First Day Of School

April 15, 2012 § 10 Comments

Lil’ Miss Maple was dressed to impress for her first day of school. And what does she hope to accomplish by the end of the 8-week Good Canine Citizen Course (GCCC)? Why, to be the teacher’s pet, of course! ūüėČ

Miss Maple was, therefore, utterly embarrassed when we arrived at the wrong location and had to make a detour which cost us all to be late for class. When we eventually managed to scramble our way to the destination, we saw everyone¬†seated and patiently waiting for the latecomer… Miss Maple. Poor furball—this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she envisioned herself¬†strutting into class on time.

Maple and I sheepishly made our way to the backbench. As I settled into my seat¬†and listened¬†intently to the instructor, Miss Maple’s attention veered off. Ok, it looks like I’ll be the one taking notes for the both of us!

Well, at least Maple wasn’t the only one daydreaming in class…

Other canines were clearly focusing elsewhere, like Simba who had a ready smile for our camera (lol).

Half way through the lesson, some of the students got a little restless. Their commotion caused a  four-legged bystander to stop and investigate the scene. After concluding that he/she already possessed the traits of a good canine citizen, the onlooker bid farewell to the group with a chuckle.

By this time, I could sense the onset of boredom creeping up to Miss Maple. She was no longer interested in what was happening up front. Sitting at the back of the class meant that she could hide from the gaze of the instructor, and so Maple decided to relentlessly beckon MM (who was holding onto the camera) with super cute poses. At home, Maple would never invite us to take photos of her so openly! 

When we were dismissed from class, some of the dogsters immediately went for a water break. Good thing, too, because it was a rather warm day. 

Others¬†took the¬†opportunity to¬†gossip…

All in all, it was an intimate gathering and a diverse group of participants. Each one of us joined the GCCC for a variety of reasons, but I think it is the commitment to our dogs we share as owners that will bind us and encourage understanding and empathy. In a way, I suppose this course will serve to be more a support group for the humans than the canines (lol).

We have some homework to complete, which we’ll get started on pronto. We hope to make it up for our tardiness by acing our¬†assignment and having a good performance next week! ūüėČ

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§ 10 Responses to First Day Of School

  • rumpydog says:

    Oh Dog! Next time take a cookie to the teacher!

  • nalasdogdays says:

    Miss Maple is so cute in her scarf! And I love how all those dogs look so happy, wish I had always felt that way about my school days….. ūüôā

  • Novroz says:

    What a fun class..they looks just like humans ūüėČ

    I really like that photo of Simba…lovely smile.

    Good luck with your study Maple \(^_^)/

  • totomameee says:

    Weeeeweeee, Miss Maple you look so stylishly CUTE and late!! Don’t think the tcher can be angry with you looking so CUTE!

    So happy to see so many others in class, meaning more and more pple are trying to educate themselves and their dogs! So unlike years ago, training dogs means PUSHING their nose into their own pee and meaninglessly scolding them into submission!!!

    hope to see more post on dogs training in Singapore!

    But OUTDOOR!! Must be very WARM hahahaha. Here most Caninie Citizen classes are indoor and AIRCONDITIONED! hehehehe ~

  • It is always hard (at least for me) to feel caught up after arriving late, so sounds like you all recovere well! Great pictures and I can’t wait to hear about the next class and your progress.

  • raisingdaisy says:

    Great photos! I’m looking forward to hearing how the classes go and the progress Miss Maple makes. ūüôā

  • Bassas Blog says:

    Fantastic pictures. I especially like the one of the Dog Whisperer ūüôā

  • Paws To Talk says:

    Amazing photos! She is such an adorable Poodle! We bet MM is the teacher’s pet by the end of 8 weeks.
    Bella and DiDi

  • zhing says:

    how fun! ūüôā bet she’ll warm up to school eventually! in tokyo, there aren’t that many english speaking school options! but if we’re happy to “educate” him in japanese, there is an adorable doggie kindy that has a school bus and all! too cute!

  • […] some light on her behaviour and I’d learn how to stop this unbecoming behaviour. Here are more details about the program from Little Miss […]

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