Two Sandwiches By The Singapore River

August 29, 2011 § 10 Comments

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The birthplace of Singapore is a river that, today, spans 6 kilometres east-west through the historical heart of the city. Three heritage clusters of conservation shophouses—Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, and Roberston Quay—flank the river and offer city-slickers a contemporary entertainment experience of nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, and boutique retail shops. Weekend mornings are usually quieter in these parts of town, so we decided to take advantage of it despite the spattering of rain on Saturday.

We ventured to Roberston Quay (located at the tail-end of the Singapore River) for lunch at a quaint little eaterie called Kith Cafe. Our very first visit to Kith Cafe was more than two years ago—since then, this establishment has been featured in lifestyle magazines such as Monocle and has become a favourite amongst residents living nearby. With so much being said about this F&B outlet, we thought we were long overdue to pay Kith Cafe another visit and, this time, with Miss Maple in tow!  

It was a busy Saturday afternoon and the tables and stools spilling out of the cubby-hole space that is Kith Cafe were all fully occupied. After 15 minutes of pacing up and down with hunger pangs serving as constant reminders that our tummies needed to be fed, we finally found ourselves available seats. MM spared no time in placing our orders, and it was quite remarkable how quickly our plates arrived shortly thereafter.

First up was a focaccia sandwich of poached eggs over crispy bacon, avocado, and tomato served with a side of tortilla chips (S$10). I’m not a very big fan of poached eggs, so MM happily stole them off this sandwich. One of the poached eggs was severely overdone, while the other turned out beautifully with the velvety yolk perfectly intact and undisturbed (until broken enthusiastically, of course). All in all, this particular sandwich seemed to have been put together a little too effortlessly. Given its price, we were expecting a little more substance. Indeed, a rare disappointment. 

Next up was a multi-grain sandwich of ginger chicken on a bed of baby spinach, cucumber, and melted cheese with a side of tortilla chips (S$10). The bread was veering slightly towards the stale and dry side, although whether this was the intention is questionable. The chicken was moist and my palate detected an ever-so-subtle hint of ginger. I only wish there could have been a more generous serving of cheese, but that’s just my own biased opinion—I ♥ cheese!

Kith Cafe is a charming little nook-and-cranny with an unobstructed view of the Singapore River. If you can find yourself a spot here, bring a book and pass away the morning with a good read. And, if you’re lucky, you might just spot a replica of a ‘bum boat’ drift by.


We might forgo the sandwiches on our next visit to Kith Cafe, but that won’t stop us from trying their special barista coffees. Apparently, coffees are what this humble cafe is best known for. Miss Maple, on the other hand, is too young to learn about caffeine—in any case, just offer this tiny gal water and she is a happy camper.

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Disclaimer: HAPPY.BARK.DAYS is an independent entity and was not paid to write this review by any of the commercial enterprises mentioned in the article.

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§ 10 Responses to Two Sandwiches By The Singapore River

  • didiwright says:

    Lovely photos, Little Miss is looking as pretty as always. Sorry to hear about your disappointment with the sandwiches…I love cheese too, so there should be as much cheese as possible on everything, if you ask me 🙂

    P.S. I’ve passed on the 7 links challenge to you, you can find out more in today’s post. 😉

    • Sandwiches are a toughie—they’re often either a hit or miss depending on one’s subjective view. We’ve had some spectacular sandwiches that hopefully we’ll get to feature in future posts. Thank you for the 7 links challenge! We’ll head on over to check out the rules 😀

  • I love eggs, but not on a sandwich and ginger is something I love to not only eat but smell as well-too bad there was barely any ginger flavor to the meat in the sandwich. At least the cafe was dog friendly, I can’t find any places around my area that are-just a few stores, but no eating establishments.

    • Some eateries here in Singapore don’t openly declare that they’re dog-friendly, so we usually assume first that they aren’t and only when we’re keen to try it out will we ask. It’s really neat when we do stumble upon a cafe that welcomes dogs! Perhaps in time you’ll find a few sprouting up in your neighbourhood, too.

  • That food looks incredible. Ha, dangerous being so close to lunch time – I’m drooling!

  • raisingdaisy says:

    During my years as a restaurant reviewer, I was always so disappointed when a restaurant showed promise but messed up an element or two of a simple thing like a sandwich – bread that borders on being stale ruins the entire sandwich, in my opinion, and there’s no excuse for them to do that. Inconsistency is also frustrating. Much like your inconsistent poached eggs, I once reviewed a place where I was served a lamb chop dish in which one chop was overdone, two were underdone, and one was perfect. Makes no sense!

    Anyway, it sounds like this place would be a lovely destination for a good cup of coffee in a tranquil setting. Isn’t it nice to find a haven like that? 🙂

    • Yes, you’ve hit it on the nail—inconsistency is what struck us in this particular meal we had. Our first ever visit to this cafe really impressed us enough to warrant another trip, but this time around the sandwiches just were not up to par. Inconsistency. That’s very likely it. In any case, you’re also right in that we are pleased to have found a quaint setting in which to enjoy our coffee… with Maple (if she’s keen on joining us)!

  • furfilled says:

    Are dogs allowed inside eating establishments, or just at the outside cafe tables?

    Even if the food isn’t perfect, it looks like a beautiful setting!

    • For this particular eaterie, dogs are only allowed outside. There are, however, a number of dog-friendly cafes that prepare special meals and baked treats for dogs (in addition to providing a menu for humans). These cafes welcome dogs inside (where it’s air-conditioned), as well as outside if alfresco dining is available. Dog-friendly cafes are immensely popular on weekends! That reminds me, it’s been a while since we’ve been to one and hopefully we’ll get to try one out soon 😀

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