A Place To Call Home

July 23, 2012 § 7 Comments

July-23-2012. What is so special about this date? Today, dog bloggers around the world will be uniting to promote dog adoption. There will be stories about adoptions, rescues, fostering, animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and the list goes on. We first learnt about this meaningful event from our blogging buddy, Dakota @ Dakota’s Den. It didn’t take long for us to decide that we would jump on the bandwagon.

Source: Blue Cross of India (Madras)

And so, to do our part, we will be sharing our favourite clips from around the world: USA, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, and Singapore. These moving and captivating videos all share a common theme—HOME. Whether they be shelter dogs, abandoned dogs, breeding dogs, stray dogs, or neglected dogs, all of these canines deserve a safe haven and nurturing environment in which they can call a forever ‘home’. We hope you find these videos insightful, intriguing, and inspiring. While some of the videos may be hard to watch, they speak volumes of the reality that exists. Through public awareness and advocacy, we can help to save lives—one dog at a time.

“Foster Dogs in NYC” (USA)

The topic of fostering is an often forgotten one. Sometimes we assume that all rescued dogs will find a temporary place in a shelter. But what happens when shelters are running at full capacities? What happens when a frail and ill shelter dog requires 24/7 care and supervision? What happens when an abused dog needs to learn how to trust humans again? This is where foster pawrents step in to lend a helping hand. Thanks to all the dedicated foster pawrents who have helped to rehome countless numbers of dogs.

“Awaiting Home” (Spain)

Animal welfare service providers that offer shelters for abandoned and abused dogs are, sadly, a growing phenomenon. It seems like there can never be enough shelters to accommodate the increasing number of homeless dogs. As these shelters continue to fill at their brims, the workload and operating costs simultaneously expand as well. It is no wonder that volunteer recruitment and donation drives are constant issues faced by shelters. Why not consider volunteering at a shelter or making a financial contribution. In return for your generosity, you’ll be sure to receive lots of licks and wags (from the dogs, of course!).

“Pothound” (Trinidad & Tobago)

Mongrels are individually unique, with no two looking exactly alike. So, it’s not surprising that each society has developed an affectionate nickname for the mongrels living in-amidst their communities: in North America they are referred to as ‘Mutts’, in Singapore they are the ‘Singapore Specials’, and in Trinidad & Tobago they are ‘Pothounds’. Set in Trinidad & Tobago, this short film packs a punch—not only does it address the issue of adoption but also tackles a number of social stigmas and stereotypes in a narrative that will open your eyes and tug at your heartstrings.

“Born to Breed” (Singapore)

Irresponsible dog breeding is a vicious cycle that is exacerbated when potential dog owners, either knowingly or unknowingly, purchase puppies from puppy mills, pet shops, and backyard breeders. The inhumane conditions and ill-treatment endured by the canine victims of irresponsible breeders cannot be described in nice terms (no matter how hard one tries) because there is nothing ‘nice’ about it at all. Let’s work together to put an end to this injustice. Adopt, don’t shop.

Thank you for watching. If you are an animal lover or dog blogger, please feel free to share the links to these videos or contribute to the discussion with your own post on this topic. July-23-2012 will come and go, but that does not mean our cause ends here!

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