Playing With The Big Boys

November 19, 2011 § 22 Comments

For as long as Miss Maple has been with us (almost coming to one year), we have known her to be rather timid and skittish around large dogs. But, today’s outing to the West Coast Park dog run had us in for a real surprise—our little tyke befriended two very BIG handsome fellas named Oscar, the Husky, and Xavier, the Goldie. Of course, it also helped that Oscar and Xavier were really easy-going guys with a penchant for mighty small dogs like our Miss Maple. Here are some fun photos of our day out!

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§ 22 Responses to Playing With The Big Boys

  • Bassas Blog says:

    I love the photos and the captions are great! The last photo is a classic 🙂

  • Aww, maple looks like she’s having a great time! Seems her fur is getting bigger, so she doesn’t seem as small as she normally does in older pictures. But then when you see her in comparison with the big dogs, then you can see she’s still tiny!

    • Good golly, you’re amazingly detailed with your observations! Yes, Maple’s coat was getting a little too fluffy and thick. We brought her home after the dog park and gave her a good shower and trim, but I think I might have to trim a little bit more… her fur grows out so quickly!

  • These pictures are great! I love the pack meeting one — so funny. And your captions (especially that last one) is very clever. Looks like a fine outing!

  • i love the way you captured “I may be small, but I’m a tough little cookie.”
    Maple looks so tiny compared to that husky!

    I like the last picture too, Kip does the same thing when he’s all tuckered out.

  • totomameee says:

    Beware!! Haha after HANGING out with the BIG BOYS, MAPLE may never go back to the little league!! Hahaha …

    Erm that is what happen to TOto la, he always think he is a White German Sheperd like BOLT who can save the world hahahaha…

    Hahaha ~
    So glad to see Maple opening up herself!!

  • Anna says:

    Looks like a good day! Luna sometimes doesn’t quite know what to do with really small dogs. Sometimes I think she doesn’t realize they are actually dogs, puppies are usually the same way. I’m glad Maple found some larger friends, the big dogs often miss out on knowing the little ones due to size differences/worries.

    • We once met a hefty Lab at the dog park who just about pounced on Maple thinking she was a hamster! So, for us, it’s often rare to see dogs of all sizes getting along with one anoter. In fact, Maple can be a little standoff-ish even with little ones her size. I think our pipsqueak was being super social that day!

  • M.C. says:

    She is such a joy! And the captions had me laughing out loud.

  • annyboo says:

    I think your lil girl has finally grown up 🙂 She’s being very social 🙂 love all the pics… esp the last one.

    I think most dogs love Goldies… they are so laid back and comforting even to humans.

    we went to a doggy event at a park once… i was very surprised that all dogs of size and breed was mixing and just sniffing butts. They all had the happy smile on their face too. And we thought that certain breeds don’t mix with certain breeds.. *LOL* They don’t actually see color and breed.

    glad missy Maple had such a good time. I am sure she will get many more doggy parks now 😉 btw… Dommy speaks poodlenese 😀

    • Thanks, Anny. So true, I think we can learn a lot about tolerance and acceptance from the canine world. I’m sure Dommy and Maple would have words of wisdom to contribute on this subject…and I bet they would say it all in Poodlenese! 😉

  • Kroten says:

    Ow my God!!!you are soooo tiny!!! I know you’re small,but seeing a comparison like that makes things clearer

  • Glad miss maple found some nice big doggie friends. Congratulations on being owned for a year now 🙂 Doggies really do bring so much to our lives. I bet it has gone fast.

  • raisingdaisy says:

    Oh dear! For some reason I’m not getting notifications of your posts anymore – I thought you hadn’t posted in ages!! And I so miss reading about sweet little Maple!

    I’m passing the Liebster Blog award on to you – I’ll be posting it in a few minutes.

    LOVE the photos – Maple certainly had a great time!! 😀

    • With the festive season approaching, we’ve gotten a little side-tracked which explains why I think we fell off the WP notification radar (lol)! Thank you for checking-in on us and passing on the Liebster Blog Award—that will certainly help to charge us up and get us motivated for a new year of blogging fun! 😀

  • barb19 says:

    Miss Maple looks so tiny compared to her new big “pals”! She is so cute, and the photos are fantastic, great captions to go with them too!
    So glad I found your blog through Raising Daisy.

  • Kas says:

    This post is awesome .. I can hear Little Miss Maple, “I may be little, but I’m Miss Maple — hear me roar!” 🙂

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