Procrastination With A Capital “P”

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Signs that your blog has been neglected:

1.) You have forgotten your WordPress account password.

2.) Because you have forgotten your WordPress account password, you have not been able to access your inbox where comments contributed by dear fellow bloggers have been pending approval for weeks.

3.) And because you have not had access to your inbox, the amount of spam has now reached a whopping count of 889 futile messages… all of which need to be manually deleted (oh joy).

4.) There is a backlog of digital photos “temporarily” stored in your camera’s memory card. They are desperately waiting to be uploaded and integrated into a full-fledged post… if only you can recall the accounts of that actual day when the photos were first taken.

5.) You have (unknowingly) revised your writing commitment to one post per month.

6.) You have (knowingly) fallen into the procrastination trap.

We wish to thank our readers for showing us patience as we try to regain the blogging momentum once more. There is so much to catch up on, and we hope to share with you some interesting snippets in the days to come. Stay tuned!


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You Said It Best!

May 30, 2011 § 17 Comments

We always get tickled by the many insightful, outrageously funny, and eyebrow-raising comments that have been contributed by our exceptionally witty and articulate readers!

To thank you all for taking the time to comment on our posts, we have dedicated a section called “You Said It Best!” (located in the widget column on the right-hand side). It’s a rotating feed that will feature a quote from each new post.

As you know, comments are usually always read in the context of an article. Once isolated from any background information, however, these comments can become stories in and of themselves! We hope you have as much fun reading what others have written as we did 😀

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf | SJ & MM 

UPDATE: Nylabone

April 28, 2011 § 12 Comments

Have you ever wondered what ‘flavours’ are used to make Nylabones so appealing to the dogsters, or how these flavours are infused into their dental chew products? We decided to find out by writing in to Nylabone.

Unfortunately, Nylabone’s explanations did not satisfy my curiosity. In fact, I’m beginning to question whether the non-edible dental chew bone that we purchased for Maple was really such a smart buy… I suppose we all learn from our experiences.

To read our correspondence with Nylabone, simply re-visit Chew on This and scroll to the bottom of the post for the Scribd box.


UPDATE: Acana Pacifica

April 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

After one month (and an email reminder) later, we received a reply from Champion Petfoods with regards to our question about the Omega-3 content found in Acana Pacifica. If you may recall, Maple is fed 2/3 Acana Pacifica and 1/3 Canine Caviar Lamb & Pearl Millet. However, when we examined closely and compared the Omega-3 quantities in both kibbles brands, we were surprised that Acana Pacifica and Canine Caviar Lamb & Pearl Millet contained 1.3% (min) and 1.4% (min) Omega-3, respectively. How can that be when Acana Pacifica is a predominantly fish-based kibbles? To learn the answer, scroll to the bottom of Review: Orijen Puppy vs Acana Pacific!

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