Starting The New Year With A Splash

January 7, 2013 Comments Off on Starting The New Year With A Splash

It was a lovely weekend evening for a stroll along the sea, and we thought it would be exciting to start off the New Year with a new experience for Lil’ Miss Maple. Boy, did she ever have the time of her life frolicking in the sand and surf… so much so that this fearless munchkin jumped into the waves without a second of hesitation. *Oh My Dog!* (cue David Hasselhoff beach rescue operation)

Like any anxious Momsy, I had a momentary panic-attack. Thankfully, Popsy remained calm and coached Miss Maple to swim back to shore. Well, not that she needed much coaching—her instincts kicked in (this little tyke is a water Poodle after all). ┬áBut what an adrenaline-rushing adventure! The next time around, we’ll be prepared with a life-jacket for Miss Maple and beachwear for the both of us so that we can both wade in the water with her ­čśÇ

Here’s hoping that you, too, have started your New Year with a BIG splash!

Happy 2013!

Monkey Business

October 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

During our time abroad, MM and I have experienced close encounters with koala bears, raccoons, squirrels, deer, and the odd black bear wandering through our backyards. So, it is no surprise that out here in this neck-of-the-woods we would eventually be visited by MONKEYS! This morning a family of monkeys dropped into our neighbourhood. In fact, they’re not strangers at all—they have become regular celebrities. We get star-struck every time the monkeys make an appearance.

But, that being said, it is also alarming when a wild animal treads across your doorstep. It makes you realize just how fast and furiously we are encroaching into nature as we urbanize and suburbanize the landscape—we’re practically squeezing the wildlife out of their homes. The monkeys that have made our neighbourhood their new foraging grounds face an uncertain future because their natural habitat (a forested area near where we live) will soon be cleared to make way for a condominium development in the impending months to come. *sigh*

If the monkeys that we observed this morning could speak, I think their conversation would go something like this…

Procrastination With A Capital “P”

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Signs that your blog has been neglected:

1.) You have forgotten your WordPress account password.

2.) Because you have forgotten your WordPress account password, you have not been able to access your inbox where comments contributed by dear fellow bloggers have been pending approval for weeks.

3.) And because you have not had access to your inbox, the amount of spam has now reached a whopping count of 889 futile messages… all of which need to be manually deleted (oh joy).

4.) There is a backlog of digital photos “temporarily” stored in your camera’s memory card. They are desperately waiting to be uploaded and integrated into a full-fledged post… if only you can recall the accounts of that actual day when the photos were first taken.

5.) You have (unknowingly) revised your writing commitment to one post per month.

6.) You have (knowingly) fallen into the procrastination trap.

We wish to thank our readers for showing us patience as we try to regain the blogging momentum once more. There is so much to catch up on, and we hope to share with you some interesting snippets in the days to come. Stay tuned!

9-to-5 in 3×3

July 5, 2012 § 9 Comments

The days are flying off the calendar (goodbye June, hello July)! Sometimes I wonder where all the hours in a day go, and I often catch myself asking this question: “Am I spending my time wisely?” Today, I decided to find out by documenting, hour-by-hour, my 9-to-5 routine as a student and stay-at-home momsy to Lil’ Miss Maple. Be warned, however, you won’t find anything other than the mundane here—no impulse mid-afternoon trip to the beach, no extravagant lunch at a swanky hotel, and not even a quick run to the coffee shop for a caffeine fix. This is just an ordinary day in the life of Lil’ Miss Maple & Me. ┬á

A Feathered Friend

May 3, 2012 § 18 Comments

There’s a new resident in our neighbourhood whom we have named “Kakatua”. We would never have spotted our new neighbour if Lil’ Miss Maple and I had not been out on the veranda one┬álazy afternoon.

As usual, Miss Maple positioned herself on the lounge chair for a nap. I, too, was about to fall into a slumber when, suddenly, a frightening noise sliced through the still air: “BRAAAAAAAK, BRAAAAAAAK. BRAAAAAAAK, BRAAAAAAAK.”

I stumbled onto my feet and blinked my eyes once, twice, thrice to shake them out of their semiconscious state. The leaves on the tree were rustling in a puzzling manner. Looking up,┬áI spotted a… could it be? Cockatoo!

Wild cockatoos are native to this region of the world. In fact, the word cockatoo is derived from the Malay word ‘kakatua’ which is used to describe this particular avian species. Cockatoos, however, are quite a rare sight in urban Singapore. I’ve been lucky enough to spot a few, although always from a distance, when these gorgeous birds are in flight. On this day, however, we were within pretty close range. Kakatua’s arrival to our abode was certainly a welcomed sight.

It was amusing to watch Kakatua enjoy an afternoon snack from this fruit tree. And look at the balancing act—perched on a branch with one claw while the other maneuvered┬áthe fruit between the beak. Now that’s talent!

After the feast, Kakatua bade us farewell. I wonder where’s the next destination for our feathered friend. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we meet again. Miss Maple, who was perhaps a little jealous that Kakatua was receiving so much of my undivided attention, did not even stir to wish Kakatua a good flight.

All it took was just a bit of coaxing (and a belly rub) on my part to make amends with the furball. And, perhaps if Kakatua were to bring a tasty house gift on the next visit, Miss Maple may have a change of heart.

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