The 7 Links Challenge

October 16, 2011 § 11 Comments

This post is one that I have been keen to work on ever since I received the challenge from our blogging friend, Didi, whose easy-to-relate articles in My Little Dog have endeared me to her adorable Whippet, George. But, as life would have it, urgent tasks and mundane day-to-day activities had a way of competing for my time—and so, this post was left to simmer on the backburner. Now, two months on, I am ready to get cooking again and take on the challenge! Follow me as we go back in time to visit some of our most memorable posts.   

1.) Most Beautiful Post

Maple on the Cover of Vogue Magazine!

If you have made it to Vogue like Lil’ Miss Maple has, then it must surely mean that you are beautiful (lol)! Check out this post for a link to a fun website that allows you to create illusional, yet almost realistic, images of fame—give it a whirl for yourself, or your furry friend. It promises to be a lot of laughs.

2.) Most Popular Post

The Birthday Girl

They grow up so fast, don’t they? In a blink of an eye, our little pipsqueak transformed from a rambunctious puppy to a demure lady (when she feels like it). Many thanks to all of Maple’s friends in the blogosphere who turned up for the celebration!

3.) Most Controversial Post

Rubber Ducks & Jumping Frogs

We were shocked when we brought home free sample packs of a particular shampoo brand that turned out to be illegitimate distributions. Well, we certainly didn’t hesitate to toss those out immediately. Now we have found a new shampoo product for Miss Maple that she loves and that we do, too! We hope to share it on our blog soon.

4.) Most Helpful Post 

Review: Orijen Puppy vs Acana Pacific

Selecting just the right kibbles formula for your pooch can be as challenging as finding a partner for life (well, almost). If Maple could have it her way, she would not stay in a monogamous relationship with any one particular brand of kibbles but, rather, try out a different variety every day of the week. So, how does one find the perfect match when the options are endless? Based on our blog’s statistical results, this post received the highest readership. I guess we’re not the only ones facing the same dilemma when it comes to food-shopping for Miss Maple.

5.) The Post Whose Success Surprised Me The Most

O Romeo, Romeo, Where For Art Thou? 

As the title suggests, this is a tale featuring Lil’ Miss Maple as the starlet who gets entangled in a love triangle. Although Maple’s romantic encounters helped to set the premise behind this post, the actual story is a documentation of our dining experience at a local doggie cafe. I guess when you toss some food and romance into the mix, it will make for a very surprising recipe.

6.) The Post I Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

I Spy With My Little Eye

In this particular post, I attempted to capture photos (as if they were taken through Maple’s eyes) of everyday objects around the house that hold some kind of special appeal for the little tyke. It turned out to be a fun exercise and made me appreciate Maple’s world a little more! 

7.) The Post I Am Most Proud Of

A New Year, A New “Leash” On Life

With this first post, Happy.Bark.Days was born! But, more than it representing our inaugural step into the blogosphere, this post reminds me of how far we have come in accomplishing the list of 2011 New Year’s Resolutions. In the 10 months that Maple has been with us, there have been moments of pain (the kind you get when you’re pulling hair from your scalp out of sheer frustration) and pleasure (the kind that lifts your heart up after a long and difficult day). Raising a tough little cookie like Maple has not been the easiest of tasks, but it sure has been the most rewarding! 

* * * * * 

And, now, in the spirit of The 7 Links Challenge, we would like to pass this fun endeavor to 5 other blogging friends so that they, too, have the opportunity to take their readers down memory lane!    

  1. Bassa’s Blog (click here)
  2. Just Ramblin’ (click here)
  3. My Life With The Critters (click here)
  4. Raising Daisy (click here)
  5. Yuki and Rocket (click here)

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§ 11 Responses to The 7 Links Challenge

  • Bassas Blog says:

    Great post. I particularly liked your number 6 – great photo! I also received this challenge from Ramblin’ Pier but have not had time to respond but I will do a post soon, responding to both challenges.

  • Kame says:

    I didn’t know Maple is a famous dog!! wow…the cover of vogue??
    i am heading to that post now

  • Chaithra says:

    Even I missed out the post “I Spy With My Little Eye” but no doubt it deserved more.
    Its funny and comical , the knot thing on that post is the most thought out discovery by you I guess !!.

  • didiwright says:

    Love the post and your selection of goodies…It turns out that I’d missed a couple, so it’s good that you brought them back to the front again, so that I can go and take a look. I’m particularly excited to see what the world looks like from Little Miss’ tiny height 🙂
    Great selection of blogs to pass on the challenge to!

  • Nice job of taking us down memory lane. Time does go so fast — I can’t believe it’s been two months since Didi’s handed out the award. Oh my! Happy to have found you.

  • raisingdaisy says:

    Thanks for challenging us! I’ll have to give this some thought. I remember most of those posts you mentioned, and I have to say that I find it hard to pick a favorite because your posts are always interesting and have such great photography. That, along with the fact that Little Miss Maple is one of the cutest pups ever! 🙂

  • yuki the dog says:

    hey thanks for passing on this challenge! i can’t wait to get started, might take me a while to get everything together, but hopefully in the next few weeks i will post something. oh, and i love the post where maple is on the cover of vogue, i think yuki might be the next cover mode lol, since i’m going over to the site, thanks for that link-looks fun 😉

  • M.C. says:

    Super fun post! I’m still a relative new reader, so I feel like I missed out on a lot of your “hits.” Thanks for showing me where to look.

  • Jean B says:

    As a relative newcomer to your blog, this was a great way for me to get a sampling of your fare, and I really enjoyed it!
    And thanks for passing on the challenge – it is going to take some thought (and hunting through nearly 900 posts), so a perfect project for a dull winter’s day. Right now, it is a beautiful, sunny fall day and I’m heading out to play!

  • Thanks for the challenge! I actually have already completed this challenge. It is a tough one but very fun. This is the one that inspired my creating the “Noteworthy Archive Award”. Thank you for thinking of us. : )

  • I loved Maple’s birthday post! Always fun to look back and remember great moments with your blog. 🙂

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