Santa’s Little Helper

December 22, 2011 § 8 Comments

The decorations are up. The Christmas cards have be mailed out. And our inquisitive little munchkin just had to be in the middle of all the action.

This year, we’re throwing our apartment a festive ‘eco-chic’ theme and, while rummaging through our local Salvation Army Thrift Store last week for potential DIY projects, I came across a unique set of holiday greeting cards with a wildlife motif—how perfect! These cards are not only printed on recycled paper, but also feature information about a particular endangered animal in Asia. What a scholastic novelty. J’adore ♥ 

All these lovely cards needed was a bit of sprucing-up with some scrapbooking embellishments to make them look one-of-a-kind. [Note: I think Martha Stewart would have been proud 😉 ] Now, if I believed Miss Maple could lend her paw for this project, I would have readily entrusted her with the glue-stick. But, my instincts warned me otherwise! 

Another recent find were these two Japanese Sasaki glassware from a second-hand store, called Hock Siong & Co, which sells furnishings collected from 5-star hotels around Singapore. To give these display pieces a boost of Christmas cheer, I filled them each with a green bauble that reminds me of lemongrass and a whimsical pearlescent butterfly.

[Note: When you have a theme like ‘eco-chic’, you just have to run with it (lol)! But, I can imagine putting these two glassware to other good uses throughout the year, perhaps as dessert bowls (the way they were intended to be). YUM.]

With the cards signed and sealed, it was time to get them stamped and delivered. Lil’ Miss Maple thought she could help with that task, too, but our pint-sized furball would need to be hoisted up to the mailbox or have the mailbox brought down to her level. Next year, Miss Maple, there’s always next year to be Santa’s little helper again. Who knows, you might just get that growth spurt you’ve been wishing for all this time!

Disclaimer: HAPPY.BARK.DAYS is an independent entity and was not paid to write this review by any of the commercial enterprises mentioned in the article.

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