Dear Friends,

One of the rewards of blogging is that we get to touch base with folks from all over the world—and we can do so without having to break the bank to pay for exorbitant flight tickets!

We would love to find out more about our visitors. Please sign our guestbook and tell us a little bit about yourselvesΒ and your four-legged companions.

Let’s leave a trail filled with happy pawprints!

Yours sincerely,

Lil’ Miss Red Maple Leaf | SJ & MM

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  • May says:

    hi, very nice blog u have here. Maple is so cute n fluffy. πŸ™‚

    My gal is two years old, still playful like a pup & has a hearty appetite. She is my pride, my joy and the love of my life.

    May (Rossi’s Mummy)

  • Ros says:

    Great blog, really enjoy reading yr blog and yr lil maple adventures.

    You inspired me to start a blog for my beagle, lele. She is 9mths too.

    Continue writing, look forward to yr blog entries.


    Ros and Lele

    • Hi Ros and Lele,

      Welcome, welcome! Thanks for checking out Maple’s little blog. We’re glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed reading all about our adventures in sunny Singapore and we certainly look forward to hearing about your journey with Lele. Let us know when your blog will be up and running. We’ll definitely pay you a visit!

      Miss Little Red Maple Leaf | SJ & MM

  • LK says:

    Hi Maple/SJ/MM,
    Thanks for your entertaining blog. I am always looking forward to your new posts.
    I have a toy poodle too…his name is Hugo & he is just few weeks older than Maple. He was born on the 2nd June 2010.
    Take care and keep up the good work!!

    • Hello LK and Hugo!

      Thank you for discovering our humble little blog. We are always eager to know fellow toy poodle fans. Hugo is such an adorable name and we are pretty certain that he has an equally adorable face to match! Have a wonderful time raising your precious four-legged friend—they’re great fun at this age πŸ™‚

      Miss Little Red Maple Leaf | SJ & MM

  • Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

    What a wonderful blog on your dog.

    • Hi Jackie, thank you for signing our guestbook! We hope you have enjoyed visiting our humble blog and will return for more adventures of Miss Maple. Here’s wishing you and yours a happy bark day, everyday πŸ˜€

  • PP says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for the lovely posts. I just discovered your blog over the weekend and had a great time going through your informative and well-written posts. I’ve got a 2 year old maltese and can totally empathize with the concerns and issues you have (e.g. kibbles / food, training, socializing, etc) as I went through all that hardly more than a year ago. Keep them coming and huggies to lil miss maple!


    • Hello P!

      Thank you for your kind words. We really appreciate receiving feedback from pawrents who have been through the same ups-and-downs that we’re currently facing at the moment with lil Miss Maple. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading our posts—I can get pretty enthusiastic when it comes to discussing certain topics, so I’m not sure if most of it makes any sense or just comes out as babble πŸ˜‰

      Do come back again and feel free to exchange some stories of your 2-year-old Maltese on any of the posts that you can relate with. It’s a joy getting to know one another’s furry friends!

      SJ & Miss Little Red Maple Leaf

  • Chaithra says:

    Your dog is so cute . I accidentally bumped into it from expat blog . I read all the
    Articles and I am waiting you publish the new one soon .

    • Hello Chaithra! What a pleasant surprise to have a visitor find us through the expat blog! Are you currently in Singapore, too? And do you have a blog of your own? We really appreciate that you took the time to read through our articles—hopefully we can keep you and our readers entertained with more interesting news about our life with Miss Maple in sunny Singapore! Have a terrific weekend! πŸ˜€

      • Chaithra says:

        Yes I do have a blog
        After reading your blog I tried searching other such blogs
        but none came closer . I think the credit goes to maple and ofcourse
        your photography skills .

        Keep posting . Cheers

        • Congrats on your recent nuptials…and a Happy belated Birthday! Hope you and your hubby are enjoying your adventures in Singapore πŸ˜€

          I think it’s great that you’re taking such a keen interest in the art and technique of photography—I’m really impressed by that. I wish I had the discipline and patience to do so! But, you’re quite right in that it helps tremendously to have a cute model like Maple to work with πŸ˜‰

          Thanks again for visiting us!

  • Jackie Paulson Author says:

    I have two cats Wiley and Dee…Wiley is tan and Dee is Black. Dee was given to me or would have been homeless…I have taken in many strays. I love animals. The only reason I have no dog is because I am 44 and never lived in a house since I left my parents home. My name is Jackie Paulson, I am a single mom, I have a teen age girl 17- and I love to read, I am addicted to it. My passion is books. I also love to clean and organize but getting ready to move so my apt is in boxes….hate that! I have a paralegal degree can’t find work. I am unemployed. I can help others win junk debt collections cases.

    • Hi Jackie! Thank you for the introduction. We’re always keen to learn more about fellow bloggers. It seems that you and I both LOVE books, in addition to organizing (cleaning, not so much for me, LOL). Good luck in your move—and, once you’ve settled in your new place, perhaps Wiley and Dee could help you unravel those boxes!

  • I am an adorable Labradoodle lovin’ life and willing to share my experiences with all dog lovers (for that matter any animal lovers). My daddies, Jim and Ron barely contain me…ha hah…let them just try πŸ˜‰ I try to swim everyday in the ocean. I’ll take lake water if that’s all there is to offer. Water courses through my veins, ’cause Labs and Poodles are both water lovers! This is a mini-look at a ‘doodle’ at the mercy of 2 dads! W-O-O-F! My Dads take me here and there and take photos of me…all the time. If you are into beaches, trails, swimming, hiking, and backyard shenanigans…then well…you are for me. Some people say my eyes are mesmerizing and they stare at me all the time. Dad loves photo editing and keeps updating my header plenty. Listen, he can do what ever he wants as long as he feeds me. Wink Wink!
    So this is a wee bit of my ‘doodle world…interested…. come and join in.

    • Hey Sophie! Sounds like a good life you have—Lil’ Miss Maple would be envious of all that nature surrounding you. I bet your two dads are enjoying life by the water’s edge every bit as you do, too πŸ˜€ Thanks for visiting us and we hope to see you drop by again soon!

  • Jean B says:

    How could I, a Canadian, not visit a blog about a dog called Little Miss Red Maple Leaf? I saw the link on someone’s blog roll, and after reading a few entries I have now added you to my bloglist too. Very enjoyable blog, and great photos – I look forward to being a regular here. I am retired and live on Canada’s west coast (on Vancouver Island) with my two senior collie crosses and usually a foster dog or two, as well as one cat with attitude. I volunteer with animal rescues, and have even fostered a family of potbellied pigs :).

    • Hello Jean! We’re happy to see that Lil’ Miss Maple has a name familiar to fellow Canucks. It is always such a pleasure when a friendly stranger is able to relate to our blog in their own way, and even more meaningful when that stranger shares the same affinity for animals! I’m keen to read about life with your pawpals on beautiful Vancouver Island. We’ll definitely be paying you a visit via the blogosphere—see you there πŸ˜‰

  • Pallavi says:


    I really enjoyed reading your blog and absolutely loved the pictures. They are so cute πŸ™‚


    • Greetings, Pallavi! Thank you for your kind words. We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed your tour of our little blog. Miss Maple wishes she could sneak into your suitcase and visit all the new and exciting places encountered during your extensive travels πŸ˜€

  • Bassas Blog says:

    Hi Little Miss Red Maple Leaf. I have dropped by to let you know that I have awarded your blog the Kreativ Blogger Award. Congratulations!

    This is the link to my post announcing the award:

  • Malin says:

    We adore your pup and your blogg! Thanks for sharing! Me and my kids dream of having a poodle like yours one day- but have to wait untill baby Leon gets a bit older. Have a wonderful summer and please kiss Little Miss from us!
    Malin, Leon, Vincent and Rebecca

    • Hello Malin and family! Thanks for visiting us all the way from Sweden. My hubby and I have fond memories of Stockholm, where we spent a few days roaming the Gamla Stan during our honeymoon.

      Poodles are such a joy, but also can be quite a handful because they are so darn smart (LOL). In that sense, it’s very wise of you to consider adding a Poodle to your family once baby Leon is a little older and can help out with some of the training πŸ˜€

      Here’s wishing you all a fun-filled summer!

  • circepalace says:

    Hi there. Stumbled onto your blog as I am looking to add new links to my blog. Added u in. I too, owned a dog & I adopted her when she’s 8 mths old. I think some owners charge a high adoption fee because they wanted their dogs to be treasure by their new owners, since the new owners spent so much money. =)

    • Hello circepalace! Thanks for your friendly note and apologies for my extremely tardy reply (life has been distracting me away from the blogosphere). So wonderful to hear you adopted your dog—she’ll always be grateful to you for that. Have a great week with your forever four-legged friend πŸ˜€

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