A Feathered Friend

May 3, 2012 § 18 Comments

There’s a new resident in our neighbourhood whom we have named “Kakatua”. We would never have spotted our new neighbour if Lil’ Miss Maple and I had not been out on the veranda one lazy afternoon.

As usual, Miss Maple positioned herself on the lounge chair for a nap. I, too, was about to fall into a slumber when, suddenly, a frightening noise sliced through the still air: “BRAAAAAAAK, BRAAAAAAAK. BRAAAAAAAK, BRAAAAAAAK.”

I stumbled onto my feet and blinked my eyes once, twice, thrice to shake them out of their semiconscious state. The leaves on the tree were rustling in a puzzling manner. Looking up, I spotted a… could it be? Cockatoo!

Wild cockatoos are native to this region of the world. In fact, the word cockatoo is derived from the Malay word ‘kakatua’ which is used to describe this particular avian species. Cockatoos, however, are quite a rare sight in urban Singapore. I’ve been lucky enough to spot a few, although always from a distance, when these gorgeous birds are in flight. On this day, however, we were within pretty close range. Kakatua’s arrival to our abode was certainly a welcomed sight.

It was amusing to watch Kakatua enjoy an afternoon snack from this fruit tree. And look at the balancing act—perched on a branch with one claw while the other maneuvered the fruit between the beak. Now that’s talent!

After the feast, Kakatua bade us farewell. I wonder where’s the next destination for our feathered friend. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we meet again. Miss Maple, who was perhaps a little jealous that Kakatua was receiving so much of my undivided attention, did not even stir to wish Kakatua a good flight.

All it took was just a bit of coaxing (and a belly rub) on my part to make amends with the furball. And, perhaps if Kakatua were to bring a tasty house gift on the next visit, Miss Maple may have a change of heart.

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§ 18 Responses to A Feathered Friend

  • These pictures of MM are just perfectly precious. And a riot! Not sure which one I like the most. This was quite the event (at least to me) which she seems completely unimpressed with!

  • raisingdaisy says:

    Oh wow! I’ve never seen wild cockatoos before. I love the photos (Miss Maple is SO expressive!) and am amazed at how Kakatua did his fruit-grabbing-balancing-act. 🙂 Great post!

  • Anna says:

    I love these shots of Miss Maple… she looks like she is totally enjoying her snooze. WHat an interesting bird spotting too, Luna woulda flipped if she saw that. She loves (to hunt) birds, she probably would have barked at it like she does the vultures.

    I hope the bird makes a return for you too, what kind of fruit was that?

    • The fruit tree is growing right in front of our veranda, but all this while I have yet to find out what kind of fruit it is. From the looks of it, my guess is a passion fruit… although, I’m not sure if I’d be willing to eat and find out (lol)!

  • Bassas Blog says:

    Wonderful post! Your pictures are always stunning. I love the ones of the Cockatoo.

  • totomameee says:

    Maple is so carefree! TOto is so KPO, busybody! Any noise or movement by anyone or me, he sure JUMP up from his sleep hahaha! Loves how carefree and ‘bochup’ ( couldn’t be bothered) she is hahaha! Oh and TOto sometimes think he can fly, i seen TOto trying to chase birds, and JUMP when the birds take flight like he too will start to fly hahaha!

    • I think this Cockatoo might have visited Miss Maple before because she is usually quite reactive to new sights and sounds. So, this time around she was really not at all interested (lol)! But I was certainly enchanted by the Cockatoo. That’s such a cute story—I can just picture TOto jumping into the air thinking that he’s one of the birds 😀

  • nalasdogdays says:

    What adorable photos! Little Miss Photogenic 🙂

  • Novroz says:

    ow…what a beautiful kakak tua! I have never seen a wild Kakak Tua in Jakarta.

    Maple is so lucky

    • Yes, it really surprises me that these wild birds would somehow find their way to a highly urbanized city like Singapore! Perhaps Kakatua decided to make Singapore a rest stop before continuing on to his/her natural habitat elsewhere 😀

      • Novroz says:

        Do people keep them as pet too in Singapore?
        Many people own them as a pet and teach them to speak our language

        • I haven’t seen very many Cockatoos that are kept as pets in Singapore, but the African Grey Parrot has become quite a popular choice. Yes, birds are so smart. I wouldn’t be surprised if some owners do try and teach their feathered friends a word or two!

  • how cool is that!! wild cockatoo’s! i love maple’s expression in the second pic, her eyes are adorable.

  • annyboo says:

    The only time i have seen this sulphur crested cockatoo was in its natural habitat in Australia. Probably we could find it in the zoos here.. but never quite as close as your encounter. Pretty amazing.

    Missy Maple is so so adorable when she sleeps. The 2nd picture just made me laugh.. with her eyes wide open. Have a great weekend you all.

    • Oh, I remember seeing flocks of Cockatoos at the Botanic Gardens in Sydney (Australia). That was my very first up-and-close encounter with these comical birds, and I was so intrigued. But, to see one perched on a tree by our balcony (in Singapore of all places) is something else!

      And, here’s wishing you and Doms a great week ahead 😀

  • SandySays1 says:

    Love the pics of Miss Maple- she’s a honey.

  • zhing says:

    miss maple looks unfussed by the entire deal !:) she’s adorable!

  • Kas says:

    Does Miss Maple ever take a bad picture?!? 🙂

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