I get, the longer the recovery period 😐 Maple is poofy, all right! But, wait until you see what we did with the clippers. Oh my. That’ll be the next post coming up!

  • Muffin_mint says:

    Hello and welcome back to the sunny island! Isn’t it nice that after a long and fulfilling break you can return home to see a mellower and leaner Maple? Great job of MM to have taken care of Maple so well! Does he intend to open up a bootcamp to train more naughty four leggeds? If yes, I’m signing up Muffin! LOL! Anyway Maple still look as lovely despite her slightly-too-long coat! =)

    • Well, we are so thrilled to be back and to receive comments from familiar readers like you! How is Muffin doing? Aww, I think Muffin isn’t cheeky enough to require bootcamp (LOL). Give him a couple more months and I think he’ll mellow out, too. I’m guessing this new side of Maple is actually her maturing into adulthood. Muffin will get there in time—meanwhile, enjoy these active adolescent months… they grow up so fast! 😀

  • Anny says:

    Welcome home! Its been a while 🙂 Glad you have had a great time.
    Our furries can adapt to changes better than us sometimes… i am sure she’ll be back to urmmm being… rebellious when she realise you are around to dote on her again.
    Looking forward to see more of Maple 🙂

    • Thanks, Anny, for dropping by! Yeah, Maple knows she can get her ways with me. I’m trying so very hard, though, not to un-do all the great training that my hubby has done for Maple. I’m also thinking that this new grown-up version of Maple has to do with her maturing from adolescent to adult. Well, I’m hoping it is!

  • raisingdaisy says:

    Welcome back!! I missed your posts and Miss Maple’s sweet little face!

    I sure wouldn’t mind being on vacation and coming home to a Daisy who’s less rebellious. If more exercise is the key, then we’re heading in that direction, though I’ll only have time for one other good exercise session per day – I don’t think Daisy wouldn’t benefit from my Tai Chi hour! 😉

    Glad to have you and Maple back online again! 😀

    • It’s grrrreat to be back in the blogosphere! Thank you for not forgetting us 😉 We’ve been thinking a lot about our blogging buddies and cannot wait to see what you’ve all been up to this summer, as well!

      Yup, exercise has done wonders for Maple. I don’t know how a little furball as teeny tiny as Miss Maple can have such a HUGE store of energy! Daisy—rebellious? Nope, I can’t imagine that. Daisy has the most happy-go-lucky face of any pupster I know. I’m sure she’ll be open to the idea of trying out Tai Chi alongside you 😀

  • furfilled says:

    Yay! You’re back! Your post was a pleasant surprise waiting in my blog reading queue . . . : ) I haven’t been making the rounds to all my favorite blogs as often as I’d like, but this will be a good motivation to check back often.

    And Miss Maple is so adorable – esp. her cute little black nose and pink tongue in this pic. She looks like a puppy doll!

    • It’s been a busy summer for a lot of folks and their dogsters! I can see from your posts that you and Toki have been out-and-about, as well. I’m just happy to see that everyone is enjoying great weather and spending quality time with their canine companions, so thank you for paying us a visit when you could!

  • Glad to have you back and hope you had a great trip.

    I love that picture of Maple!

  • Welcome back 🙂
    So glad to see your blog updated again. And you have started it with another gorgeous photo of Miss Maple.

    He he he Miss Maple has no sense of dramtic meeting, maybe because she is still young 😉

    • Thanks, K&K! We’re eager to get back on track and visit our blogging buddies—it’s been a while since we’ve kept in touch. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have been up to 😀

  • SandySays1 says:

    Good to see Miss Maple is hale and hearty on your return. Maybe some of that extra good behavior was an appeal to “Don’t leave mew again, daddy!”

    • Lol, that’s quite a possible theory you have there Sandy! I’ve noticed Maple’s naughtiness is starting to shine through again. I bet, though, that you’re always on your best behaviour whether or not the Old Geezer leaves for a vacation 😉

  • Elizabeth says:

    Welcome back! Miss Maple is as cute as ever, if newly refined. 😉

    • Yes, it’s been rather interesting having to reacquaint myself with the new Miss Maple. She’s certainly acting more like a refined little lady, although when it comes to play she’s as fiesty as ever (LOL)!

  • lepawsvoyage says:

    Welcome back! Great to know Maple has been a good girl with daddy in control. Hope to see you, MM and Maple at the upcoming National Dog Walk. Cheers!

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