Starting The New Year With A Splash

January 7, 2013 Comments Off on Starting The New Year With A Splash

It was a lovely weekend evening for a stroll along the sea, and we thought it would be exciting to start off the New Year with a new experience for Lil’ Miss Maple. Boy, did she ever have the time of her life frolicking in the sand and surf… so much so that this fearless munchkin jumped into the waves without a second of hesitation. *Oh My Dog!* (cue David Hasselhoff beach rescue operation)

Like any anxious Momsy, I had a momentary panic-attack. Thankfully, Popsy remained calm and coached Miss Maple to swim back to shore. Well, not that she needed much coaching—her instincts kicked in (this little tyke is a water Poodle after all).  But what an adrenaline-rushing adventure! The next time around, we’ll be prepared with a life-jacket for Miss Maple and beachwear for the both of us so that we can both wade in the water with her 😀

Here’s hoping that you, too, have started your New Year with a BIG splash!

Happy 2013!

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