Liver Cookies… A Guilty Pleasure

November 1, 2011 § 20 Comments

Whenever I feel a little peckish and need a light snack to tide me over until dinner, I will usually make a beeline for the pantry and help myself to the cookie jar. Lately, however, our cookie jar has been running empty. With everyone in our household being so busy these past few months (including Lil’ Miss Maple who has been charming her Gramsy), it slipped my mind to replenish the stock with bite-sized morsels of crunchy goodness. When I peeked into Maple’s treat jar, I discovered that it, too, contained only crumbs.

One of my longstanding To-Do list items is to whip up a batch of homemade liver cookies for Maple but, sadly, I have been procrastinating—the convenient excuse used to hold off on the baking is that I’m still in search of a good recipe. So, off we merrily went on a cookie-shopping expedition instead!

I have been eyeing the Love’Em brand of liver cookies for quite some time but always managed to resist the temptation as I knew Maple still had plenty of unfinished treats at home. But, as her treat inventory was running desperately low, this turned out to be her lucky day. Love’Em Liver Cookies come in three recipe choices: (1) Linseed, Soy & Rosemary; (2) Lamb & Mint; (3) Soy & Wholemeal. I thought Maple could benefit from the linseed/soy/rosemary concoction (S$10.59 Pet Lovers Centre @ VivoCity), which boasts an ability to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. And so, onward home we went to give these cookies a try. 

What initially drew me to these liver cookies is the company’s claim that all the ingredients are 100% natural with no artifical fillers, flavourings or preservatives. Upon a closer examination, the liver cookies do look quite wholesome indeed—you can visually locate and manually pick out particles of linseed, soy and rosemary. I think this is a real bonus because once a food product gets overly processed it then becomes very difficult to identify the ingredients that have gone into it, thus making it all the more questionnable. 

The first opportunity Miss Maple had with her new treats was shortly after her shower and blow-dry. She was a very good pupster and did not put up a fight while being shampooed, primped, and preened. Her reward: a liver cookie. 

“Hey, Lil’ Miss Maple, how do you like the liver cookie?” Oops, it looks like Maple is a tad too busy to comment—besides, it wouldn’t be very polite of Maple to speak with her mouth full and her pink tongue unabashedly aiding the treat down her esophagus. 

I am really pleased with this delectable new find and Maple absolutely adores it, too. I know I should really watch my frequency in feeding Maple these liver cookies, but what’s the meaning of life to a dogster if she can’t indulge in a bit of guilty pleasure once in a while? 😉 Maple says, “Mmm, that was super yummy. I’ve finished my cookie and I’m ready for a second helping!”

For more information about Love’Em Liver Cookies, check out the Scribd document below.

Disclaimer: HAPPY.BARK.DAYS is an independent entity and was not paid to write this review by any of the commercial enterprises mentioned in the article.


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§ 20 Responses to Liver Cookies… A Guilty Pleasure

  • Muffin_mint says:

    oh wow! Maple sure looked happy with the treat! And yes, I’ve been thinking of baking some treats for Muffin myself too. But the procrastinating monster in me is stopping with all kinds of excuses as well! =)

    • Lol, yes, as much as I try never to let procrastination get the best of me, I always seem to fall in its trap! Of course, the other unmentioned fear stopping me in my tracks is that baking has never been my forté. No matter how simple a recipe may sound, I will no doubt find a way to mess it up. Hmm, perhaps the margin for error may be slightly thinner when it comes to doggie treats 😉

  • annyboo says:

    Oooo… i like to do the same too. I make many trips to the table to look for munchies all through the day.. hehhehee.. sometimes i make some of my own and that usually finishes up faster.

    Maple seems to love her cookies a lot.. such a sweetheart she is. I am sure Gramsy might wanna take her home.

    I have not seen this brand over here at our shores… it looks really good 🙂 esp when you can see the ingredients. Thanks for the heads up.. we’ll go check out the pet stores again and see if i’ve missed it.

    • Oh, I know, I’ve heard that pupsters who get homemade treats will often gobble them up with as much enthusiasm as the store-bought ones. Dommy is super lucky to have a personal baker! Miss Maple is nudging me as if to hint that I ought to familiarize myself with our (under-utilized) kitchen oven very soon.

  • Bassas Blog says:

    The cookies look delicious and Maple looks absolutely adorable.

    • The cookies do look tasty even from a human’s perspective… although, I don’t think I would dare take a bite. I think I’ll stick with my chocolate chip cookies (intended for humans only)!

  • bonesdiary says:

    Liver cookies? want some, want some now!!!!
    Love your blog

    • Hi Bones! Thanks for checking out our blog. We’re always keen to have new visitors come by our way. Miss Maple is really generous when it comes to sharing, so I know she would send you some of her liver cookies if she could find her way to the post office 😀

  • raisingdaisy says:

    Lucky Miss Maple! I’ll have to see if we have those in stores near us, I agree that being able to see the ingredients is a good sign of purity.

    I have to say that Li’l Miss Maple’s adorable li’l face ALWAYS makes me go AWWWWW! 🙂

    • Maple has some pretty goofy facial expressions! I was lucky enough to have the camera on hand to capture these photos, while at other times the funny moments flash by so quickly—either way, Miss Maple always makes us chuckle 😀

  • Jean B says:

    Liver cookies (or just dried liver) are my dogs’ very favourite treat. Sadly, although I have several recipes for them, I seldom bake. I shall have to see if that brand is available here.
    Miss Maple looks very happy to be a product tester.

  • Kas says:

    Mmmmmmm yummy!! She sure does look like she is enjoying those treats … what a cutie!!

    • Oh, she does! I’m pretty sure Maple could finish the whole bag, if only she were allowed to… sort of how I could go through a bag of my favourite potato chips in one sitting, if only my guilty conscience didn’t stand in the way 😉

  • totomameee says:

    TOto is very selective when he comes to biscuit and he doesn’t like those typical dog biscuit which is very hard! *slap forehead* He prefer soft, crunchy type! So we threw away alot of biscuit that we bought for him! And end up there is only ONE favourite biscuit he ate which is Agatha which can only buy from online.

    The ingredients looks good, maybe I should go buy one packet for TOto to reward him for waiting for us for ONE MTH!! Hahaha ~ And the biscuits are HEART shaped so pretty!!

    • Maple is the same way! She doesn’t take very well to really hard treats and kibbles, which is something I always have to consider when out shopping for doggie food. If you decide to get a package of these liver cookies for TOto, do share what you think of them and let us know if TOto likes them as much as Maple! But, I guess, we’ll have to wait a month for that posting when you’ve reunited with your little guy 😀

  • bonnie says:

    i’ve been giving my dog the raw dehydrated food from addiction for one of his two meals each day. He clearly loves it, but omg, he makes such a mess!

    • I would love to hear your take on Addiction’s raw dehydrated food! I just purchased a sample pack yesterday and am thinking of introducing it slowly together with Maple’s kibbles. Out of curiosity, when you say that Pretzel makes a mess, from which end are you referring to?? This will help me to psychologically prepare for it, should Maple react the same way…

  • furfilled says:

    Nice review. And as always, it’s augmented by your delightful photos. I especially like how you photographed the cookies with the flower pot. Of course, Miss Maple was an adorable model too!

  • lol! That pic with maple and her mouth wide open, tongue hanging-priceless! Also, I’m so with you in looking for the most all-natural or organic treats/foods for yuki and rocket. It’s one reason I like to bake the treats myself when I have the time. But making all the stuff I do without preservatives, the treats don’t last as long. So, I make sure I have a stash of something nutritious on hand.

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